No talks yet between the Buccaneers and Jameis Winston

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The Buccaneers have a decision to make about Jameis Winston. Some think they have. Coach Bruce Arians insists they haven’t.

Regardless, one thing is clear: Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, there have been no conversations, no negotiations, no discussions of any kind between Winston and the Buccaneers.

All of it will come after the season, and the talks can lead in many different directions. There could be a new long-term deal, a short-term bridge deal, a franchise tag, a transition tag, or no deal at all, allowing Winston to hit the open market.

In Winston’s case, a little tampering could go a long way toward helping the two sides come to an agreement. If Winston knows whether and to what extent a market will exist for his services elsewhere, the Buccaneers will know what it will take to keep him, or whether there is any risk to letting him hit the open market. Winston will know whether to take what he can get from the Bucs, before the Bucs decide to find another quarterback.

However it plays out, ignore any suggestions regarding demands made or offers extended. Nothing has happened yet. Soon, the process will start.

And, yes, Winston would likely help his cause by not throwing two or more interceptions today. With two picks, Winston will become the league’s first 30 touchdown and 30 interception guy.

29 responses to “No talks yet between the Buccaneers and Jameis Winston

  1. I’ve lived long enough and watched the NFL long enough to know some team will sign Winston for more than he’s worth. It defies common sense but it is guaranteed to happen. The only way it doesn’t is if he is incapacitated by some means or incarcerated. Oh, and if he’s somehow linked to AB, then forget about it.

  2. He is what he is. He could throw no interceptions today and five opening day next year. If the goal is to take your team to the SB then could anyone say with a straight face this is the guy?

  3. Jameis Winston is a turnover machine that has held TB back pretty much since they drafted him. The kind of QB that you hope makes more plays for your team than he does for the opponent. Were it my team. I would move on.

  4. Winston showed promise early in his career. Now he appears to be a guy who would be a decent back up.

  5. If there are Bucs fans hoping to keep this guy, I say all the power to them. Consuming $30 million of your cap to keep this guy? Enjoy four to five more years of not being in the playoffs.

    No objective person, looking at the entirety of this guy’s record, including his off field behaviour, would sign this guy. But this is the NFL, where a large contingent of bad GMs and owners exist. Someone will be stupid enough to sign this guy.

  6. I’d say offer him what Blake Bortles makes a year as a Rams backup (6.5-7.5 M/year). He’s not worth franchise or transitional money. Bring in some potentially competent completion at QB (Dalton, Newton, etc) and May the best QB win. Keep in mind, he’s probably the only long term starter who earns zero endorsement money because of off field issues.

  7. Ball security is of the greatest importance to all quality HCs who are in it to win it…

    Most probably feel if Arians failed to fix Winston, they don’t want that same failure on theirs so the market for JW is likely SO very small IF even any exists…
    He over values himself much like Kap.. how’s that working out for him?

    Arians and the Bucs best option for a winning season, playoffs and shot at a SB is to distance themselves as far from JW and any other turnover prone qb…
    May they make the right decision and get us a WINNer at QB!

  8. The Bucs need to decide whether Winston is good enough to get them to the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. If not, then they are wasting time and money re-signing him., the same way that Kansas City wasted time and money on Alex Smith, and the way Baltimore wasted time and money on Joe Flecko.

  9. I think the most likely scenario is a franchise tag for inFamous Jameis to see what happens in another year of Arians’ tutelage (hint: not much will change, he is what he is – turnover machine).

    I’d love to see what Arians could do with someone like Dalton or Carr (although I’m not sure either has the arm strength to stretch the field like Arians likes to do), since I think there’s a good chance either could be had, and both need a change of scenery.

  10. Winston puts alot of points on the board and can move the ball. When has that happened in TB? He manages to get out from behind the trouble he causes. He put them in chance to win many games they ended up losing ie NY, Seattle, Tenn.

    They have a zero experience OC in Leftwich and new HC with a Def that has getting burned most of the season. A weak Oline and running game. Almost all of his Pic 6’s seem to be known to the D before throwing. The whole team needs to adjust to avoid INTs not just JW. How about running the ball more in the first 10min of a game?

    The team relies on JW too much and he forces the ball, they need to put less pressure on him as QB or no matter who comes in they will have high INTs or worse double digit losses. Its easy for Brees – the Elliot Ness Untouchable 8 seconds to throw each pass to avoid INTs, TB’s OL is bottom 25%.

    No way they get rid of JW, if they do they will take a step back.

    Trade Mike Evans who while a great WR is too weak to fight for the ball and a perpetual whiner. Get OL and RB help and a speedster in round 3/4.

  11. I heard Winston has tried to make contact with Bucs ead office, but all his communications are being intercepted

  12. Aaron Rodgers – 25 ints the last 5 years
    Winston – 28 this year alone

    Say no to Winston

  13. Take a pay cut or get the hell out is what he needs to be told. His interceptions are unacceptable.

  14. This isn’t shocking, BA has said repeatedly that guys aren’t gonna be evaluated or extended until after the season. That being said he’s going to get tagged, it’s been a forgone conclusion for a while. If anything this situation will probably go the same way Kirk Cousins in DC did.

  15. it rubs the lotion on the skin says:
    December 29, 2019 at 11:21 am
    Aaron Rodgers – 25 ints the last 5 years
    Winston – 28 this year alone

    Say no to Winston
    How many SB’s has GB won the last 5 years? How much time does GB’s OL give AR vs Bucs JW?

    AR even chased a HC out of town. GB winning this year on Defense . No doubt AR is great QB not comparableto JW but they haven’t done much deep into playoffs in years.

    Let’s look at another great GB QB – Favre; Gunslinger, INT machine, 2 SB’s visits one ring, and took two teams to Conf championships.

  16. Why would they negotiate? They are going to franchise him for a year and proabably draft another QB in the draft. He has an arm but is a horrible decision maker. This way you can keep him, see if he can get better, and if he doesn’t, you have another QB getting a years worth of experience on the bench.

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