J.J. Watt confident his pectoral will hold up

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The Texans designated defensive end J.J. Watt for return from injured reserve on Tuesday and Watt said at a press conference later in the day that he has been doing drills as part of his rehab for a while.

His work will now shift to the team’s practice sessions and Watt said that he’s “extremely excited” about that development as well as the chance to play in the postseason. He admitted that there’s “an element of risk” regarding his pectoral because further injury would require another surgery and several months of rehab.

Watt declared himself confident that the muscle will hold up and that the potential payoff is too great to ignore.

“I want to win for these people,” Watt said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “Is there an element of risk? Yes. Is the upside so much more. I love them and I love the game.”

Watt isn’t eligible to play until next weekend, so he’ll use this week and next to make sure he’s well enough to go when the Texans host a game in the Wild Card round.

21 responses to “J.J. Watt confident his pectoral will hold up

  1. He’s the most overrated player in the NFL bar none. How many playoff wins does he have? How many big games has he won? How many big games has he single handedly taken over and been the difference maker in? Right zippo I rest my case!!

  2. His pectoral will hold up. But, we will not be playing for long- I am enjoying this vacation.


    JJ watt’s body

  3. It should be no surprise that J.J. Watt recovers from a 4-month injury in only 2.5 months. Does anyone think Watt is just a normal guy?
    I guess some people just can’t stand the idea that Watt’s body and work ethic is physically superior to 90% of the NFL. And 100% of those who post here.
    Worst case? Watt re-injures his pec and is recovered by May.

  4. But will he be able to wag his finger, in the very unlikely event that he actually makes a tackle?

    Watt used to be very good, but even then he’s not done much in the really big games.

  5. Watt only came back too early from injury one time (the herniated disc). Most of his injuries like the broken leg and this one seem like just freak occurrences. I think people are trying to connect dots that aren’t there. Sure he has been injury prone the last 4 seasons but that is no guarantee that he will continue to be, none of his issues seem chronic or degenerative that I’m aware of. There are lots of players who got an “injury-prone” label at some point, only to go on to have a productive career. Thomas Davis, Jamaal Charles, Gerald McCoy and Drew Brees come to mind.

  6. Something else will break on this guy. Roids have destroyed his soft tissues. Shame but at least he got paid.

    Brian Bosworth 2.0

  7. What a bunch of haters – Watts is a three-time defensive player of the year (and a Walter Payton winner as well) and deserves the right to make the choice to play if he feels he is up to it.

  8. When I see that commercial where JJ shows up on the river I wanna puke anymore. Enough already. Year after year now that guy’s face is everywhere but the game. Clay Matthews same way in Green Bay, moved to Tinseltown and strangely disappeared. Isn’t that backwards? Anyways, no more commercials until some snaps first there Mr. Watt.

  9. The most overrated defensive player in the history of the NFL. He’s not even top 35 in sacks in NFL history…Please

  10. His injuries reflect a lack of commitment to training after signing that huge contract. Before contract, never injured. After contract, always injured. Put these guys one year deals and there would be fewer injuries as guys work harder to stay in shape.


    Gurley, David Johnson, alex Smith, Chandler I’m now healthy that my guaranteed deal is ending

  11. harshestreality says:
    December 24, 2019 at 8:28 pm
    What a bunch of haters – Watts is a three-time defensive player of the year (and a Walter Payton winner as well) and deserves the right to make the choice to play if he feels he is up to it.

    He’s earned the benefit of the doubt to say if he’s capable of playing. He doesn’t deserve the right to decide to play, that strictly falls on the coaching staff. Not knocking JJ or his accomplishment, but its very possible that superstars past their prime push to play when they shouldnt, and its up to the coaching staff to determine if the team is better off with a less than 100% JJ or a 100% of someone else.

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