Falcons announce Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff will return

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At the midway point of this season, it seemed like a matter of time before Dan Quinn was relieved of his duties as the Falcons head coach.

The team was 1-7 and his move to take over the team’s defense had backfired in spectacular fashion, but the Falcons resisted making a change at that point and they won’t be making a change at the end of the year either. The Falcons have gone 5-2 since the midpoint with Quinn giving up the defensive role and that’s convinced the Falcons to bring Quinn back next season.

Team owner Arthur Blank announced that Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff will return in 2020. Both will report to team president Rich McKay with McKay reporting to Blank.

“Every year we evaluate all our football operations and this year I have asked Rich to work closely with Thomas and Dan over the next couple of weeks to conduct a top-to-bottom review, inclusive of structure, processes, resourcing and personnel to identify whatever changes are necessary to enable us to compete consistently at the highest level. In my time as owner, and particularly since 2008, we have been one of the winningest teams in the NFC ranking fourth in wins and across the NFL, tied for seventh in wins, and that remains the only acceptable result for us now and in the future,” Blank said in a statement.

In addition to announcing the returns, the Falcons also announced that Raheem Morris will be the team’s defensive coordinator in 2019.

26 responses to “Falcons announce Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff will return

  1. Amazingly bad decision. Quinn is a goofball. His teams are always near the top in # of penalties and bottom of the league in defense. And he is a defensive coach. All his moves after last season (firing OC, DC) failed. He demoted himself from defensive playcaller at midseason and the D suddenly got better. Blank must be senile to make this decision. Good luck selling season tix Arthur!

    Next up they will announce a long term deal for the disappearing act this is Vic Beasley and another ridiculous contract bump for Julio. Julio snaps his fingers and Blank opens his wallet. Very dysfunctional environment that Arthur has allowed to permeate.

  2. Well if you look at the changes he made during his bye week along with his record since the bye and also the teams they beat since the bye he’s actually done a damn good job. Will that carry over to next season who knows but if it does the Falcons can be dangerous.

  3. Imagine the buyers remorse of those fans that bought PSLs during the Falcons Super Bowl run. Same with Rams fans that bought PSLs during last season’s Super Bowl run.

  4. Great news for every other team in the division. The Falcons are about as undisciplined and stupid a football team as there is in the NFL every year and that’s a reflection of Quinn. He should have been given his walking papers after 28-3.

  5. They are in salary cap hell this off season. If they can White, no quality coach will accept this mess.

  6. db105 says:
    December 27, 2019 at 9:38 am
    Imagine the buyers remorse of those fans that bought PSLs during the Falcons Super Bowl run. Same with Rams fans that bought PSLs during last season’s Super Bowl run.
    Imagine being a fan of a team that doesn’t have PSLs to rip off the fans even further.

  7. What is actually being said by Black is we are in salary cap hell so no use in making changes . Having $201M invested in the roster for 2020 according to Spotrac even if Black cleaned house there would be very little change on the roster . Keeping Quinn gives them one last chance to get the success that has eluded them even with a maxed cap .

  8. This is unbelievably dumb. They built a team that could not handle pressure, the team excelled once they were essentially eliminated and the pressure was off, and now they have chosen to rinse and repeat. Guess what, once the new season starts and the expectations and pressure come back, the losses will mount again.

  9. Quinn showed remarkable grace late in SB51 and afterward. You can argue his suitability but not his class and temperament. His players did not mail the season in. Much success, Dan.

  10. The whole set up was off this year. How in the heck does Raheem Morris end up coaching receivers at the start of the year? Beasley is a one trick pony and for all his defensive knowledge, Quinn’s defenses were mediocre. A trip to the playoffs is the only way Quinn saves his job

  11. Raheem Morris being the defensive coordinator is a great move. The man can coach, despite his ultimate failure in Tampa. He’ll be a head coach again someday.

    Otherwise, I feel like the Falcons will suck again next year, and Quinn will be fired. They’re procrastinating the inevitable.

  12. Blank decided to drink the Kool-Aid in the end. This is a lazy, wishful decision on his part and will almost certainly be a mistake in the end.

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