Seven teams vying for three remaining bye weeks

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Most of the time, the Super Bowl winner comes from the group of four teams that start the playoffs with a bye week. This year, those four teams will include the Ravens, who have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and three teams still to be determined.

A total of seven teams — the Patriots and Chiefs in the AFC, the 49ers, Seahawks, Saints, Packers and Vikings in the NFC — still have a chance to earn one of the three remaining byes.

The AFC picture is clear: If the Patriots beat the Dolphins on Sunday, they’re the No. 2 seed. If the Patriots lose to the Dolphins while the Chiefs beat the Chargers, then the Chiefs get the No. 2 seed and the bye.

In the NFC there are more possibilities. The team with the clearest path is the 49ers: If they beat the Seahawks on Sunday night, they win home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

The Packers earn a bye if they win out, beating the Vikings tonight and the Lions next week.

The Saints earn a bye if they beat the Panthers on Sunday and if either the 49ers or the Packers lose a game.

The Seahawks earn a bye if they beat the 49ers and the Packers lose a game.

The Vikings have the hardest path to a bye: They have to beat the Packers tonight and the Bears next week, the Packers have to lose to the Lions next week, and the Saints have to lose to the Panthers next week.

If all the favored teams win, the three teams joining the Ravens with a week of rest in the wild card round will be the Patriots, Saints and 49ers. In this NFL season, however, that’s a big “if.”

20 responses to “Seven teams vying for three remaining bye weeks

  1. I’m sure the Patriots will get a bye. They have so much secret tape on the Dolphins they can’t possibly lose.

  2. Hey Seattle fans you gripping yet?? If your not you should be after that mediocre display yesterday. You can bag on Jimmy G all you want, but your whole team looked like Garbage yesterday. Niners are coming up there and Jimmy G and company are leaving with the 1 seed and home field.

  3. After the Packers win tonight (the NFL can’t have their refs cheat for the Vikes in a spotlight game like this), it’s odd to think that we’ll be cheering for the Seahawks next week.

  4. As I have said for a week, this game tonight is all about getting the #1 or #2 seed for the Packers. The NFC North is all but locked up for the Packers already. The only thing to be decided in the North is if we hand out NFC North Champion hats tonight or next week. Does not matter, but the #1 or #2 seed in the NFC does matter and thus this is a big game tonight.

    The Packers flew out of Austin Straubel yesterday and were loose, but were all business.

    Let’s go get this!



  5. The Vikings have zero pressure tonight. I know the Packer trolls have been telling us for weeks that the Vikings wouldn’t win any more games and would not make the playoffs, but they were wrong. Shocking, I know. Now they’re saying the division is locked up. Well, it isn’t. But, the Packers do have a lot to play for tonight. Will their mediocre offense and defense show up? We shall see.

  6. Let’s break it down for tonight;
    If the Vikings lose, they keep 6th seed. If they win, they could still just be the 6th seed. Maybe move up, but it would take a major collapse by the Packers and Seahawks.
    Now, if the Packers lose, they are suddenly puckering up for a trip to the Lions! And if they lose, it’s good bye for a bye. Lots to lose for this Packer team tonight.

  7. Vikings have the easiest schedule by far of the NFC teams…Packers and Chicago at the bottom half of the league in almost all statistical categories. GB can brag they have the fewest penalties called against them, though, while they also have the most penalities called against their opponents.

  8. Vikings fans super bowl tonight. If the Vikings lose, they will blame the officiating. If the Vikings win, their collective heads will explode with excitement.

  9. guitarkevin says:
    December 23, 2019 at 8:49 am
    I’d like the Vikings to get that bye.
    After their 1st round playoff game, they’re going to get the bye bye!!!

  10. For the red hot Saints to lose to the slumping Panthers is just impossible. The Saints therefore will most likely earn a bye. The rest is up in the air.

  11. pokemonblow says:

    Can Kurt Cousins finally win a primetime game? FOR ONCE!!??!??!

    He has 2 primetime wins already this season.

    Like most Packer fans, reality for you is something hard to understand.

  12. guitarkevin says:
    December 23, 2019 at 8:49 am
    I’d like the Vikings to get that bye.

    So, the Vikings need to win the next two games. Possible. BUT they need to the Packers to lose to the Lions. Less possible. AND they need the Saints to lose to the Panthers. Even less possible. That’s a lot of things you need to go your way to get that bye!

  13. Destruction of Packers on MNF will be just another step in our championship run.
    That is unless the Packers did not payoff and collude with the refs again.

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