2020 promises a who’s who of free-agent quarterbacks

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As the 2019 regular season ends, an irregular 2020 offseason could be looming.

Free agency currently promises to consist of a laundry list of quarterbacks with recognizable names. And while contracts done (and/or tags applied) between now and the middle of March could remove some of the names from the list, plenty of veteran quarterbacks currently are due to be available.

The list includes Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Washington quarterback Case Keenum, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, and Rams quarterback Blake Bortles.

And that doesn’t include the quarterbacks who are under contract beyond 2019, but who could be available via release or trade, including Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles, Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (if he plays horribly in the playoffs), Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (if he plays horribly tonight and/or in the playoffs).

Prescott surely isn’t going anywhere, and it would be a stunner if Cousins or Garoppolo move on. For the rest of the guys on the list, who knows what will happen? It all will unfold in the coming weeks, and frenzy will hit full boil by the middle of March.

45 responses to “2020 promises a who’s who of free-agent quarterbacks

  1. Carson Wentz’s Inflated Wallet says:
    December 29, 2019 at 1:52 pm
    Nick Foles will be an Eagle by March.

    It’s Carson’s team. Get over it.

  2. Must be a record for QBs with starting experience all with no contract at the start of the off season. I can predict Brady, Rivers, Tannehil, Garoppolo, Prescott and Cousins will not go anywhere. The rest is anyone’s guess….

  3. Take Brady off of the list because he’s retiring immediately after the season officially ends. No thats not a rumor it’s a fact

  4. The NFL is awesome. It’s the only sport where the off season is as interesting as the season itself. Free agent movement (contracts), mock draft predictions, then the drama of the draft itself, salary cap cuts you didnt see coming, trades for picks, second wave of free agency, injuries that force trades, ect ect ect. Oh yeah, black monday and surprise coach hirings, it’s all great content

  5. Eli to the Bears would make sense. He can play well for two or three more years, let Trubisky sit on the bench a bit to learn, and then allow the Bears to put real money towards a terrible O-line.

  6. Jimmy G. is not going to go anywhere even if he plays terribly tonight and/or in the playoffs. I guarantee it. He has proven himself to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. A liftime win-loss record of 20-5, and 7 4th quarter comeback victories. His head coach is 4-22 without him as starter, and 18-5 with Jimmy G. as starting quarterback. How is the 49ers going to improve by cutting or trading Jimmmy G.? It would be a hail Mary move if they do it, and hail Marys are seldom successful.

  7. Not a fan of NE, but here is a very Patriot way scenario:
    1. BB convinces Brady to sign a record deal.
    2. BB trades Brady to MIA for all three of their first round picks.
    3. BB signs Andrew Luck for the league minimum.
    4. Patriots win 4 more Superbowls 🙁

  8. All this talk of one of the older QBs going to Miami is ridiculous!!!! Why would they cut players and stock up on draft picks with the intent of going younger and “creating” a team and then go get an old QB for one year.

  9. All but 2 or 3 of the QBs named in this article are better than the guy who started for the Bears this year. Their GM has no excuse other than blind arrogance for not making a change there this offseason.

  10. Dalton will be a Bengal in 2020. Burrow may be the Bengals QB of the future but he won’t start week 1. Nobody is trading for his 17.7 million salary. Brown loves Andy. Honestly won’t be surprised to see the Bengals trade back with the Dolphins for multiple 1st round picks. Even a possible David Carr plus 1st round pick from the Raiders.

  11. If Russell Wilson plays terribly tonight and next week in the wildcard round, will Seattle trade him, and will there be any team who will take a quarterback with his big contract. Those are the questions we will see getting answered soon.

  12. Love how everyone says “if he plays terribly this game” THEN it will mean something…

    its exactly THAT type thinking which created all the false conclusions and stupidity today’s GMs used to create this mess

  13. Why do you guys hate Jimmy G so much? He’s in his first full year as a starter and going into the week he was 3rd in TD passes and is in position to claim the top seed in the playoffs.

    But even with that you guys were still talking this week about potentially trading him for Kirk Cousins or outright releasing him? It’s just baffling at how you’ve consistently diminished what he’s done to the point of it being absurd.

  14. Brady, Brees, Jimmy G, Dak and possibly Rivers,Tannehill and Newton are going nowhere. All the rest are fair game.

  15. Why isn’t Brady listed as one of the “stunners” if he left? Also, Teddy Bridgewater back to MN please.

  16. “revren10 says:
    December 29, 2019 at 2:50 pm
    Tom Brady gonna sign with the dolphins and all that sweet cap space, then defeat the pats twice a year baby”
    Dolphin season ticket holder who went to every home game this year. This move will be really unpopular in Miami but is not likely to happen because:
    1. It goes against the team direction of building through the draft and staying away from older high priced Free Agents.
    2. Brady would go to a team with a really good OL. That’s assuming he does not retire.

  17. I can’t believe I’m typing this after the initial career he had in Miami, but…
    I would NOT mind the Vikings going after Tannehill.
    The guy seems to have finally “gotten” it. This year he has moved around well, made good decisions, thrown accurately, and shown great toughness.
    Personally I think he is really the only true “Free Agent” on that list with a chance of going anywhere, and if the Titans are smart they won’t let him go.

    That being said, Cousins has one more year of a high priced guaranteed contract, so not likely the Vikings will do anything at that position other than maybe draft a developmental QB in the lower rounds (again).

  18. Brobokil says:
    December 30, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Why isn’t Brady listed as one of the “stunners” if he left? Also, Teddy Bridgewater back to MN please.
    I absolutely LOVE TB as a person.
    But he is NOT the answer as a QB in MN.
    He lacks the arm strength to utilize the receivers they currently have and really is NOT all that mobile. FAR better at Cousins at eluding the rush (so is my paraplegic grandma for that matter) but still not the kind of QB they need with that O-line.
    They need a TRULY MOBILE QB who also has the arm to throw it downfield.

  19. And all the Brady-to-Miami comments, take it from a long-time Dolphins fan. No WAY is that happening. And they’re not trading any first round draft picks unless they get more draft picks, so stop dreaming of getting any of those for any veteran players.

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