Jason Garrett has no idea whether he will return, but does Jerry Jones know yet?

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Jason Garrett might have coached his final game with the Cowboys. He seemed uncertain after Sunday’s victory over Washington, which saw the Cowboys end the season with a disappointing 8-8 record.

“I have no idea,” Garrett answered when asked if he expected to return. “. . .I want to be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. We will see what happens.”

Jerry Jones sounded as if he doesn’t know either. Or maybe he just wasn’t saying in his postgame press conference.

The Cowboys owner talked for 29 minutes, 23 seconds and said nothing.

Jones initially said he sees significant changes going forward, answering, “I do. I do. I make changes, and I certainly can see myself making a lot of changes in a lot of areas. Just the times call for that. I am about change. I change a lot.”

Later, Jones said he would not shut the door on anything when asked whether he was leaving the door open for Garrett’s return.

“Well, I don’t know if I would look at it like that. What I wouldn’t do, in anything I’m saying here tonight, is shut any door,” Jones said. “I really want to make sure I’m clear about that and communicate that: There’s no door shut here tonight. None, anywhere, is shut. This is not what that is about shutting a door of an individual. I’m not doing that here.”

More than once, Jones implied he might not have a decision to make, prompting Ed Werder of ESPN to remind Jones that the Cowboys chose not to extend Garrett’s contract beyond this season.

“That is a fact. I did do that. Yes,” Jones said.

So, with Garrett’s contract expiring at the end of the league year, Jones has a decision. One way or the other. It’s either made already . . . or it isn’t.

“This is a difficult time, a very difficult time,” Jones said. “We’ve got a lot to consider here. I do. It’s well known. There is no question that Jason has been pleasant part of my life. It’s certainly more than football — from being a player here, what he has meant as a coach, what he has meant as a working associate. He has just got a place for me. That is that. If he’s coaching for the Cowboys or if he has not, he has done that. We have had that kind of life together.”

Garrett appears, and has appeared for a while, unlikely to return. He went 85-67 in 9 1/2 seasons with four 8-8 finishes, three playoff berths and two playoff victories.

42 responses to “Jason Garrett has no idea whether he will return, but does Jerry Jones know yet?

  1. He likes the attention. He wouldn’t break the news during a division championship prime time game on the line. He’ll get all the cameras there tomorrow and make a big deal about it so that the only thing the media talks about is Jerry world.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerry get all misty eyed at the thought of firing Garrett. It’s obvious he has a real affection for him but like Kitchens he will see no area that he could improve….

  3. C’mon Jerry, you know what you’re going to do. Quit delaying it, you’re playing with someone’s life here. Be somebody and make a decision! Move on!

  4. No matter what happens Garrett will be smiling all the way to the bank knowing brew just fleeced Jerry for the last 9 years. Do what you do best Jason just smile and clap… smile and clap

  5. Jerry Jones still being the biggest problem with the Cowboys, a lot of talking
    with no positive results.

  6. Not much will ever change in Big D. Losing doesn’t actually bother Jerry Jones. He sees his stadium full of idiot fans, win, lose or draw. He’s said before, as long as they’re talking about us, that’s the main thing. And that’s why the Cowboys are losers.

  7. The door has been shut since Jimmy Johnson closed it in 1994.

    Jones insistence to show that he can win a world championship without Johnson has been eating him alive for 25 years!

  8. Garrett has been an ok coach, and he’s been the Cowboys coach for 9 1/2 seasons. He has nothing to complain about if the Cowboys decide to make a change. I’m not arguing that a coaching change is going to lead the Cowboys to another super bowl, but Jerry Jones is the owner and he can do as he pleases. There have been a lot of NFL coaches get hired and fired in the last 9 1/2 years. The Cowboys have a decent team and a very good young QB, so they should make sure they get the right coach. Mike Shanahan is younger than some current NFL coaches, and he would be perfect for Prescott. Plus, he wouldn’t have to worry about all the GM duties, but Jerry would respect his input.

  9. Jerry will probably say he wants to interview other coaches, but if he doesn’t like what he hears in those interviews he’ll bring Garrett back. So, he’s not firing Garrett since his contract is up; he might offer a new one.

  10. Dear Jerry,
    Please keep Jason Garrett as your head coach. In fact, sign him to a lifetime contract.
    The rest of the NFL

  11. “Plus, he wouldn’t have to worry about all the GM duties, but Jerry would respect his input.”

    That’s a good one.

  12. Garrett’s last contract extension was for $30 million over five years. Money well spent? Only if you like clapping on the sidelines and losing in the playoffs, assuming you can make the playoffs. This will be Garrett’s fourth .500 team in nine seasons.

    Just let him go, Jerry. Yeah, we all know you love your redheaded stepson, but he’s not hurting for money. Let him go, and put us all out of our misery.

  13. Is Garrett stupid enough to go back to work for him is the question… I would bet he could get another hc job elsewhere…

  14. I beg you Uncle Jerry. Please extend the clapper for another 5 years. Signed the NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Go Birds.

  15. Not a Cowboy fan so I really don’t care if they keep a Garrett or not but I find myself asking why Jerruh has been so reluctant to let him go. I realized today that Garrett actually looks more like a Jerruh than Stephen – you don’t suppose?!?! Just sayin ……

  16. somebody is gonna come in, get the team over the hump, and win a super bowl with jason garrett’s team.

  17. Talking for 29 minutes and 23 seconds and saying nothing is all Jerry is good for. He is a typical car salesman. I wish him all the worst luck in the world.

  18. jerry WILL NOT make the one change he needs to…..hire a REAL GM and a coach thats not his puppet and then take a step back…let them do their jobs….AND DO NOT FREAKIN INTERFERE!!!!! Maybe he should go speak to SAS cuz waaay back in november he was telling ev1 how the nfc east would play out.

  19. Translation, Kris Richard turned down the job so Garrett is back if he accepts a pay cut and short-term deal along with another set of of Jerry’s hand-picked coordinators.. Bye Rod Marinelli .

  20. One could argue that Garrett did not get fired. His contract is up. Try someone knew. Term limits for coaches. See how belicheck would do up there in Cleveland or Detroit.

  21. Please keep this inept puppet.
    Sign the average QB to a 30 mil a year contract.
    Overpay as many other positions.
    Enter Cap Hell for the foreseeable future.


    The Other 31 Teams

  22. The cowboys are a mess. The worse thing that could have happened for Jones was winning those super bowls right away. It would have been better if the cowboys had gone 0-32 the first two seasons Jones ran the team. Maybe then he would have hired a football guy to run the team.

  23. Nothing says going in a new direction than indecision,but at least Jerry thanked Garrett for all the 8-8 seasons,Which appears to be the new highwater mark in big D. And this from the guy who fired the man in the hat who brought twenty straight winning seasons,5 superbowl appearances and two titles to the organization

  24. I’m betting Jerry keeps Garrett – and my favorite team slips further into mediocrity.

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