Week 17 has seven late-afternoon games

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When the NFL season comes to a conclusion in seven days, seven games will begin at 4:25 p.m. ET. Six of them have playoff implications.

The late-afternoon games are Titans-Texans, Steelers-Ravens, Raiders-Broncos, Colts-Jaguars, Washington-Cowboys, Eagles-Giants, and Cardinals-Rams.

The last of those games means nothing to the postseason field, but since the game is being played in L.A., it lands in that spot.

The early games include Dolphins-Patriots, Chargers-Chiefs, Jets-Bills, Packers-Lions, Bears-Vikings, Saints-Panthers, Falcons-Bucs, and Browns-Bengals. While several of the early games will impact playoff seeding, the games that determine the final two playoff spots will be played late in the day.

The primary contenders for the last open spot in the NFC are the Cowboys and Eagles, with the Titans and Steelers (and the Raiders, if a lot of things fall their way) vying for the final spot in the AFC.

Then comes the final game of the year, when the 49ers visit the Seahawks with the NFC West on the line. The loser will be a wild-card.

14 responses to “Week 17 has seven late-afternoon games

  1. As a Cowboys fan, I know that we will once again wake up in Pound Town.
    Watch them lose to the Redskins?
    I’d rather eat a bunch of acid and watch The Exorcist.

  2. Seahawks better come up with one hell of a game plan and it better start with Kittle! Jimmy G panics and throws it up when Kittke isnt available, that’s why I dont think they can win in the playoffs, and their defense is suspect.

  3. zonedout100 says:
    December 22, 2019 at 9:32 pm
    At least one of them are on Saturday on the NFL Network.

    Correction – meant to type NONE of them…..

  4. The Raiders game was the only scheduled afternoon game, now the sudden everybody’s playing at the same time.

  5. What a tough bunch of teams in the NFC playoffs. I could see any of those teams beating any of the others.

  6. NFL wants to go to 17 games. Other than seeding, the playoffs were decided after 14 games. Also, the whole “all division games Week 17” sucks.

  7. On aside here- I know the NFC east is an embarrassment. But if the Eagles win, at 9-7 they belong in the playoffs. They should be the 6th seed. However, if the Cowboys win and eagles lose, then the Bears or TB could complain as all the teams would be 8-8. At any rate, chances are they won’t be a 10 or 9 win team that gets screwed because the eagles sneak in as a division winner. Which is a good thing. Now about that playoff seeding…

  8. All the whiz kids who jumped the gun and moved the 9ers-seahawks game to prime time got egg on their face today. Why the rush? Coulda waited until the results were in yesterday.

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