Seahawks will have Jadeveon Clowney, Shaquill Griffin, Mychal Kendricks

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The Seahawks will have defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (core), cornerback Shaquill Griffin (hamstring) and linebacker Mychal Kendricks (hamstring) on Sunday.

Clowney, Griffin and Kendricks were off the team’s injury report Friday, with no designation.

Seattle ruled out left tackle Duane Brown (knee/biceps) and receiver Malik Turner (concussion).

Brown had his meniscus trimmed this week.

The Seahawks started Jamarco Jones at left tackle against the Cardinals, keeping George Fant in his usual role as a sixth offensive linemen.

The Seahawks list safety Quandre Diggs (ankle) and offensive guard Ethan Pocic (core) as questionable.

15 responses to “Seahawks will have Jadeveon Clowney, Shaquill Griffin, Mychal Kendricks

  1. So much for the new strength and conditioning coaches etc. that they brought in this year.

  2. It’s quite astonishing that the result of winning one game (with help from other teams) can give the Seahawks homefield advantage throughout with the #1 seed and with a loss, a playoff game on the road the following Saturday or Sunday. The consequences are huge. This game got flexed to Sunday night, so the loser will have less rest, have to travel and potentially play a game 6 days later on Saturday against some .500 bums who get the benefit of no travel and more rest. Asinine.

  3. Serious question about something off topic, but why is Kendricks still being allowed to play? Isn’t he about to get 3 years for that insider trading felony he plead guilty to in September? You’d figure Goodell would put him on the exempt list if he actually cared about holding players accountable for committing crimes when there is ACTUAL evidence of criminal wrongdoing for once instead of just shooting from the hip immediately when an unsubstantiated accusation of whatever gets dropped.

  4. Duane Brown is the big one – – we got killed at that position last week. Hopefully Fant can do a better job filling in. I know the Niners have injuries too. It’s that time of year.

  5. You’d think they’d save Clowney for the playoffs — that core injury will just be aggravated and make him useless later in the playoffs.

  6. You’d think they’d save Clowney for the playoffs — that core injury will just be aggravated and make him useless later in the playoffs.

    I guess it depends if you think it will give you 2 weeks rest and a home game.

  7. I hope the Seahawks win just so Sherman can suck on it. Don’t expect much distance in the playoffs though, they aren’t good enough even if they were healthy. A bye the first week would be an extraordinary good fortune though that could make a difference in their first game.

  8. This may be the last aapearance for clown show in Seattle in a dorky uniform. Next week he will be either be playing in another city on wildcard weekend, or he will end up on the injury report as out.

  9. It’s going to take divine intervention for the Seahawks to pull this off. Clowney at 70% isn’t going to be the difference on the Dline. Diggs being out kills the secondary, whole offensive line is injured besides Fluker. All Wilson has to throw to is Lockett and stone hands Metcalf. This is a sad way to end the season.

  10. By the time the game starts, both teams will know for certain where they stand as far as the playoff picture is concerned. There are a number of scenarios where it would actually be better to lose than to win this game. No matter what happens, it will just be good to see Marshawn back in uniform. That stadium will be rocking!

  11. It would be ridiculous for Seattle to keep all their dinged up players off the field for next weeks game in Philly, when they aren’t getting past the divisional round anyways. Winning the division matters more than 1 playoff win against a beat up NFC East team. Treat this game Sunday like the Rose Bowl and most of us fans will understand due to literally half their starters being out, there is no Lombardi aspirations this season. Just beat Clara, and make it 12 out of 13.

  12. So I was kinda thinkin I’d maybe watch this game, ya nose? Then I see Simms telling me how 9ers gonna tighten it up and win the game easily. So I prolly not gonna evin bother now cuz, ya nose, it’s not evin no fun when you nose who gonna win.

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