Haslams say they saw no opportunities to improve with Freddie Kitchens

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Freddie Kitchens was fired as Browns head coach not only because he went 6-10 this year, but because he didn’t do anything to convince his bosses he’d be better next year.

That’s the word from a statement released by Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam, who said they didn’t see what they wanted out of Kitchens in his one season as head coach.

“We thank Freddie for his hard work and commitment to this organization but did not see the success or opportunities for improvement to move forward with him as our head coach,” the Haslams said. “Our focus is on hiring an exceptional leader for this football team and we will take a comprehensive approach to this process. We are excited about the core players we have to build around and develop and we look forward to bringing in a strong head coach that will put this group of players in the best position to succeed.”

Browns General Manager John Dorsey released a statement indicating he and the Haslams are in agreement.

“I would like to thank Freddie for his dedication and efforts this past season. We are disappointed in our results and feel a change is necessary. Freddie is a good man and good football coach. We wish he and his family nothing but success,” Dorsey said.

That the Browns would release a statement from Dorsey suggests that Dorsey will be involved in the search for Kitchens’ replacement, despite some talk that Dorsey’s job could be in jeopardy as well.

Regardless of who’s making the decision, the Browns need to find a coach they can stick with: The Haslams bought the team in 2012, and the next head coach they hire will be their seventh.

31 responses to “Haslams say they saw no opportunities to improve with Freddie Kitchens

  1. wow that is the nail in the coffin of his career! Kick the man while he’s down, why don’t you!

  2. Of course that clown Dorsey is going to agree – he seems to have dodged a bullet after assembling such a bad team. No OL, two WRs telling other teams to “come get me”, undisciplined players on both sides of the ball.

  3. If Freddy is a good football coach, as Dorsey says, then why is he being fired? Its amazing how so many people who are great at what they do get fired in the NFL.

  4. How many coaches has Haslam hired and fired? It’s pretty obvious this owner has no idea what he’s doing. If firing the coach solved problems, the Browns would be the best team in the league.

  5. Never should have hired him in the first place. Underqualified. They tried to rush raheem morris in Tampa a number of years ago, that didn’t work either. Person has to grow through the proper steps and gain competence at each level. He was set up for failure . You cant blame him Freddie for accepting the promotion, his bosss never set him up for success which in turn is Dorsey’s sole responsibility

  6. Who in their right mind would want to coach them knowing they would probably be one and done?

  7. Cleveland has the talent. They need stability in the front office and on the sideline. Owners need to be patient. This hurry up and hire a coach method doesn’t work. Unless you have a chance to land “The Guy” before any other offers are made. Coaches need to be scouted just like players. Whether their in College or already in the NFL as Coordinators or position coaches.

  8. Dirk Koetter.. Ben McAdoo… Freddie Kitchens. Three guys that were put into spots they weren’t prepared for because their teams didn’t want them poached. Hopefully the rest of the league learns that decent-to-good coordinators don’t necessarily make good head coaches.

  9. Freddie was outmatched intellectually and he lost the locker room. He’ll bounce back, because he’s a good coach and a good dude. But this change was warranted.

    Go get Ron Rivera.

  10. The problem for the Browns is that they need a head coach, like Gregg Williams, who won’t take any crap from the players or the front office. The Haslams will never accept a guy like that, nor will Dorsey. They want someone who’ll kiss their rear ends.

  11. This is the same organization that fired Belechick they just won’t give a guy 2-3 years to build a team
    Feel sorry for fans they deserve better.

  12. Seven coaches in 7 years. Yikes. Something tells me they’re going to be doing this again in 12 months with Dorsey and then trying to find a GM to inherit a coach. Rinse, repeat. All you need to know about that this isn’t going to work is that multiple credible coaches who have won a lot of games wanted this job, and they hired this guy and had pretty much tunnel vision about doing it a year ago.

  13. @ realfootballfan, sorry to nit-pick but it’s only been 6, Shurmur(9-23), Chudzinski(4-12), Pettine(10-22), Jackson(3-36), Williams(5-3) and Kitchens(6-10) and I’m just curious which if any of these HC’s would you have retained?

    I’d have kept Williams but he’s the ONLY one, the rest all got what they deserved, especially Jackson at 3-36 and he was left in place for 2yrs too long, he should have been gone after year one and that 1-15 season!

    Now what really amazes me is the fact that they’ll give players 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th chances but they didn’t want to give Williams a 2nd chance and they let the “bountygate” thing of what a decade ago cloud their vision and they obviously didn’t want a HC with baggage so they hired the wrong HC instead, BRILLIANT HUH?

    The Browns, rebuilding since 1964!

  14. Not sure anyone has a chance in Cleveland. On offence too many egos who’d rather talk to the media than play football; and these days they could well force their way off the team if anyone tries to crack down. The natural leader – the QB – is the worst of the bunch, so you can’t look to him to ride herd on the others. The best defender is dirty and suspended for the foreseeable future
    Not to mention there’s no one to ride herd on the (should be jailbird) owner.
    Real classy organization from top to bottom.

  15. pedrov1 says:
    December 29, 2019 at 9:10 pm
    This is the same organization that fired Belechick they just won’t give a guy 2-3 years to build a team
    Feel sorry for fans they deserve better.


    Please know your history before you spew from the mouth. Bill B. was let go by the Ravens organization. They did not want him. (Imagine if the Ravens had Bill B. now.)

  16. They honestly overrated their roster and listened to Dorsey and the hype. The gave kitchens a worse offensive line, a selfish diva WR that’s broken down and kills the psotivenvive we had going into 19′.odell may be liked by teammates but so is josh gordon. Odell blew off camp and OTAs and set the tone for a bad year full of hype. And honestly hype is all obj offers. He is a slow speed WR, that is scared to be hit or go over the middle. On defense Dorsey gave him wilks , who is far worse than G William’s. Stuck with his 4-2-5 despite not having safteys. You traded peppers and the best line man and a first for the giants two most over paid players. As soon as Odell trade happened I knew it was downhill.

  17. Gregg Williams had that team disciplined and rolling.

    Biggest mistake was letting him walk. Had they kept the coaching staff in place, Browns would be in the playoffs this year

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