Freddie Kitchens will retain play-calling duties in Week 17

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The Browns are 6-9, seven games behind the Ravens in the AFC North. They rank 18th in total offense, including 23rd in passing offense, and 22nd in scoring.

Yet, head coach Freddie Kitchens will call plays this week against the Bengals with offensive coordinator Todd Monken remaining upstairs in the coaching booth.

“We’re going to always evaluate and do the best thing and the thing that gives us the best chance to win,’’ Kitchens said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “Todd’s done a good job all year of keeping us on course. Todd would do an excellent job calling the plays. I just feel more comfortable doing it right now. Nothing against Todd.”

Monken called the plays for most of the season for the Buccaneers a year ago. The Bucs set teams records for total yards, passing yards and passing touchdowns, leading the league in passing yards.

Monken answered “no” when asked if his calling the plays this week was discussed internally.

Monken interviewed for head coaching jobs last offseason, but between Monken not calling the plays and the Browns’ offensive struggles, it seems less likely teams give him that chance this offseason.

14 responses to “Freddie Kitchens will retain play-calling duties in Week 17

  1. Freddie has had his rookie mistakes but monkins influence on the offense hasnt been a good one. Nothing like running verticals every play and leaving baker to try and hold the ball for guys to get 30 yards down field, when you have the worst right tackle in football,and had the worst right guard till kush got benched. Other than Landry we dont have the WRs to run the monkin offense. Obj isnt mike evans, he’s litterally half the size of him. Obj isnt going to take hits deep over the middle. The 18’version of Freddie’s offense pre monkin was much better at getting chunk plays. But then we got diva obj and people expected records to be broke by a broken down oft injuried obj. If obj was half as tough as Landry this offense might work.

  2. If Kitchens wants to be the head coach so bad then be the head coach so bad then be the HEAD COACH and stop trying, yes trying, to be the offensive coordinator. They need to fire Monkin cause he is garbage and hire a real OFFENSE COORDINATOR and then let him do his job.

  3. Kolo Jezdec says:
    December 26, 2019 at 7:19 pm
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Honestly? Nothing. As a Browns fan I prefer he botches this game just to solidify his trip out the door. I feel that at the start of the season, most fans were willing to give him a chance because…well…we don’t have a choice. But at the end of the day (season) our suspicions are confirmed. I just hope they bring in an experienced coach (Rivera?) and OC before all the talent jumps ship. This team has potential but lacks discipline and player development. Dorsey gets a lot of the blame but I don’t think firing him at this point will do much good. Give him another year to right the ship. Maybe we can win the offseason again.

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