Drew Rosenhaus on Antonio Brown: “We will continue our discussions with the Saints”

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The Saints have visited with receiver Antonio Brown, but the Saints haven’t signed him, yet. They still may sign him at some point in the future.

Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, makes it clear that a signing could still occur.

“Antonio had a very good visit today and we will continue our discussions with the Saints,” Rosenhaus said in a statement issued Friday afternoon.

As the Saints consider disrupting the league’s apparent kick-the-can plan with Brown, which has resulted in a 12-week unpaid suspension to end the 2019 regular season, New Orleans needs to be strategic with the timing of a decision to sign Brown. If they move at the right time (for example, on the Friday before a Saturday game), they may put the league not in check but in checkmate when it comes to any effort to keep him off the field.

While that would hardly be ideal for the Saints (Brown would need to practice with the team, at least a little), the idea of waiting for the right time to sign Brown makes plenty of sense. The Saints may not play another game until the divisional round; if that happens, there’s no reason to sign him during the bye week.

However it plays out, it’s important to remember that even if the league promptly puts Brown on paid leave after months of inaction, the team that signs Brown will be out nothing. All postseason pay comes from a league-wide playoff pool. So the paid leave would be paid, essentially, by the league.

And it would indeed be conspicuous for the league to immediately send Brown to the Commissioner Exempt list after weeks and weeks and weeks of taking no action — other than (perhaps) to scare teams away from signing him by vaguely hinting that placement on the Commissioner Exempt list is looming. Although the Commissioner has broad discretion in this regard, Brown was never arrested or charged. If the league still doesn’t have enough evidence to finalize Brown’s case, it becomes harder to understand how the league would suddenly have enough evidence to deprive him of the ability to play.

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  1. If hes not on a team he cant be exempt. Hes not in the NFL now. Go ahead Saints, sign him and see what happens, you are good enough without that distraction.

  2. This is a smart move by the Saints. It cost them nothing and sticks it to the NFL as the NFL has done so many times to the Saints. And if he is allowed to play, what a nightmare that would be for any teams defensive coordinator that would have to face the Saints in the playoffs. Who do you take away? Mike Thomas, Antonio Brown, Alvin Kamara? Can’t take them all away and if somehow you could then there is Jared Cook at TE that has been coming on the last few weeks.

  3. Antonio brown is innocent. Old boomers who have a predisposition of hating young people and their gosh darn antics on the social media need to retire and let the next generation take over. The league is better with AB making incredible plays on live TV. Get it together NFL.

  4. Some of you guys read the headlines and skip straight to the comments. It would be nice if you would at least skim through the article before commenting. Reading comments that directly contradict what is said in the article and known to be true is getting old.

  5. Some of you guys read the headlines and skip straight to the comments. It would be nice if you would at least skim through the article before commenting. Reading comments that directly contradict what is said in the article and known to be true is getting old.

  6. This loudmouth has about as much credibility as Kaepernick’s ambulance chasing lawyer when he said over and over again that Kaep would be signed. We knew then that was crap.
    How do these dirtbags live with themselves?

  7. Oh please, let’s get real. This sounds like a Sean Payton ploy to try and stick it to the league for the inane PI mess that’s been going on all year. Don’t make it out for more than it is, that plus AB getting his name in headlines.

  8. The ultimate unholy QB/WR duo:Kaepernick and AB. For the Jaguars, Bengals, Dolphins or Lions.

  9. Remember, NE was lied to by Rosenhaus and Mr. Clown. The Patriots cut him after a SINGLE text and refused to cave to his several pleas to take him back. Make up all the things you want about the Pats, but they always do the right thing…

  10. It always befuddles me why there is such a wide range of takes on a situation like this, mostly lame takes. Anyone who honestly thinks that AB is such a cancerous influence that he would all of a sudden just “ruin” the saints locker room are both shortsighted and rapaciously unimaginative. It’s just a dumb thoughtless, and unoriginal knee-jerk response. I’m not saying the guy isn’t a headcase at times but his issues in Pittsburgh had more to do with the poor and pathetic leadership of their bulbous and entitled qb, Ben Rothliesberger. As has been mentioned ad nauseum at this point is that otherwise AB was hardworking and good teammate tho mercurial and prone to flights of fancy. But to think he would just ruin the what the saints have going within hours of being there is just disingenuous and intellectually bankrupt. Let’s be honest he would make them a better team, period end of story. It’s not a debate. It’s a fact. Any team, let alone a team like the saints would boost their odds of a SB by a several points overnight.

  11. thermanmerman99 says:
    December 27, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Please sign him. I want to see Tammy Brady throw another sissy crybaby temper tandrum.
    Wouldn’t the “sissy crybaby” be the guy who quit at age 29?

  12. I think Drew would represent Charles Manson if he thought he could get a commission out of it.

  13. The saints need to ask themselves.

    Do we really ” need ” AB and all the BS that comes with him to make a playoff run? We are 12-3 without him and all the BS that comes with him.

    do you really want to roll those Dice?

  14. “Some of you guys read the headlines and skip straight to the comments”

    Everyone should pass their comments by you first for approval.

  15. first of all, the nfl could not investigate ab until he gets signed by someone as ab is not an nfl player until then he is a fa which translate to private citizen
    second, you saint fans need to get off this nfl hates us mentality. don’t give the perception of wrong doings and there can be nothing done to you. Bountygate happened and continued even after being warned to stop, so they got slapped. if Williams was innocent then he would have sue for slander and false suspension. he didn’t so he must have been guilty to some point that he didn’t want known and took the punishment.

  16. At the very least maybe they are signing him so another team doesn’t. He could also serve as an on field distraction for certain plays. We all know how much of a distraction he is off the field.

  17. I wouldn’t expect the Saints to sign him this week because they would have to pay him as I understand

    However, next week if they are allowed to sign him he would be paid by the league and would receive what the other saints players receiver for making the playoffs and it wouldn’t cost the Saints any money.

  18. Any deal should be conditional on his closing all his social media accounts and not texting anyone. If he had that term in his contract with the Pats he would still be playing and collecting millions on the way to the playoffs.

  19. Antonio Brown was never arrested or charged because the accuser refused to file criminal charges. However the league continues their investigative process. The bottom line is that the accuser never filed criminal charges because then she could be accused of filing false charges. Yet she is able to go for the money with a civil suit. Well guys there is some injustice here and the NFL may be complicit in furthering the injustice.

  20. Brown just posted this on Twitter about the Saints not signing him today.
    Those_______just can____–off. ____–them. I put my ______on Brees back. They can all just ______- my _______. Mother__________-.

  21. Did anyone consider that Goodel may be holding out on AB until the ‘approved Team’ decides to sign him.
    A few Teams that Goodel would approve of: Packers, Ravens, 49rs, Bills
    Of course this does not mean that those Teams would want AB.

  22. Regardless of why he is on the exempt list, Brown seems like he is in dire need of mental health help. I like how the dude up the thread thinks we should all ignore Brown’s mental problems and get him back on the field. To that I say, the dude needs help and that should be more important than his playing at this point. No one seems to want to tell Brown anything other than he is getting jobbed and he is great. That won’t help him get mentally right and will lead to even more problems in the future. Get right then get back in the game.

  23. Drew Rosenhaus really meant to say: “As Antonio’s agent I will make sure to disclose any pending/potential problems/issues/scandals/ etc., Antonio may be involved with to the Saints. Just like I did before we singed with the Patriots”.

  24. “Continue discussions” = begging the Saints to give him a job because nobody else wants him.

  25. My understanding is the GOAT and Derek Carr both wanted him to stay very badly. The greatest quarterback of all time wanted him to move in so that they could be together. He’s a great player and teammate. Has made mistakes no doubt but so has everyone else, his just get put under a microscope. How would you hold up to such scrutiny – that’s what I thought.

  26. As a Saints fan…. I don’t want our front office to sign this clown for any reason. It took years for us to build a positive culture in the locker room. Now one idiot can come in an undermine that in a day. Stay clear Loomis… your tail may be on the line if this happens.

  27. IF they sign him, and it’s a big IF, and he even looks cross-eyed, Shawn Payton will drop him like a hot rock. Remember Jimmy Graham or Cooks? He does not put up with stupidity.

  28. Payton might have brought him in just to hand Goodell and the front office a headache now and down the road.

    He could’ve been doing Belichick and the Pats a favor by bringing him in and forcing the NFL to say he can’t play this year. Belichick and Payton seem to legitimately get along well.

  29. k1dicarus says:
    December 27, 2019 at 5:35 pm
    …his issues in Pittsburgh had more to do with the poor and pathetic leadership of their bulbous and entitled qb, Ben Rothliesberger.
    What issues in Pittsburgh? He posted a locker video on social media, dumb but hardly of earth-shattering importance. And he moped around and skipped practice after not being named the team MVP. He was benched and never played for the Steelers again. And Mr. Roethlisberger is somehow responsible for the actions of a grown man? His issues more to do with his emotional and mental make-up than on the supposed lack of leadership of a QB, GM, or coach.

    The Steelers managed 6 record setting years out of this troubled young man. I don’t think the Raiders even got a pre-season game out of him, and the Pats managed 1 game. That’s on Mr. Brown, no one else.

  30. AB is a pox on the league. Let him drift off into the sunset and never see the playing field in an NFL game again. We can only hope!

  31. I think one of the important –disturbing–issues that isn’t even being addressed is whether or not will he bleach his moustache blond again.

  32. “Some of you guys read the headlines and skip straight to the comments”

    “Everyone should pass their comments by you first for approval.”

    The original poster was correct. Just look at the number of comments claiming that the Saints would have to pay Brown, when the article clearly states that is not how the rules work.

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