Josh Allen will play on Sunday

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Bills coach Sean McDermott said on Monday that he had not decided whether to play the team’s starters against the Jets in Week 17, but he’s made some decisions.

McDermott said at a Tuesday press conference that the majority of the team’s starters will play in the regular season finale. There was a question about the team’s plans because they can’t move out of the No. 5 seed in the AFC.

One of the starters that will play is quarterback Josh Allen. Allen will make all 16 starts this season after starting 11 times as a rookie. He did not start the opener, but played in the game, and then missed four games with injuries later in the season.

McDermott added that not all players are going to play the same amount and said that backup quarterback Matt Barkley could play in the event the team decides to pull Allen early in order to ensure he’s healthy for the Wild Card round.

16 responses to “Josh Allen will play on Sunday

  1. Good move the more reps these young quarterbacks get the better they are. Josh Allen and any young quarterback doesn’t deserve the opportunity to rest that’s not how these guys are made up. Injuries are apart of the game they want to play when u start resting ur team you become soft and have a better chance to get eliminated. Go in swinging come out swinging

  2. Play a half, stay warm, get in reps and then sit the 2nd half…..nothing to gain, play safe, outcome of game matters not the least. See ya in the Wild card round.

  3. First it’s they’ll be lucky to win 3 games, josh outta the league in 2 years
    Then it’s well 6-10 he’s a turnover machine
    Then turnovers drop, well lucky to be 8-8
    Then he’ll lose to cowboys, get trounced by Baltimore, lose to Pittsburgh, blown out in New England….. now it’s playoffs, but he won’t win….. keep moving the goal posts, because every single prediction or perception has been wrong….. keep hating losers. Even if he wins a playoff game, you’ll be still hating….. some people really just don’t understand the game….. my team more upside than yours and that’s just a harsh reality

  4. joetoronto says:
    December 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm
    If only he could pass the ball.

    2019 Record
    Josh Allen 10-5….. and going to the playoffs!!
    Derek Carr 7-8…. TOTAL BUST no playoffs and soon to be dumped by Gruden

  5. I like what I see of Josh Allen (great attitude) and think he has definite potential as an NFL QB.

    He should definitely playing as much as possible, get better at converting the the staples QB throws instead of relying on making low percentage circus throws.

    Would like to see the Bills do well – maybe even see them in the AFCCG!

    Patriots fan.

  6. Play the starters for a half, but give your backups some reps to. They have a good shot at a SB run. They’ve played the best two AFC team tuff in all 3 games. You never know.

  7. I wouldn’t even play Allen and most starters should sit also..week off won’t hurt them but they can rest aches and nagging injuries . They have no 1st round bye and a week off can do good for players who need to let nagging injuries rest..Allen runs the ball a lot takes many hits..let him come back fresh for playoffs and let him loose then.

  8. To be honest – as a Bills fan – I have no real problem with this.

    Overall it’s a young team. They *need* all the practice and experience they can get.

    Yes – there is an injury risk. Would it suck if a key player got hurt? Yep.
    On the other hand – you don’t gain game experience without… y’know… playing in games…

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