Stephen Jones “as bullish” on Dak Prescott as ever

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The Cowboys failed to score a touchdown in a painful defeat in Philadelphia on Sunday, but the inability to get the offense going hasn’t shaken the team’s faith in quarterback Dak Prescott.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones delivered that message during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Monday. Prescott came into Sunday’s game with a right shoulder injury that limited his practice time and went 25-of-44 for 265 yards against the Eagles.

Prescott admitted after the game that he “missed some throws” and the Cowboys also dropped several passes, but neither that game nor the overall disappointments of the season have soured Jones on going all in on the quarterback.

“We have all the confidence in the world in Dak. We’ve never blinked on that,” Jones said. “I think Dak has given us every opportunity to have success this year. I’m as bullish on Dak as I’ve ever been.”

That bullishness has not resulted in a contract that ties Prescott to Dallas beyond this season. Jones said on Monday that the reason for that has been trying to find a deal that satisfies both sides and that “the only reason we’re having a negotiation is to talk him into all the reasons why it’s good to have a good supporting cast around him.”

“Other than that, this negotiation would have been over with months ago,” Jones said. “But I think he understands where we’re coming from. We understand where he’s coming from. Ultimately, we’ll figure this out.”

Should they move on from head coach Jason Garrett, the Cowboys will have more immediate issues once the season comes to an end but it won’t be long before Prescott’s contract is at the forefront of offseason priorities in Dallas.

18 responses to “Stephen Jones “as bullish” on Dak Prescott as ever

  1. This front office is full of morons. If you’re so bullish stop saying it and sign him……

    So…..Maybe not as bullish as you say.

  2. Delusional as always. The Jones Clown Show needs to recuse themselves if they hope to succeed.

  3. Wasn’t Steven Jones also the one who said that Dallas wouldn’t make Elliott the highest paid running back?

  4. Screwing your own bargaining position ahead of a big contract decision/negotiation is exactly why the Cowboys are….the Cowboys.

  5. The biggest problem with the Cowboys is starting at the top in their
    lack of accountability. They keep insisting in the same BS over and
    over again and expect people to believe in them. The Jones are great
    at putting money in their pockets but terrible at running a football team
    over the last 23 years.

  6. I think Amari Cooper just dropped another one. Thanks for the first round pick. Raiders fans.

  7. Bullish on Dak? This is why ownership are knuckleheads and haven’t sniffed a SB in 25 years. They will have to find a new coach that wants Dak as his QB which will reduce the number of good candidates willing to take the job. And if the new coach wants to have Dak as his QB what does that say about him? This mess just keeps getting worse.

  8. Cowboy haters are out in force on this one. Dak is not the problem, nor is the offense or the defense. The problem is two fold. Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are the problem. It scares me that as long as Jerry is in charge, and Garrett is the coach, the Cowboys will just be a .500 team!

  9. I love the Cowboys…let me rephrase that…I love the Cowboys when they lose because here in Big D, folks lose their minds too. It’s a great sideshow.

  10. Is he a franchise QB ??? For the cowboys right now, yes. What’s the alternative ??? Is he worth hand cuffing the franchise with a crazy money contract ??? Absolutely not. Garappolo money at best. I really believe he can be better with better coaching, but he is very close to his ceiling. Tag him if you don’t see it next year you never will. Game plans were all over the map, so many player that can make plays and many just disappeared from one week to the next. Yes he has the help all around him, but the inconsistent, mostly conservative coaching really limits this team. as for Cooper if it wasn’t for the number 1 pick they gave up I would pass on resigning him, there is no fight in that dog.

  11. corefittexas says:
    December 24, 2019 at 8:53 am
    Nobody in the league would offer Prescott 35 mill. NOBODY

    Precisely, that is why the Cowboys will give him more!

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