Ravens’ Patrick Onwuasor leaves practice after heated talk with Harbaugh

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It’s been a great season for the Ravens, but as that great season winds down, things may not be OK between the team and linebacker Patrick Onwuasor.

According to reporters on the scene, Onwuasor and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh had a heated conversation on the practice field, and Onwuasor left practice afterward.

Harbaugh told reporters afterward that he considered it an “internal matter” and wouldn’t divulge details of what was said.

Onwuasor’s playing time has declined this season and he is believed to be disappointed by that. After playing almost every defensive snap in the first five games of the season, he has played less than half the snaps in every game since. Last week he played a season-high 11 special teams snaps, and it’s not unusual for players to take it as a demotion if they’re getting less time on defense and more on special teams. It’s unclear what today’s incident will mean for his status going forward.

13 responses to “Ravens’ Patrick Onwuasor leaves practice after heated talk with Harbaugh

  1. Peanut is up for a new contract next year and he may not get it. After the Ravens lost C.J. Mosley and Za’Darius Smith to free agency, they gave Onwuasor additional duties, including the green dot on his helmet. He couldn’t handle it. The breaking point was consecutive losses to the Chiefs and the Browns in which the Ravens defense gave up 500 yds to each opponent. He was moved back WILB and lost signal calling to Chuck Clark. His job was taken by a guy who was watching football on his couch until the Ravens called. His snaps have steadily decreased since the bye.

    No doubt he’s ticked, but he picked an argument with the wrong guy at the wrong time. It’s hard to argue with 13-2.

  2. He is the reason they signed Bynes and Fort and lo and behold they take over and the defense went from #28 before those signings to #1 since the signings.

  3. Even when he started he would disappear for quarters at a time. He is best used as a special teams Ace and nickel line backer.

    If he is in the game on running downs get ready for a career day by whatever running back is playing the Ravens.

  4. GoodellMustGo says:
    December 27, 2019 at 1:49 pm
    He wants to win fairly without Bluetooth Guy’s help. Cant blame him.


    I like how you have posted about this in every article for a week. What’s the status of your jimmies? Are they rustled?

    You are a walking human salt mine, and I love it.

  5. Onwuasor is a great role player. He is an avid tackler and great at producing pressure and sacks on blitzes. But he is not a 3-down inside linebacker. Others have already mentioned how he wasn’t up to the task of being the “defensive QB” with the mic’d helmet and that Bynes and Fort ARE playing better as inside linebackers and that Chuck Clark is doing a great job getting guys into position. I can understand his frustration but again, not the time or place for it at 13-2.

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