Broncos hold off Raiders late rally

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The Titans made it a moot point by beating the Texans.

But the Raiders didn’t do the one thing they most needed to do to have a chance.

The Raiders lost a 16-15 decision to the Broncos, ending their own playoff chances and their history in the city of Oakland with their late fade.

They lost five of their final six games this year to finish 7-9, and now head to Las Vegas with a number of questions about the future.

Quarterback Derek Carr continued to struggle in cold weather, falling to 1-10 all-time when the temperature is below 45 degrees (it was 31 at kickoff in Denver).

Carr finally got them to end zone in the final minute (after settling for field goals all day), but his two-point conversion attempt was batted down to seal the loss.

The win was the fourth in five starts by Broncos rookie quarterback Drew Lock, who came back after recovering from a preseason thumb injury (and for some reason regaining their trust).

The Broncos (7-9) found some reasons for optimism late in the season, specifically when they finally went with Lock.

Between a quarterback with promise, and a draft class that yielded tight end Noah Fant, guard Dalton Risner, and defensive end Dre’Mont Jones, the Broncos have some things to keep them warm through a winter with no playoffs.

29 responses to “Broncos hold off Raiders late rally

  1. Hopefully it’s the end of the Carrbage era. I’ll be so excited to not watch a QB throw it into the ground on 3rd and short.

  2. Time to be honest.

    Refs became a major factor in Raiders games this year, Even today, Carr got hit in the Knees twice on back to back plays and no flags, literally any other QB in the league wouldve gotten the call there. Not to mention the 2 Goaline TDs they stole earlier on.

    First 5 games of the year the refs were virtually invisible, the Raiders were projected to start the season 1-4 max, and we were 3-2 after traveling across the globe. Then in the Texans game they appeared and after that The Raiders magically started leading the league in penalties.

    Are the Raiders really built for the playoffs this year? no. Our defense is a patchwork of scrappy guys, no real playmakers in the secondary and almost 0 talent at LB. The bright spot was our Dline and Crosby in particular. The Draft class in general was the bright spot for us this year.

    Our lack of any real talent at WR was evident in games especially when we were down, i dont think we won a single game this year when we were down at half. We just dont have the guys that can beat man to man coverage besides Waller and Renfrow.

    Raiders have a ton of good pieces going into next year and a ton of cap and draft picks, Building around Derek has got to be the point of emphasis, theres no QB becoming a FA or in the Draft that is better than him and given a legit WR core and guys who can prevent big plays on Defense the Raiders will be in the Playoffs next year, Look how close they were with bums.

  3. Disappointing that the Raiders were denied the W on the last play but to Gruden’s credit he had them playing hard on the road in a game that became meaningless after the Titans clinched. Also 7-9 is certainly more than what I expected at the beginning of the season (I expected no more than 4 or 5 wins).

    As for Denver, it looks like they have a legitimate QB in Drew Lock.

  4. That second rounder that Pace miraculously got back from the Raiders looks a little better today, just lose baby! Thanks Chuckie! Raiders gonna Raider ……

  5. Gotta give Gruden props for going for two…why not, after the refs screwed you two weeks earlier against the jags. So nice of the nfl to issue an apology for fixing that game. Cany wait to see what they say about the Renfrow TD, and Ingolds TD. Raiders should have been in the driver seat going into this game, but even after the NFL tried to make sure they were eliminated weeks ago, they really tried their best in the first half of this game. Raiders are also the first team in NFL history to have a “bogus” roughing the passer penalty in ever single game of the season…Real question is do the broncos now draft after us…watch it come down to another coin toss where the league uses a two headed coin , and will let the broncos call it…lol

    Go Raiders…Refs suck!

  6. Derek Carr throwing the ball every which way but the winning way. I hope, just HOPE Gruden moves him on. We cannot win with DC as our QB. There are bright spots with Jacobs, Renfrow, Ferrell and Crosby, but we need another outstanding draft by Mayock to take it to the next level.

  7. benitoboom375 says:
    December 29, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    How many of those 29 completions where when the game was essentially over?


    Did you see the score?

  8. And yet once again, this year’s Paper Champions are the OAKLAND RAIDERS!! (applause)

    And wait for it, the 2020 Vegas Raiderd are going to the Super Bowl!! (so sez Raider Nation every freaking off season). Yawn.

  9. “Every loss in the history of the Raiders organization was because the refs jobbed us!”

    Raider Nation

  10. Please keep Carr… Hilarious the fans are satisfied with 7-9.

    With Rivers likely leaving, Carr remains the worst QB in the west. Because hot garbage is better than Carr. But I’m sure his post game press conference was good.

  11. In regard to the crooked Officiating of Raiders games-If the Raiders aren’t playing, i am not watching, if all us Raider fans did the same we could take a big dent out of the television ratings for the playoffs, that might get the corrupt league to start giving us a level field to play on!

  12. Were Faiders fans this salty after the correct interpretation of the Tuck Rule, the play that launched the greatest franchise in the history of the sport while forever flushing the Nomads down the proverbial Black Hole? On a brighter note, at least the snow bowl expedited the exit of Chucky. Although I guess it did the same for AD too.

  13. I was really hoping for a tuck rule rematch, raiders started the Patriots dynasty and I wanted them to end it!

  14. So the Raiders limp off to Vegas, tail TUCKED firmly between legs, winners of one winning season in the last 18 years……….. Let that sink in!

  15. Remember at the beginning of year, by the strength of schedule, the Raiders had the hardest schedule of any team. 7-9 not bad. Plus knowing game outcomes already (i.e. the Bears and Titans), not getting the 2 points was probably better, as moving up in the Draft is needed.

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