Daniel Jones hopes Pat Shurmur stays

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The status of Giants coach Pat Shurmur, two days from the end of his second season, could best be described as Bruce Willis just before he began to realize that he’d been dead all along.

It’s widely expected that Shurmur, whose record in comparison makes Ben McAdoo look like Bill Parcells, will be fired. Some within the organization are treating it as a done deal when speaking to people outside the organization.

Still, it’s not done until it’s done, and the Giants have a chance to throw a wrench into an arch-rival’s playoff chances (while in turn helping perhaps an even bigger rival get in). If Shurmur can manage to beat an Eagles team that is playing for nothing, could that make a difference?

Likewise, could public support from players make a difference? Quarterback Daniel Jones, whose performance as a rookie has had certain specific historical components, made the case on Thursday for Shurmur to stay put.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Coach Shurmur,” Jones said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “He’s been beneficial to my development and growth. He’s done a lot for me.”

That doesn’t mean a new coach won’t do more. But the presence of a young, potential franchise quarterback underscores the risk of changing coaches. What if the new coach isn’t a Daniel Jones guy? What if the new coach has a vision for offensive football that conflicts with Jones’ skills and abilities?

It makes the looming job search, if as expected there will be one, even more important. The Giants need a coach who wants Jones, and who would get the most out of him. Shurmur clearly wants Jones, and Shurmur seems to finally be getting plenty out of him. Whether that’s enough remains to be seen; for now, though, the thinking is that it isn’t.