Report: Bruce Allen to be out of Washington football operations by Monday

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There could soon be a spike in Washington season-ticket sales.

Team president Bruce Allen, a constant source of criticism and frustration from a long-suffering fan base in recent years, will no longer be running the team’s football operations as of Monday, according to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington.

PFT has heard that Allen would be given the opportunity to resign or retire, if his employment with the team will be ending. It’s possible, as Finlay notes, that Allen will remain with the team, in a different capacity. Some have speculated that Allen’s lingering presence with the organization relates to the team’s effort to secure a new stadium, eventually.

However it plays out, Allen will no longer have a role in the football side of the business, per Finlay. As one source has explained it to PFT, senior V.P. of football operations/general counsel Eric Schaffer is believed to be an internal candidate to inherit all or part of Allen’s authority. Owner Dan Snyder also could transfer Allen’s duties to an outsider.

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  1. They need to hire a GM from outside of the org. I think with a decent GM who has full control, they could get a good coach. Dan has to stop playing fantasy football.

  2. Redskins fans –

    “Bruce Allen is gone that’s fantastic !!!!”

    But wait, they’re hiring Marvin Lewis as the new coach

    The entire fanbase then bursts into tears of frustration

  3. “How an owner puts up with an incompetent fool running the football ops for so long, turning a once proud franchise into a laughingstock, is just incomprehensible to me.” – Jerry Jones

  4. I heard from an anonymous source that I can’t name that Bruce drank alcohol excessively, was seen smoking a joint and refused to comply with the team’s medical staff.

    I doubt he will get another NFL job ever after these embarrasing revelations.

    Just kidding, he will never work in the NFL because he sucked at his job that bad. The smear campaigns will probably keep even the most inept franchises away though.

  5. Dan and Bruce are like a chili stain on a white shirt. Is the NFL unique, or do the majority of senior executives in other organizations also suck as so many top executives in the NFL do? They certainly don’t paint a pretty picture of humanity at the top of the food chain.

  6. How bad does that organization have to be that a division rival fan is happy for them, that they are going to fire Their GM or president or whatever he is?

  7. Smells fishy seeing a story like this leak out a couple days before it’s supposed to happen. Even more fishy, in a sneaky smelly kinda way, it’s leaked out that he will be given the “opportunity to resign or retire”. Now why in the world would someone leak that kind of info out? There’s got to be a bread crumb trail of money that leads us to the source of this leak. I mean it’s Washington right? Dan Synder’s the owner right? So there HAS to be money in there somewhere.

  8. Remember, Bruce Allen was hired to fix all the problems, so the problems were already there. Dan Snyder is the problem. Did he get fired? The names may change, but the story will be the same. Just like with Cincinnati. How’d that work out that they fired their coach (Marvin Lewis) who was causing all the problems? Don’t fall for this hoax. Snyder will keep making changes every few years to make it appear like he’s trying to win, but he’s getting richer every day that he owns an NFL team, and he doesn’t care about winning. I’m not smart and I figured it out. I guess I just pay attention to the obvious.

  9. stubborndata says:
    December 28, 2019 at 5:29 pm
    Dan snyder shouldn’t be running an arbys franchise, let alone a NFL franchise.

    ARBYS ?

    he shouldn’t even run a pig farm “wait he kinda dos”.
    he’d try passing off “pig meat SCRAPS”, for ROAST BEEF

  10. If Allen remains with the team in ANY CAPACITY, this is a charade. It will not take long for him, if still in the organization, to begin backstabbing whomever he needs to in order to reclaim his control. And Snyder will be in on the game.

    We’ve actually been through that Kabuki show before.

  11. Every good team needs a good GM, Coach and QB. If not, 2 of the 3 have to be great.

    So far this team is 0 for 3.

    But lucky for the Skins, the NFC East can be caught up to quickly. Only 1 coach of the 4 is guaranteed to be back next year. Although it looks like each team other than Washington has found a long term QB to Bild a franchise around.

    I’m sure the rest of the NFC east is thinking… Darn.. Synder finally did it…..

  12. One of the few men who could preside over multiple years of failure and keep his job was Allen. Another is Jerry Jones.

  13. The Eagles window of NFC East dominance is closing more and more each day.

    Three new and better (can’t be worse) coaches; 2 new QBS. Those 5 to 6 guaranteed wins each year are fading.

  14. steele6969 says:
    December 28, 2019 at 6:20 pm
    It’s because Urban Myer is getting the HC job and wants his own guy or he wants both positions!!!

    12 7 Rate This

    Ron Rivera

  15. Splashy hires and free agent signings is Dan Snyder’s favorite thing

    His brother is down the street and Snyder can’t stand hearing about the Ravens every time he picks up a news paper or turns on his TV

    Jim Harbaugh is the name to watch for. Full control as Coach/GM and a desperate owner with deep pockets.

  16. I have to agree Dan Sydyer likes flashy hires. It could very will mean Myer or Harbaugh. Since Myer is no longer coaching Ohio State and seems to be lobbying to coach an NFL team. Myer is the more obvious choice. After Monday we could know more.

  17. Scott Pioli would be a good fit. He may return to the Patriots though if Nick Caserio leaves to be a GM at another team.

  18. It’s well-known that Marvin Lewis wanted to get into personnel administration so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was announced as the personnel guy and the head coach of Washington

  19. When I was a kid the Washington football team was a dignified, consistently winning program that other franchises looked up to. Now they are a total mess due to owner decision making. My co-workers who grew up in NOVA don’t even watch the team anymore. They talk about the Nats now.

  20. Loved Washington in the 80s when they were a likable team, but then again I loved the Colombians, and fanny packs back then too so take that for what it’s worth

  21. Dan Snyder is the emperor of the Redskins empire, and according to the manner of a ruler’s governance, so goes the fortunes of the empire. We have now seen 21 seasons of Snyder’s rule of the Redskins, both the manner of his rule, and the results. Neither are good. In 21 seasons under Snyder the best the Redskins did was 10-6, which only happened three times in 21 seasons. The last 10-6 season was seven seasons ago. The last time the Redskins won more than 10 games was before Snyder was the owner. That was 28 SEASONS AGO. 14-2, and a Superbowl win. Snyder’s ego is bigger than his love for the Redskins. He will never see the light and Skins fans will never see glory under his rule, just the occasional cheap illusion that keeps a minimum of clueless fools buying tickets and jerseys.

  22. All this Snyder hate. I don’t know who would fight harder than Snyder to keep the REDSKINS name.

    Bruce needs to be gone totally, Not reassigned. Think about the top salary’s on the Redskins. Alex Smith, Trent Williams, and Jordan Reed. None of them played a single down this year. Add in Josh Norman who is the highest paid cornerback in the NFL and he got benched. A real GM would have cut bait with all of them.

  23. This will only work if he’s completely out of the building and not reassigned to the business side. He’s bad for any business and should’ve been fired years ago.

  24. Snyder does actually care and spares no expense. He’s ham-handed af tho. He needs to earn, spend and get out of the way of the football people. I don’t even care if the next hire is Marvin Lewis level boring. The team could really stand to be normal and boring for a while until it’s finally stable again.

  25. Bruce Allen,,,
    didn’t draft not one first team all pro while GM,,,
    In my ice cube voice,,

  26. The best record of any coach/GM under Snyder is .500 by Marty Schottenheimer. Everyone else, from HOF’er Joe Gibbs to clueless Jim Zorn, the great Vinny Cerrato to Bruce Allen, falls somewhere in the .300-.400 range. Can anyone find the common denominator? SNYDER!!!

    This man managed to turn Joe Gibbs into a loser. Joe Gibbs, a HOF coach, NASCAR champion, best selling author was a loser under Snyder. If this doesn’t sum up the ineptitude of Dan Snyder I don’t know what does.

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