Aaron Rodgers: Too many missed throws on Sunday

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Aaron Rodgers has said more than once this season that he doesn’t have a problem winning ugly and the Packers did it again in Week 17.

They trailed the Lions 17-3 after the first half and remained down by a touchdown well into the fourth quarter before finding enough spark to win 23-20. The victory secured a playoff bye for the Packers and some of that time off will likely be spent on sharpening up their offense.

Rodgers was 27-of-55 on Sunday and his 28 incompletions are the most by a quarterback in a single game this season.

“Too many missed throws,” Rodgers said, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Felt good about the throws, that’s the crazy thing. Felt good about some of those I overthrew by a couple yards. Just a little bit off at times. But when we had to make some plays we made some plays.”

The Packers got another big day from Aaron Jones and their defense made plays when needed in the fourth quarter, but their playoff stay may be a brief one if they can’t cut down on those missed throws in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Rodgers was great inland then injuries, age, and stardom took its toll. He can still be effective, but he needs to embrace that he’s a game manager now. He can still make some great throws, but he’s very capable of missing badly…like he has been most of this season. Hopefully he’ll embrace what he’s become. He’s always taken care of the football better than any QB ever has (look at his TD:INT ratio, Packer obsessed Vikings fans) so if he can just continue that he should be able to transition to game manager nicely.

  2. What a heroic come from behind, against all odds team win by the most successful franchise in NFL history. We are all truly blessed to be Packer fans.

    We advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs. And all is right in the world.

  3. No Ewwin. You ARE A SUBPAR QB! Your problem there weren’t enough free plays committed by the Lions’ so you could get the points and yards you can’t earn by actually running an offense. You are a bad passer. You are a GREAT CHEATER!

  4. Packers can do a lot of damage if 2019 Rodgers turns into Rodgers from years ago. But, he has not shown that ability this year. No, he isn’t a bad QB. No, he isn’t washed up. But I just don’t see the ability and performance of a SB contender. (Note to Packer trolls: this is a post about this article, the team and player in the article, and not about the Vikings).

  5. The harsh reality is that Rodgers is in the midst of a steep decline, which began when he started dating Olivia Munn. GB shortchanged him for years with ineffective leadership, thanks to Ted Thompson. Now he’s shortchanging the Packers.

    It’s time to move on from him.

  6. I don’t know how many balls they actually thro3in practice, but I’d love to see the Packers spend the bye week just working on timing and concentration. Something is off, and has been most of the season. Rodgers still can drop a long ball in on a dime with the best of them (see the MVS drop against the Bears 2 weeks ago), but has struggled with the short to medium game. If they can get that accuracy up, they could be a tough out for anyone, but if they can’t, it’ll be a tough slog the rest of the way.

  7. Felt good about the throws, that’s the crazy thing.

    Declining. He knows it. Sad.

  8. Right Aaron. Why are you overthowing (and underthrowing) your recievers consistently all season? And where is the velocity? What is the sidearm thing you have going? Broken clavicle took something from you. When you miss you should feel it out of your hand. If you dont, what is that saying? Physically Rogers has become average. He makes up for it with intelligence, but he is a good, not great qb. Packers will be put out of their misery in two weeks.

  9. Marvin; I’m glad Packer listened. But it won’t last. The next 20 comments will be about the Vikings.

    I did not see 13-3 out of this team. Pretty impressive for their talent level. The Saints and 49ers look much better. Seattle, Eagles/Cowboys, and Vikings limping into playoffs. All 6/7 teams have looked down at times though.

    If I am being honest, I would not put a dollar on any nfc team to head to SB. Too unpredictable.

  10. Aaron has to swallow his pride and go back to basics. Most of his missed throws were off his back foot or off platform. With his advancing age he needs to rely more on mechanics than his arm.

  11. I don’t know what Aaron has against putting loft on the deep ball. And it’s high time he embrace being a game manager.

    It sure doesn’t help when your tight end whiffs on a 40 yard gain out the gate, MVS is invisible and Allison has not looked right since getting rocked across the middle first chance back from concussion.

    What does LaFleur have against the shovel pass? Would be easier on the heart than watching them try to force-feed Aaron Jones on vertical routes.

  12. No Ewwin. You ARE A SUBPAR QB! Your problem there weren’t enough free plays committed by the Lions’ so you could get the points and yards you can’t earn by actually running an offense. You are a bad passer. You are a GREAT CHEATER!

    Where do you even start with a post like this? Infantile insult to start I should have just stopped reading. Post drips of jealously and contempt.

  13. Rodgers started out 2-13 throwing the ball with only 3 points against a 3-11 team at the half What an awful performance! Boyle would have done a lot better at QB on the deep passes This team won despite Rodgers poor QB play. He overthrew deep passes by yards so many times it’s alarming to watch.
    Coach needs to have Rodgers practice throwing deep passes each day the next two weeks to get better accuracy or this offense will be shut down in the playoffs. …Which will be unfortunate because with above average QB play this team can actually win a Super Bowl this year.

  14. Is Rodgers really declining or is it something else? A declining QB doesn’t usually have an arm like Rodgers. He can still make any throw in the book with ease. Maybe it’s his legs. A big part of his game used to be scrambling and that has been missing all season. Defenses certainly aren’t worried about that anymore, so maybe that’s part of it? Or maybe he just needs glasses lol. I know my vision started going to hell around the same age. Could be a Ricky Vaughn situation.

  15. This message board is full of nut jobs. The Packers are 13-3. Undefeated in the division. Road wins at Dallas, Chicago, MN, and KC (albeit without Mahomes). Rodgers is declining yes, but still at top 5-7 QB. They have the talent to make a run but apparently that means they suck. Get a grip.

  16. Not to knock Rodgers here, great qb will be in hall of fame first ballot, but there is a reason Brees and Brady have lasted so long at a pretty darn high level of play (I know TB is tailing off now) —- fundamentals.

    Rodgers needs to do some serious self evaluation this year and clean up the sloppiness he’s always gotten away with out of sheer physical ability that few others had. That always declines. If he doesn’t want this level of play to continue declining with it he may even want to hire an outside set of eyes this offseason, whatever it takes to get himself al title more consistent.

  17. pkrlvr says:
    December 29, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    Is Rodgers really declining or is it something else?


    To me his lack of a competent third option makes the decline (real) seem steeper than it has been (Lazard is real close to breaking through).

    Rodgers footwork is horrible and he is not content to take what’s given and only Adams can separate by himself. I hope Rodgers kept his scrambles down so he could run in January…. it would help immensely if he could leg out 2 first downs a game.

    I do think in Year 2 of this offense with an upgraded TE sitch and other help Rodgers might surprise but that’s lots of ifs.

    For now he’s got to embrace game management, throw the ball away on the edge of field goal range, take the checkdown on 3rd and long and hope Adams and Jones can make just enough plays to unleash the Smiths.

  18. Amazing. Bad play, bad QB performance, mediocre defense, still possibly a 1seed. See the difference???? Expect excellence. Anything less than a title is subpar! Now Vikings fans on the other hand applaud mediocrity but jeer the packers….kinda funny

  19. Go watch the 2010 Divisional round game against the Atlanta Falcons. That was Rodgers most dominant game I’ve ever seen him in, period. He was a dynamic, physical, elusive passer who could shake defenders, move intelligently in the pocket, throw on the run, and make plays with his legs.

    In his mind, he still thinks he’s that same player. Unfortunately, 2 busted collarbones, 2 seasons of calf injuries, multiple concussions, and that knee injury he dealt with all last year are catching up with him. He also broke his foot in 06 and had hamstring issues in 07. Needless to say, in his mind he’s playing like a guy

    There’s a reason that guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees are aging gracefully. Because they are pocket passers. They take their 3 or 5 step drops, and fire the ball. They don’t manufacture angles, or space, or broken plays with feet. Arguably, they have a much harder job. Throw the ball accurate, on time, and in less than 2.5 seconds, play after play. Same with Marino and Manning.

    Rodgers has never been known as a good pocket passer. He’s lost some of his quickness, agility, and physicality, and isn’t the same player rolling out of the pocket or throwing on the run anymore. Right now, 4,000 yards and 25 or so touchdowns is his ceiling at this point in his career. I’d say he has a few more years of fooling the league of his eliteness with a pretty TD/INT ratio, but it won’t disguise the fact they can’t consistently score more than 20 points a game.

  20. Since he broke his collar bone he hasn’t been the elite qb he once was. He can still make all the throws just something isn’t right. All the drops from skillet hands jimmy Graham and others doesn’t help

  21. No receivers is a problem. No excuse though. Teams adapt all the time and Brady made a career out of throwing to nobody’s. Rodgers just isn’t used to having to work for success. Let’s be realistic. The Packers are lucky to have won 13 games. They are like a team that went 8-8 but could have been 13-3 had the ball bounced the other way. The offense isn’t practicing right or enough. Rodgers and the receivers should be practicing a couple extra hours a day to get in sync. Even if they have to do it in the parking lot. In past years Rodgers had ample talent to throw to and it was easy. The receivers were 7 – 10 out of ten. Now he has Adam’s and a bunch of guys who are 4 and 5 out of 10.

  22. It’s ok Aaron.

    13-3 and 6-0 in the division in your first year in a new offense is better than literally any other QB could do.

    This is already better than I thought it would be.

  23. 13-3 record and how many were come from behind?

    The simple fact is that Rodgers willed his team to another win. That team doesn’t have much in the way of offensive play makers. They don’t have a TE worth squat. They don’t have more than one WR worth squat. They have one RB worth anything.

    And they have 13 wins. They are the hottest team in the NFC and at least the #2 seed. I’m not betting against them but know that any of the other 5 NFC teams can beat them, and vice versa.

  24. Since he broke his collar bone he hasn’t been the elite qb he once was. He can still make all the throws just something isn’t right. All the drops from skillet hands jimmy Graham and others doesn’t help

    He has less weapons so less room for error. Like I said earlier I think he needs to work on his footwork and mechanics.

  25. I wonder if the Packer fans have realized yet that they should be rooting for the Vikings next week. I mean, unless you guys are hoping to play the Saints instead of the winner of the Eagles/Seahawks game.

  26. I wonder if the Packer fans have realized yet that they should be rooting for the Vikings next week. I mean, unless you guys are hoping to play the Saints instead of the winner of the Eagles/Seahawks game.

    I would rather play the Saints here than the Vikings. It is never easy beating a division opponent 3 times in a season. Mostly Viking fans are so friggin obnoxious when we play them this site is almost unbearable. It’s the refs and has to be the refs because the Packers have the worst roster in the league and the Vikings have the best.

  27. “The Lions had lost 11 of 12 games and eight in a row. Their defense was near the bottom of the NFL in every important statistical category, and dead last in passing yards allowed.

    And in a hugely important game for the Packers that meant nothing for the Lions and their awful defense, Aaron Rodgers’ line at one point was 2-of-12 for 29 yards. The Packers trailed 14-0.”

    “And while the Packers have had a good season, it was clear all year they were over their skis a bit as their record kept improving.”

  28. conormacleod says:
    December 29, 2019 at 9:45 pm
    I wonder if the Packer fans have realized yet that they should be rooting for the Vikings next week. I mean, unless you guys are hoping to play the Saints instead of the winner of the Eagles/Seahawks game.

    Nah. I want the Seahawks to get another shot at the Niners in SF.

  29. I agree with several who have said that since his broken collar bone, Aaron has not been the same. Add to that the normal wear and tear on his body and that affects his play. When I saw Aaron’s face when Graham dropped that nearly perfect first pass I knew it was going to get ugly and it did. It set his tone and not in a good way obviously. Then he started to press and missed throws. I think there are two things happening. First, Aaron looks like he is seeing ghosts out there, overreacting to pressure before it becomes pressure. And two, he still believes he has to do everything and instead of trusting his guys to come through, he puts the pressure on himself to be the savior. If he can let it go and take what comes, I think he can settle down and be better. He is not the same QB he was before but he can still be good and still win in the clutch and that’s all we can ask for…mho

  30. Everyone is blaming Rodgers, and yes, some throws were off. I blame the fact that they cut Randall Cobb loose, and Adams has to make all the clutch plays. Lazard, Kumerow, Allison and Jimmy Graham aren’t getting it done. Way, way too many drops, and they aren’t getting open.

  31. I’ve been a Packers fan for almost 50 years. The Packers are 13-3. Branch Rickey famously said that luck is the residue of design; so if the Packers have been lucky this season, it’s because they have designed a team that can hang in there and steal one at the end. Their luck may run out against a playoff opponent, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t. As for Rodgers, it does look like he’s declining, but all season long he has made the plays he’s needed to win at the end.

  32. I think they have to consider a move toward finding a good quarterback who can move in under Rodgers. They are becoming more inept and sloppy. Play calling was bad and when they get to the playoffs they had better play a complete game not like the junk they play for a half. They might lose to whoever comes to play them in their first round.

  33. They need another playmaker at Wide receiver! Adams is great, but nobody to pull CB off of him. I think they should give Antonio Brown a shot! You 2 weeks to get him up to snuff and he would definitely help keep defenses honest!

  34. Aaron threw for 323 yards yesterday. Aaron has thrown for over 4 thousand yards this season. He is fine. I love when little fan boys start thinking they can evaluate a QB. I have forgotton more about QB play then you will ever know about the topic

    Yes, there were some overthrows yesterday, but I am not concerned about the timing being a little off on throws that are 1 to 2 yards long.(that was the case on his overthrows yesterday) The only throw I had a problem with was the throw to Kumerow that was short. That one pass was unacceptable. Timing is everything and being a tick off long can quickly be corrected by both the QB and WR. Throwing short is always more of a concern. Aaron only threw short once and that has never been a issue for Aaron when the timing with the WR’s is off just a tick. It is not time to panic.

    The Pack moves on to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Exactly where we want to be. Chill. Sit back and enjoy. This is going to be fun.👍

    Aaron is a bit of a sleeping giant right now that is playing to win within the confines of the offense. The beast can be woken at any moment. Stay tuned.


  35. This is the play offs man you cannot come out and go 3-17 in the first half or whatever it was. You have to start quick or be dead. The over throws were ungodly even by Rodger’s standards. He was missing wide open WRs. That game should have been over by half time with a 21 point lead and Rodgers resting the second half.Packers cannot afford slow start against teams like the Saints or the 9ers, 2nd seed will mean nothing.

  36. What any QB needs (even TB this year) is wideouts that run great routes and get separation. Rodger’s struggles to me look like he just isnt’ getting route consistency out of these guys and now you have to guess on placement. He wasn’t good at all yesterday, but this is a theme all year and other than Adams, no trust.

    It still bothers me that we didn’t make a run at E. Sanders when Denver unloaded him.

    Jennings type receiver that’s easy to throw to because of separation and route skill.

  37. Maybe one too many scotches the previous Sunday? Lay off the hooch for another five weeks Aaron and you got this. Then you can party your butt off with your new SB ring ’til next season.

  38. It’s pretty simple… he’s old. 36 years old is pretty damn old for an NFL quarterback. The Tom Brady’s and Drew Brees’ of the world playing well around the 40 year old mark are the exception, not the rule. He’s on the doorstep of being done and there is nothing wrong with that, 36 years old and future HOF is a hell of a run, but let’s not kid ourselves that this is because of a new offense.. the decline started in the 2018 season. Last season of prime Aaron Rodgers was 2017 and he only got to play half of it.

  39. Rodgers has more “lost points” from drops than any other quarterback. Look it up. That’s not on Rodgers.

  40. Rodgers had Jordy and Cobb , driver , Jones end the rest now it’s Adams and maybe Lazard, when the receivers are more consistent and learn where to be then Rodgers will have less misses , it’s coming and Haters fear it.

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