Report: Panthers interviewed Mike McCarthy

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The Panthers have reportedly begun the search for their next head coach.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team interviewed former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy after losing to the Colts on Sunday. While the Panthers will have to wait to talk to coaches still working for other NFL teams until after the end of the regular season, they are free to interview any currently unemployed coaches.

McCarthy was 125-77-2 as the Packers head coach and won Super Bowl XLV.

McCarthy was fired by the Packers with four games to go in the 2018 season and interviewed with the Jets before they hired Adam Gase, but has not been working for anyone this season. He sat down with Peter King for a recent edition of Football Morning in America to discuss how he’s been keeping up with the game in hopes of getting another shot to lead a team.

It’s early in the process to know if the Panthers are a realistic spot for him to get that opportunity, but his hat is in the ring and we’ll see in the near future if other teams are also considering McCarthy as their next coach.

38 responses to “Report: Panthers interviewed Mike McCarthy

  1. Dorsey needs to fire kitchens and get a new quarterback before they waste all that talent on that team. Baker throws passes that kill his wide receivers when he does throw the ball in their direction.

  2. I’m just glad my team doesn’t have him any more. He held them back way too long.
    Rodgers was a lot better back then and MM still found a way to not do it.

  3. “As a Saints fan, I pray the Panthers hire McCarthy. I was glad they kept Rivera as long as they did.”

    You want a guy who got Favre to play with discipline and launched Aaron Rodgers’ career into one of the best offensive runs in some time? He was a great leader in GB for a long time.

    Rivera’s record: 79-67-1
    McCarthy’s record 135-85-2

    And if you think it’s because of Rodgers, McCarthy as OC had the Saints with the #3 offense in 2002 with the likes of Aaron Brooks at QB .

  4. I’m sure the nose out of joint Coalition which is only concerned with skin color when it matters (when whites are over represented) will have a problem with this. Of course when the shoe is on the other foot (player percentage) that is just fine.

  5. A Pittsburgh guy, hiring another Pittsburgh guy, who has Pittsburgh guys lined up to be assistants. Sounds like it’ll probably happen !

  6. Coach Rodgers did everything in his power to get McCarthy fired.

    The Packers would have been better served to fire coach Rodgers, but the GM screwed up and gave him so much money they can’t fire him.

    $80 mil in the first year of the deal for only 6 wins.

  7. jbvikes says:
    December 23, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    Aaron Rodgers made this guy and his record look good. I do miss the painful Whiney looks on the sideline though.

    Actually, he was pretty successful when he inherited Brett Favre, he developed Aaron Rodgers into the Hall of Fame QB he is today, a fact he rarely gets credit for.

    I had mixed emotions when the Packers parted ways with Mike McCarthy, as I thought he got the short end of the stick, talent wise, in Ted Thompson’s waning years as GM.
    A few bad drafts and underutilizing every other stream of talent acquisition can do that.

    In the end, I’m pleased with the direction of the Packers and their new coaching hires have taken the team, and wish Mike much success in any of his new endeavors.
    I’ll be forever grateful for the 2010 season, where he took a completely injury plagued team all the way to the top.
    That, was a Hell of a coaching job.

    As has been proven with Andy Reid and a few others, sometimes coaching the same team, malaise can set in and things can grow stale.
    A new environment may do wonders for coach McCarthy.
    He certainly has a proven track record to get another job.

  8. McCarthy is a very successful coach, just ask him, he’ll tell you so. 😂

    In all seriousness, he is a good coach – he just got complacent. This is one of those cases where he’ll do very good with a change of scenery. I fully expect him to get back to the Superbowl before his career is over.
    And since we’re talking about the Panthers, I think the exact same thing about Ron Rivera.

  9. I’m sure he will get a lot of looks – maybe even the Cowboys – but the recent trend has been towards guys who don’t even shave yet so he’s going to have to overcome that in the interviews.

  10. gtodriver says:
    December 23, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    $80 mil in the first year of the deal for only 6 wins.

    Well then, they certainly got a deal this season, 1,100,000 for 11 wins and counting.

  11. $80 mil in the first year of the deal for only 6 wins.
    Ironic from a fan of a team that paid $84 million for 8 wins that same season.

  12. joewilliesshnoz says:
    December 23, 2019 at 6:07 pm
    A Pittsburgh guy, hiring another Pittsburgh guy, who has Pittsburgh guys lined up to be assistants. Sounds like it’ll probably happen !


    If it happens, may as well call them the Pitt Panthers.

  13. Whomever hires this guy is getting a helluva coach and a helluva man.

    If you supposed knowledgeable fans think that the Aaron Rodgers you’ve seen is the Aaron Rodgers that the Packers drafted, all I have to say is you don’t know squat.

    The very same thing can be said of the Brett Favre that Mike Holmgren was given.

  14. And if you think it’s because of Rodgers, McCarthy as OC had the Saints with the #3 offense in 2002 with the likes of Aaron Brooks at QB

    He had how many top 5 offenses in Green Bay?

    And won how many Super Bowls…

  15. McCarthy is a great coach…the only reason they didn’t win Multiple Superbowls is because the Packers never too advantage of free agency…when they did splurge…like signing Charles Woodson…they won!!!

    Heck they splurged in free agency this year…and they have a shot at the #1 seed

  16. Yeah, the Panthers need another 55+ head coach who hasn’t kept up with the times. There is no Aaron Rodgers in Charlotte. Maybe Mr. Tepper is checking out McCarthy first so when he goes with a younger mind he won’t be accused of age bias.

  17. brownsmyteam says:
    Dorsey needs to get McCarthy in here and hire the man!!!
    Eliot Wolf was angry with McCarthy. When it was time for Ted Thompson to retire, MM favored Gutekunst over Wolf for the GM spot.
    I think MM would be a good fit there. He knows the front office well. Some of his staff is there too. His conservative style would help Baker Mayfield. He needs to be tutored and MM is good with QB development.
    He was just too conservative too long for Rodgers liking. And it came to a head.

  18. Panther fans should puke hearing this. McCarthy almost never won when behind at the half and he makes no adjustments. If it weren’t for 2 hall of fame qB’s, McCarthy would have had your average 3 year coaching career.

  19. Ted Thompson rarely gave MM the veterans he needed. But the single item about MM’s teams was they were always among the most injured. Matt LF’s team has had few injuries among major players.
    It’s clear to me they changed the approach/training and fielded a healthy team for the first time since the 2010 Super Bowl run.
    MM’s defenses also were like Swiss cheese, forcing Aaron Rodgers to outscore the opponent to the tune of 35-30 and such.

    MM won, but he had two HOF QB’s to work with. Not so in Carolina.

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