Jason Witten will make a decision about his future “pretty quick” after season

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Jason Witten has played 254 games in his 16 seasons. He concedes his 255th could be his last.

“Sure, it’s definitely a possibility when you’re at this point in your career, but I really don’t envision this being my last game,” Witten said Thursday. “My focus is on seeing if we can win this game and one of the things [I said] after I came back was I wasn’t going to do that. I wasn’t going to be, ‘This is your last road; this is your last. . . .’ So I’m sticking true to that. I still feel I can play the game at a high level. So all my focus is on Sunday. But yeah, I think that’s a possibility, but I don’t envision that from my approach.”

The Cowboys tight end retired after the 2017 season to go into the Monday Night Football booth. He returned this season, signing a one-year contract.

Witten, who turns 38 in May, has started every game in 2019. He has played 795 offensive snaps, which is 76 percent of the team’s offensive snaps.

He ranks third on the team in catches with 59 for 505 yards and four touchdowns. The Cowboys, though, no longer control their playoff destiny and cannot finish better than .500.

“Look, it doesn’t always go where you’re going to get a 13-3 and a one seed and a bye and home playoff games throughout,” Witten said. “That’s not. . . . Sure, you think about playing in those games and that’s what drives you is winning championships. I knew for this to be successful it’s kind of like a quarterback: You’ve got to win games. But I’m proud of the way I played and still have an opportunity in front of us. Yeah, 100 percent, I’ve got conviction on it was the right thing to do and proud of the way I’ve gone about it.”

Witten said he will made a decision “pretty quick” after the season about whether to return or not.

His future is not a return to the TV booth. Instead, Witten wants to coach in the NFL.

“When I’m done playing, that’s something I’d like to do,” Witten said. “Yeah, for sure.”

12 responses to “Jason Witten will make a decision about his future “pretty quick” after season

  1. Not a Cowboys fan, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he is a potential candidate for the potentially soon to be vacant Cowboy’s job. He’s a lifer and Jerrah probably wants to keep the job in house with someone he can control.

  2. Jason Witten is such a smart player on the football field. But my freaking god he opens his mouth and it’s all lies. Like he just doesn’t come across as intelligent in the booth at all. Like a betrayal.

  3. Witten will go down as one of the all time Cowboy greats. He is a warrior, and a great competitor.
    I don’t think he should attempt a return to broadcasting, just not his forte. Coaching probably is a better option for him, but any mention of him suddenly appearing as a candidate for the Cowboys top job is way too premature.
    Its probably time for retirement and change of gears for him. Cowboys need a totally different direction and its time for Jerrah to launch a torpedo and blow up the structure of this organization….they have been sleepwalking for years.

  4. With all due respect to Jason Witten (and I’m an Eagles fan, so he’s the hated enemy), he’s just a shell of the player that he once was. Could he play another year? Sure. Should he? Probably not, if we’re honest about it.

  5. Jerruh will make a similar decision about Jason’s future “pretty quick” after the final 4th Qtr of 2019 whenever that is.

  6. Please do not return to the broadcast booth. Stay in the Cowboys organization, you’ve earned it.

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