Jerry Jones “a little numb” after Sunday’s loss

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The Cowboys showed signs of life against the Rams in Week 15, but Sunday’s trip to Philadelphia found them back to their scuffling ways as their offense failed to score a touchdown en route to a 17-9 loss to the Eagles.

Given the way the 7-8 team has played since opening the season 3-0, it’s hard to imagine anyone being surprised that they were capable of serving up a stinker in this spot. Anyone other than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, that is.

“I’m a little numb that we didn’t come up here and beat them,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of “Our team played very hard. I’m just surprised we didn’t get the deal done.”

Jones wasn’t too talkative after the loss, but added that he’s “very disappointed” in the way things played out on Sunday. There’s been a lot of disappointment around Dallas this season, which should make next week an interesting one if the Eagles are celebrating a division title next Sunday.

39 responses to “Jerry Jones “a little numb” after Sunday’s loss

  1. I think you got the headline wrong, swap the n for a d, making it ‘a little dumb’. Isn’t that much better!

  2. No person should be surprised at the outcome of this game given the history of this Cowboy’s season.But something now is beginning to show…the worst possible thing to happen to a fanbase is now starting to show its ugly head…first comes anger at what we should have been and then comes….APATHY..and that is just where many Cowboy fans have eroded to…unfortunately for the organization, because it means a lack of support base.

  3. So tired of this already. Every media outlet is talking about the Eagles and Cowboys. Who cares? One will be done in the playoffs first game and the other will be picking in the mid teens in the draft.

  4. I’m a little numb too Jerry ! 43 yr fan and I’m honestly done man , I hope your happy with what you have done , your EGO has ruined a once proud organization ! But hey your still atop of Forbes right ? thats all that matters huh buddy , I believe the true blue cowboy fans like myself have had enough. I’ve never seen a team care less in an gravely important game ! what a joke this team and coaches are ! Starts with you Mr. GM ! I’m only 1 fan and clearly wont matter a lick but I bid ado ! Between your joke of a team and the terrible officials , anthem mess, inconsistent punishments, whats a catch ? what pass interference ? I cant wait for Baseball season !!!!!

  5. Lol! You know change is a coming when THAT man is at a loss for words…. It was a painful game to suffer through for Cowboys fans, BUT, said fans can take comfort knowing there will be no Garrett extension. Thank all that is Holy….

  6. Jerry – Your coach sucks and your QB is below average (and very inaccurate). Never expect to win with these clowns. Love you as an owner, but you’re the worst GM in the past 25 years (and that includes Matt Mullen)

  7. It doesn’t matter how bad the Cowboys crash and burn, every spring the media tells us they are SB faves – lol

  8. I had a dream that Jones doesn’t extend Dak, and the Patriot pick him up and win 2 Super Bowls with him.
    Everyone laughs so hard when Jones crys.

  9. I expected nothing less from a team that has defined the word “mediocre” since Jerry took over for Jimmy Johnson. Once Jerry started making the GM decisions the team started going downhill the rest is history. 7-9 or 8-8, it really doesn’t matter. Mediocre.

  10. I feel for Jerruh, maybe had he paid Dak and Dunk the 50 mil a year he wanted they’d have won 8 games this year. Oh well, hindsight.

  11. The best thing that could happen to this team is for them to be going home empty handed. No victory no nfc east title. The arrogance has turned into unmitigated hubris in the front office and they needed this kick in the teeth. If Jerry doesn’t learn to take a step back and hire a legitimate HC and let him pick his staff, we will be replaying this same song again.

  12. couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow. He’s just good enough to finish 2nd or 3rd but he has an ego the size of Texas that will not allow him so see the problem sleeps in his own bed.

  13. How can you feel numb about that loss? You should be feeling fire and passion and the vigor to clean house and to dump the underwhelming players you overpay for their actual play. I sense that this year’s team is being managed out of vendetta – petty emotional tantrums by coaching staff on not using players when they should be on the field. Several huge salary players were continually under-used in the last half of the season. I’m not sure if it is the offensive coordinator who is playing the payback game, but the glaring problems on office are such that even Stevie Wonder can see what is going on. The defense is overrated, but the glaring inability of that office to get out of its own way against decent teams is horrific. Even though I find Dakota to be an average at best player, he is not the problem – even injured. Cooper is one lazy clown. I’m not sure who the Bearded Woman Beater has irked, but he is not being run into the ground like he should be.

    What was most striking was watching KC last night and how their receivers, TE’s, and running backs were adjusting their routes when their QB was under duress – they were continually breaking routes and changing and adapting to what was happening.

    Not one Cowpie offensive player adjusted anything other than what side they dress.

  14. The Cowboys “Homer” radio announcers kept talking about dropped passes. How are the receivers supposed to catch balls sailing over their heads, behind them or bouncing off the turf? The defense played well enough to get a win. Special teams too. It’s the offense and lack of discipline that keeps this team at or below mediocre status. That falls directly on the GM and Coach!!

    Sadly, the best team in Texas is in Houston and their coach isn’t much better….

    I’m becoming a bandwagon Ravens fan.

  15. Everyone needs to come to the conclusion that the players on the cowboys are overrated. There is so much media coverage on them that the hype up the talent that really isn’t there. This is a average middle of the road team. Back when they played the dolphins in week three they were only up 10 to 6 at half against a team that had been outscored 102 to 10 the first two weeks. 5 of there 7 wins came agains teams that will be drafting in the top 5.,

  16. All right Cowboys fans, there’s still plenty of time to jump on the Luka train. Yesterday wasn’t a great day in Mavs land, but we have LeBron’s equal in town and great things are coming! Great owner, great GM and a badass coach! Get on board now. Choo Choo!

  17. Jerry should be numb about his complete failure as a GM, as he said he hires the coaches, has final word on all personal and has complete control of every aspect of the team. The team is failing on almost every aspect, would be much worse if Witten didn’t return and convincing Cobb to sign with the team. The only hope for the Cowboy fans is Jerry sells the team because don’t see him relinquishing any control or decision making.

    The reality is this is the last year on a cheap QB contract (no matter what Dak will cost at least $33 million) either completely start over with the many rejects in free agent market (but that can be costly, Brady should cost at least $35 million) or roll the dice on a not very strong QB draft that is usually 50% or worse bust rate.

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