Rams hang on to beat the Cardinals

Getty Images

The Rams fell short of every expectation this season, and now the question becomes how they fix it.

They beat the Cardinals 31-24 Sunday to finish 9-7, but that’s far below what anyone or they themselves imagined after a Super Bowl run.

Their problem is going all-in by trading picks for veteran players, and now they have some big checks to write.

Their last first-round draft pick was quarterback Jared Goff in 2016, and they won’t have another one until 2022.

As it concerns Sunday’s game, they were able to take advantage of four Cardinals turnovers, which is easy enough.

Cardinals (5-10-1) quarterback Kyler Murray had to leave the game after taking a hard shot late, and he was replaced by Brett Hundley, but he returned for the end.

Murray finished the game with two interceptions and two fumbles, overshadowing a very good rookie season for the No. 1 overall pick.