Sean McDermott “still working through” decision on playing starters this week

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The Bills are going to be the fifth seed in the AFC playoffs whether they beat the Jets, lose to them or tie Sunday’s game, which made it natural that head coach Sean McDermott would hear a question about playing his starters in Week 17.

McDermott got that question at a Monday press conference and he said he had not come to any conclusions about the team’s plans at this point.

“There’s certainly a lot of things to consider,” McDermott said, via “I mean there’s a certainly a lot of things to consider. Some of it is the injuries, some of it is us improving as a football team. So, we’re still working through that and then the team’s not in today so we’ll be back tomorrow. So, we’ll continue to work through that as a team and go from there.”

Center Mitch Morse left last Saturday’s game with an ankle injury and it would be surprising to see him or any other starters with aches and pains on the field this weekend. As for others, it appears we’ll have to wait to find out how the Bills will be playing things to close out the regular season.

14 responses to “Sean McDermott “still working through” decision on playing starters this week

  1. Ur not good enough to sit ur starters sorry. They should be playing all of them ur defense can’t tackle and josh Allen needs to work on accuracy. You can’t only complete long touchdowns you need to be able to complete a 10 15 yard pass. Bad idea to rest these guys.

  2. They have 10 wins, quality wins are overrated. Are the Browns a good team because they have the highest quality win, a blowout of the Ravens in Baltimore? Just win the games in front of you, the Bills have done that 66% of the time.

  3. I hope they play them…. they need to work on all phases of the game….. if a starter is truly hurt, then of course rest him for the playoffs…..injuries happen & if a starter gets hurt during the game so be it….sitting healthy players when the team has so much to work on is just foolish…..

  4. I’m a Pats fan and the Bills have ZERO to play for. That said, I think they should play their starters to keep fresh and maybe start pulling them in the third and fourth quarter and rest anyone who’s banged up. To the fans questioning the Bills wins, I scoff. Bills D is legit and they have enough on offense to definitely upset any team in the playoffs. Quality wins, lol. Any win is a quality win. It’s all about the post season, who cares who you beat to get there.

  5. I would definitely play Allen as long as protection is there. More reps needed in his young career. The rest of the starters should sit.

  6. I I love this narrative about “quality” wins and who the Bills have beaten. Has anyone looked at the Patriots schedule?? When they faced the likes if KC, Baltimore, Texans, etc they have lost. They beat the the Bengals, Giants, Jets, Browns, etc. All losing teams. The only winning team they beat was the Bills. But hey, it’s only the Bills who beat on losing teams.

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