Pat Shurmur thinks Giants are in better place than when he arrived

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The Giants were coming off a 3-13 season when they hired Pat Shurmur as their head coach in 2018 and he was asked on Sunday night if he thinks the team is in a better place after the end of his second season.

The Giants lost to the Eagles, which means they are 4-12 this year and 9-23 over Shurmur’s two seasons with the team. That’s not a strong case for being in better position and Shurmur acknowledged the team hasn’t won enough games before making his argument for why the team is in better shape.

“I think so. We’re building a team. Lot of dead money this year. Lot of cap space next year. And a lot of prime picks,” Shurmur said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

Shurmur also noted the lack of impact players on defense during his press conference and it’s clear his argument is that he shouldn’t lose his job for being on hand while the team was in rebuilding mode. That’s likely a similar argument to the one General Manager Dave Gettleman would make for getting a chance to use that cap space and those picks. Now we just need to hear what Giants ownership thinks about those cases.

21 responses to “Pat Shurmur thinks Giants are in better place than when he arrived

  1. The guy is 9-23 in two season. I’m sorry but that’s a dreadful record. Something has to change. The defense – secondary in particular – is awful. The O line, that’s been the focus for two years, is as bad as ever and there’s not even a hint of a pass rush. All things considered, 9-23 is actually astounding.

  2. Shumur better watch himself. The Mara family is not above cement shoes as a parting gift.

  3. Tanked today to get his old team into the playoffs. Should be fired for that reason alone.

  4. Pat Shurmur thinks Giants are in better place than when he arrived

    3-13 to 4-12, YEA what a massive improvement!

  5. Unless they bury Gettleman with Shurmur, they will never attract a coach worth a damn.

    What quality head coaching candidate wants to be paired with a GM on the hottest?

    What happens when Gettleman is fried and the new GM wants a different HC?

    I hear Freddie Kitchens is available…….

  6. Dave Gettleman grew up in Boston. Boston sports fans everywhere thank him for his stealth sabotage of this franchise.

  7. Same problems for too many years. How long have we been hearing O-Line, Secondary and lack of Pass Rush. All pre-date Shurmer. Overly inflated contracts for players who could not justify them. Players passed over in the draft who went on to be stars. Start with Collins and Tunsill, (sp.?) on the O-Line. Eli Apple as your first round draft choice because you did not have a backup position ready when the guy you wanted was drafted one pick ahead of you? Prince Who? Haven’t had a Left Tackle probably since Jumbo Elliott. Cannot fire ownership, but they hired the people who first created this mess then others who perpetuated it.

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