Marshawn Lynch: We’ve got unfinished business in Seattle

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Marshawn Lynch is a member of the Seattle Seahawks once again and will help the team try to overcome the loss of three running backs to injuries over the last three weeks.

But even before the reality of Lynch returning to Seattle came into being, the idea was percolating.

In a video from “a few days ago” posted to Lynch’s “Beast Mode Productions” YouTube channel on Monday night, Lynch discussed the potential of a return to the Seahawks and his desire to get back on the field again.

I’ve been entertaining the idea of maybe going back to go play for Seattle for this playoff run,” Lynch said. “A few things got to fall in order for some (expletive) to happen but if it do, that’s great and I’m excited for the opportunity. … But with this just being a run for the playoffs or whatever, it will be short-lived and (expletive) at my age, this is a great opportunity to come in, be able to help when needed. Get in, do my little thing and then get out. Hopefully be able to help them go and get the Super Bowl that they should be playing for.”

If the video was filmed “a few days ago” as described, that means the idea of a reunion with Seattle existed even before the injuries sustained by Chris Carson (hip fracture) and C.J. Prosise (broken arm) in Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Lynch stopped by team headquarters two weeks ago after Rashaad Penny was lost for the year to a torn ACL. That meeting at the time was described as a personal visit. However, because Lynch wasn’t officially retired, it would need to be reported to league as an official free agent visit. While the visit may have been just to say hello, it also may have been the start of the process to get Lynch back in Seahawks’ blue and green.

“They’ve got a great situation going on up there right now,” Lynch said. “I like the guy (Carson) that they got running for them now. I don’t see me coming in there to be the running back that they had five years ago or something like that but just to be able to come in, step in where it’s needed, to be able to help when called upon.”

The injuries to Carson and Prosise made the chances of a Lynch return exponentially greater. Lynch said that the time away from the game illustrated again how much he enjoys playing football. Additionally, he noted the death of former Raiders teammate and running back George Atkinson III along with other athletes dying young as reasons why he should still play now while he has the ability to do so.

“You hear about so many other athletes dying, and I mean at a young age and some of them go younger than me,” Lynch said. “So while I’m in this position right now, I’m going to take every opportunity to go ahead and do what it is that I love. It just so happens that the opportunity to go back and play for Seattle right now so (expletive) I’m going to maximize my opportunity to the fullest.”

Lynch was then asked why Seattle when he is a free agent that could sign with any team in the league.

“We got history there and we’ve got unfinished business,” Lynch said.