Jets are one win away from somehow finishing 7-9

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After the Jets beat the Steelers last week and I saw that their record is 6-9, I did a double take.

The Jets? 6-9? How could this be?

They stink. They’re embattled. They’re the subject of constant criticism and derision from certain aspects of the never-satisfied New York media.

They don’t stink, not any more. They’re not embattled any longer. And while the criticism and derision continue from certain aspects of the New York media, the criticism and derision is beginning to ring hollow.

Since starting 1-7, the Jets have gone 5-2. They have a chance, with a win against the nothing-to-play-for Bills on Sunday, to finish the second half of the season 6-2.

The Jets have played so well that they’re actually in position to look at specific games on the 2018 schedule and wonder what may have been, if a few games had gone the other way. And the best news is that they, and their fans, can now wonder what may be next year, when the standings re-set to 0-0, the Jets perhaps get a schedule that doesn’t include the Patriots twice in the first six games along with other not-so-easy matchups, and the young potential franchise quarterback doesn’t come down with mono.

They’ll also need to make some moves via G.M. Joe Douglas aimed at improving the team, along with some tough decisions about players to keep or not to keep. Win or lose on Sunday, the Jets have something of which they had little after the first eight games of the Adam Gase era: Hope.

That may not keep certain aspects of the New York media from constantly criticizing and deriding every move they make. A year from now, however, it may not matter.

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  1. They have been decent with Darnold. But unlike the Chiefs with Moore, or the Saints with Bridgewater, they got nothing from the backup QB’s. Gase needs to do a better job of filling that spot.

    Rudolph isn’t great in Pit, but even that level of play might have gotten them the #6 AFC slot.

  2. If they win they somehow will be a great 7 and 9. If the Browns win they somehow will be a horrendous 7 and 9. Similar situations with different media spins applied. No wonder people are suspicious of the media. They are like Rumpelstiltskin, they spin straw into gold or what ever suits their agenda.

  3. Mac left this roster thin as paper and the injuries decimated what could have been a decent season ,let’s hope Douglas knows what he’s doing ,we can’t have another 8 years of Idzik/Macagnan draft mistakes…

  4. The Jets defense has been playing well despite having Mark Sanchez 2.0 at QB. The Jets offense showed up for one game against Dallas but now we see Dallas really wasn’t that good to begin with. This would have been a playoff team if they kept Teddy Bridgewater.

  5. Yes, 7-9 is fantastic. But only if you’re a graduate of WVU law school. Average is really good for them.

    They’ve beaten no one in their five wins.the only team they’ve beaten with a winning record is the ?Steelers and they were playing their 4th string QB. If Rudolph wasn’t injured, the Steelers likely pull off a win.

    So yeah. Good for them. Why not crown them the off-season SB winner now so we can all look forward to another 7-9 season next year.

  6. The Jets played some very weak teams because they were 4-12 last year.
    If you think they are good, look at their roster.
    What good teams did they play well against?
    Wins against: Dolphins (by 1 point), Giants, Redskins, Cowboys (by 2 points), Bengals , Steelers

    Against the Cowboys, the Cowboys had a number of starters out and played poorly and still almost beat the Jets, losing by 2 points.
    The Raiders aren’t that good a team and played poorly.
    The Steelers had a garbage QB doing a Nathan Peterman impersonation, so no surprise there.

    The Jets are a weak team, don’t get fooled by their record. They may beat the Bills if the Bills rest their starters.

  7. @intrafinesse

    The Jets were a missed XP and FG away from beating the 10-5 Bills, the Raiders were “on fire” and their defense shut down possible OPOY Josh Jacobs, they held Saquon to 1 rushing yard, the Steelers defense won them 8 games with two DPOY candidates in Minkah and TJ Watt not to mention the fawning over Duck Hodges prior to that that’s nothing to discredit. Also, aren’t the Bills “signature wins” against the Steelers and Cowboys? They lost to Miami but so did the Eagles and you’re leaving out the overturned Ryan Griffin TD, the Jets didn’t play bad in the Bengals game either if you sat down and watched Darnold made some great throws but they didn’t take advantage of the edges in the running game.

  8. Wow. A fair blog posted by Mr. Florio. A little surprised yes, but still, a nice article. Thank you for not jumping on the haters’ bandwagon when it comes to the Jets Mike. Some, mostly Pats fans, have their fun with their hate, but it’s still nice to finally read something positive from someone other than a Jets fans. Thank you Mr. Florio.

  9. It’s hard to predict that someone would say Darnold over Josh Allen. Only someone without eyes and brains would say that. How about that Gray cup?

  10. AFC East had an easy schedule (as did the NFC North) hence the better records. Next year the play the NFC West and the AFC West. Going to be tougher sledding. Fans need to stop looking at just Ws and Ls and if they are beating quality teams to project anything. Jets will win 6 games tops next year.

  11. In the next 2-3 years, the dynamic of the AFCE will change significantly. The Bills are there already. Miami has a great new coach & have positioned themselves well w/ draft picks & cap space. And the Jets have an excellent young QB.

    Won’t it be cool to see the Patriots running 3rd or 4th in that division? Looking forward to it.

  12. Everyone knew going in that the Jets had a brutal first half schedule and a cupcake second half schedule. That first half got made even tougher with Darnold contracting mono. Honestly, this season has been more or less #asexpected for them.

  13. Anyone waiting for the Patriots to fall in this division is delusional. Belichick will put the best team possible on the field. If that means finding a replacement at qb, he will make something happen.

  14. Anyone waiting for the Patriots to fall in this division is delusional. Belichick will put the best team possible on the field. If that means finding a replacement at qb, he will make something happen.

    Except that he trades all his replacement qbs. The pats will fall sooner than later. Without Brady, they fall back to earth. They won’t be Cincinnati bad, but the division will not be a gimme any more.

  15. Buffalo is 3 unrealistic comebacks from being 7-8. I think McDermott is a little better than Gase, but Williams is better than Frazier and Gase better than Daboll. They are remarkably similar, though the Jets backup qb situation proved significant.

    I hate the Jets.

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