Adam Gase doesn’t answer when asked if he wants Le’Veon Bell back

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Jets coach Adam Gase is declining to say whether he wants running back Le'Veon Bell back on the team in 2020.

Gase was asked today whether he wants Bell on his team next year, and he said only that it’s a question for General Manager Joe Douglas.

“He’s under contract for three more years,” Gase said of Bell. “You can ask Joe tomorrow.”

Asked again, directly, whether Gase wants Bell back, Gase answered, “You can ask Joe tomorrow. I’m not the personnel — not in charge of personnel.”

Later in the press conference, Gase did indicate that he expects Bell back, referring to plans to work with him in the offseason and perhaps use more of the concepts that worked for Bell on the Steelers.

“I think that was a conversation we had a couple weeks ago, we talked about looking at some of the stuff they did in Pittsburgh and talking through some of the things he’s comfortable with in the run game. . . . I can go back to him and we can talk through that stuff when we get back in the spring,” Gase said.

For his part, Bell saw Gase’s comments and responded with a tweet showing Michael Scott looking unhappy. It appears that Bell and Gase are unhappy with each other, but whether they’re unhappy enough to move on from that expensive contract Gase referenced remains to be seen.

42 responses to “Adam Gase doesn’t answer when asked if he wants Le’Veon Bell back

  1. Don’t let the 7-9 record fool you. Gase is still overmatched with X’s and 0’s, the media and his players. What a terrible, terrible answer even if they are moving on from Bell

  2. PS. Leveon ate crap all season and never turned on the coach or the organization. I cant speak to his time in Pittsburgh, but he was disrespected and misused by Gase all season and Bell never took the bait and complained

  3. Mr. Personality really seems like the kind of guy you’d want to play your heart out for, huh?

  4. Remember when the Chiefs were considering trading for Levon Bell. this year? I can definitely see the Chiefs trading Sammy Watkins for LeVon Bell this upcoming offseason.

  5. They should have traded for the O-Line he ran behind because that’s the only reason he had time to 2-step and Salsa for 4 tempi before deciding where he wanted to hit the hole.

  6. It’s a shame their record wasn’t 6 and 9, so the jets could have rightly commemorated the 50th anniversary of when they relevant.

  7. Apparently the only thing Gase is good at is interviewing. On Bell they should find a taker, eat some of his salary and move on….

  8. Foolish response by Gase. A head coach should always say they want a player back when asked that question in a public forum (even if it isn’t true).

  9. I mean the guy went out drinking and bowling the night before a game and called in sick. I don’t blame Gase one bit for not wanting that type of dead weight on a team, especially at that ridiculous salary.

  10. Was anyone surprised by Bell this season? Just about every running back going to their second team experiences Trent Richardson like numbers and drop-off in performance. It’s a tale as old as time. LT to NY. Edgerrin James to Arizona. The list goes on.

  11. Its a shame Gase doesn’t get it. Say “Yes, you want him back” and then you don’t get months of questions.

  12. fordbw says:
    December 30, 2019 at 4:40 pm
    Foolish response by Gase. A head coach should always say they want a player back when asked that question in a public forum (even if it isn’t true).

    Excellent point.

  13. Aww, Gase. You didn’t learn anything in Miami, did you? He wants his guys and will jettison(or try to) anyone who isn’t. I don’t like Bell’s way of doing business, but he’s a great runner. Even if he’s not your style, you figure out a way to use his talents. Gase will not do that. What w waste…

  14. 49ers reportedly were interested if Bell came cheaper than he was wanting. Now that his signing bonus is paid, I could see him land there this coming off season. His contract to a team that trades for him isn’t really that bad, and could probably be had for a 3rd day pick.

  15. Adam Gase is the Pat Shurmur of Jeff Fishers. And it’s the Jets, after all… he should want all the help he can get.

  16. It’s not Gase’s fault he was saddled with a player who doesn’t fit his system and gets paid like he has to be a major part of it. Give him a whole offseason to implement his plan that sent the Dolphins to the playoffs and gave Tannehill and Peyton huge years.

  17. Geez, Gase did a decent job given all the injuries the JEts had this year, but why does he have to crap on his players so much? It kind of got him run out of miami. He needs to just give a belichick non answer and move on. The Jets offense was horrible with an offensive coach–The Jets won’t fire him…but I regret the hire already.

  18. Adam Gase is the kind of guy that if he were in the service would put his guys in harms way to try earn some sort of medal, and blame others and circumstances when things go wrong.

  19. The Steelers liked him they just couldn’t afford him anymore and they no longer have the money to take him back. Life goes on.

  20. Motivating players as a HC is not one of Adam Gase’s better attributes. He is, however, excellent at hiding his face behind the bill of his ball cap during pressers. He did a horrible dual role job of being a HC & calling all the plays at Miami, he also didn’t utilize his players to fit their talents. Don’t forget that Peyton Manning ran his own offense in Denver under Adam Gase who is by no means any sort of coaching “guru”.

  21. Did anyone not see this coming? Steelers made the most of Bell. He will sidle along from team to team as a mediocre talent through the remainder of his career. And it doesn’t matter. He got his $$$.

  22. Bell may now return to Jets given their surprising second-half surge, but no, if Gase were given the latitude to make that decision himself Bell would obviously be traded assuming they could find a taker at his high price.

  23. I never much paid attention to Gase until that weird bug eyed press conference when he was hired by the Jets…..then I was like this dude is….different.

  24. Can’t blame Bell for getting his $$$, but unless he’s the second coming of Barry Sanders or Jim Brown, or maybe the missing piece to get to a Superbowl, paying that kind of money to a RB is wasted cap space.

  25. Well, I’ll be the first to say he’s overpaid and overrated. Still, when considering Bell’s top-quality receiving and pass blocking skills, he should be a young quarterback’s best friend. This from a Steelers fan.

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