Eagles know: “We haven’t won diddly yet”

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The Eagles took the biggest step toward going to the playoffs by beating the Cowboys last week.

But they’re also aware that if they lose to the Giants Sunday, none of it matters (unless the Cowboys also lose to Washington).

Between that, and general civility, they’re not taking this week’s game against the 4-11 Giants for granted.

“The reality is the Giants are a good football team, we stuck one out in overtime last time, but these guys are playing great football,” center Jason Kelce said, via Reuben Frank of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com. “They have really, really good personnel up front on defense. Offensively, what did they score, 40 points against Washington?

We haven’t won diddly yet.”

He didn’t go full “diddly poo,” because invoking the spirit of Jim Mora would have been too much, but there is awareness that the Eagles have their own issues, and needed overtime to beat them earlier in December.

“Obviously, everyone’s excited about this win, but hey, we have to go win one more,” quarterback Carson Wentz said. “We’ve won nothing yet. . . . Get back on and prepare the same way we always do and have no letdowns. It’s going to take the leaders to make sure we’re emphasizing that point.

“But at the same time, even just talking to a lot of the guys in the locker room, I can already feel that. I can already feel that no one’s complacent now or feels like we won anything. We have to go prove it again, and we’re excited for it.”

The Giants are riding a two-game winning streak (with two different quarterbacks), making the nine-game losing streak that included that loss to the Eagles a distant memory. Or something.