Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t expect “difficult decision” about playing in 2020

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has been named both the Dolphins’ MVP and the recipient of the team’s Don Shula Leadership Award, but he said on Thursday that he isn’t certain that he’ll be back to take another run at those prizes.

Fitzpatrick said he needs to sit down with his wife and family before committing to a 16th NFL season, but it sounds like they’d need to raise some serious objections in order for Fitzpatrick to walk away from the game at this point.

“Physically I feel great. So there’s always different things that go into it and you’re always drained at the end of the season emotionally,” Fitzpatrick said, via the Miami Herald. “So there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it but I still love playing, so it’s going to hard to, uh, let’s see. I don’t know that it’ll be a difficult decision. I just think that I’ll go through the due process and figure things out.”

Fitzpatrick is under contract for next season with an $8 million base salary. That would make him a good choice as the veteran option to play until a draft choice is deemed ready to take over the offense, assuming, of course, that Fitzgerald decides that being an NFL quarterback beats the alternatives.

11 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t expect “difficult decision” about playing in 2020

  1. I would never retire from As an nfl QB. I would go as long as someone will pay me. They will never make money like that again. To hard to walk away from 5.5 million for working from July through December. You have 5-6 months to be with your family in the offseason.

  2. Ya, he played pretty good. Screwed up the draft for the Owner/GM, as predicted. Might as well bring him back. The only concern would be, his resume he doesn’t play well when he starts his second year on every team he has been with.

  3. I hope he stays with us next year. He just seems like a really good guy and a good team leader. Even if we draft the “next Marino” (HA!), we’ll need a veteran like Fitz to mentor him.

  4. He’s one of the most fun players to watch in the NFL. Granted, I’m sure if he’s your team’s QB, he is also quite maddening, but he plays the game like he actually enjoys it. If I were Miami, I’d bend over backwards to have him come back one more year to provide some adult supervision for the youngsters coming into the league as well as beard growth tips.

  5. I wouldn’t mind him being the veteran backup on the team I’m a fan of.
    He’s smart, can get on a hot streak, and if necessary can even win when the pocket breaks down and/or you’re down points.

    His only downfall has always been that he just is a little TOO confident in his arm and at times tries to throw the ball into Windows that only Favre or Marino could get away with in terms of the pace that the ball would NEED to be thrown to get there.

    That being said, he is a HELL of a lot better than a GREAT deal of backups in this league.

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