Browns want to interview Greg Roman


The Browns got a couple of looks at the offense that Greg Roman built for the Ravens this season and it appears they were as impressed as everyone else.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Browns have requested permission to interview the Ravens offensive coordinator for their head coaching vacancy. Freddie Kitchens was fired on Sunday night after one year on the job.

Roman has spent the last three years on John Harbaugh’s staff in Baltimore and became the coordinator in 2019. He was tasked with building an offense around Lamar Jackson and that project resulted in a 14-2 record, a likely MVP for Jackson and a league record for team rushing yards in a single season.

Roman was also the 49ers offensive coordinator under Jim Harbaugh and had two years running the Bills offense in 2015 and 2016. He can interview this week as the Ravens have a bye before playing in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has also been identified as a candidate in Cleveland.

34 responses to “Browns want to interview Greg Roman

  1. Greg Roman is an excellent choice if you have a RUNNING QB (ie Kap, Mike Vick, Lamar Jackson, RG III) but with a dropback pocket passer he has failed every time. With the pieces in place (Mayfield) it is not a good fit.

  2. Pretty sure he will have better options.

    And while I doubt he would stay in Baltimore forever, he’s probably interested in exploring this Lamar Jackson experiment a bit longer. He won’t have a comparable QB anywhere else.

  3. The Browns screwed up when they let Gregg Williams walk. I wonder if they will interview him? He was the one who led them to the successful end of season wins last year, not Kitchens.

  4. “onebuffalove716 says:
    December 30, 2019 at 11:26 am

    …I think Cleveland needs a new GM as well”

    Cleveland needs another relocation.

  5. Run heavy offense that creates wide open receivers – it’s a great offense to play in when you are ahead and have a defense to prevent other teams from scoring but it’s not built to make a come back and is not a viable long term option.

    I hope some of these supposed defensive experts in the NFL watched how Venables played Ohio St to get some ideas for how to defend Baltimore in the playoffs and 2020.

  6. Are they hopping Baker turns into a running QB like Lamar or Kap. Seems like another moron owner chasing the flavor of month, going to reinvent the NFL offensive coordinator (cough McVay cough) that has around a year shelf life before their “genius” offense is figured out and rendered useless.

  7. Hiring Roman would be such a typical Cleveland move. He’s not going to turn Mayfield into Jackson. It would be Freddie Kitchens part II.

  8. The same Greg Roman who went behind Harbaughs back barking he need to be HC & the Niners immediately nose dived for years. That same Roman? Don’t do it Browns.

  9. If Cleveland had any level of intelligence, they would hire either Greg Roman or Mike McCarthy for their next HC.

    Fortunately they aren’t intelligent at all, so it’s pretty safe to assume they won’t hire either guy.

    (And I’m a Ravens fan, so while I would hate to see Roman leave but I also realize it’s almost a lock that he will get a job somewhere)

  10. onebuffalove716 says:
    December 30, 2019 at 11:26 am
    Rex Ryan fires this guy after 2 games In 2016. Stupid move.
    It’s about time he gets some looks as a coach.
    What was Rex supposed to do….his brothers defense was giving up 400 yds and 30 points a game….someones head had to roll….

  11. This would be a mistake. Roman was able to build an offense around an individual who is a running back first who can actually throw. The whole team including Lamar is a run run first team.

    Baker is a traditional pocket quarterback.Actually more like Brady-but obviously not as polished.

    For this quarterback Mcdaniels would be a better choice.

  12. he will not stay as an OC in Baltimore if he can get a HC job elsewhere. Baltimore’s play would have to also add Asst HC to his title – with a big pay raise….

  13. Good X’s and O’s coordinator does not usually equal champion head coach. How many times must this be proven.

    Carroll, Tomlin, Harbaugh, Coughlin, Dungy have the rings. No great X’s and O’s play callers but great motivators, leaders, and managers.

    The exceptions are Belichick and Sean Payton, they are great at both but that’s very rare.

    This is why as great a play caller as Andy Reid is, he hasn’t won a chamionship. Don’t think he ever will, but will continue to pile up the wins.

  14. its musical chairs . Browns , Giants , Cowboys , Panthers all looking for the new HC. sounds like the same 5-10 names will all have names link to these teams. when the music stops we will see who end up where.

  15. getyourownname says:
    December 30, 2019 at 11:34 am
    Pretty sure he will have better options.

    And while I doubt he would stay in Baltimore forever, he’s probably interested in exploring this Lamar Jackson experiment a bit longer.
    For 5 mil a year x 5 guaranteed he might be willing to give up some additional exploration.

  16. It won’t matter Cleveland is curse for the reporter not voting Art Modell in I know he took their team away, but they need to move on, like the Baltimore fans did when the Ravens replaced the Colts

  17. Looks like McCarthy isnt lighting up anyones post christmas wishes. To me a coach who had Favre and Rodgers and got only two super bowl wins from them isnt worth it.

  18. The Browns NEED TO HIRE AN EXPERIENCED HEAD COACH. How dumb are they not to figure this out? They have a team that can possibly win now. Why would they trust it to a rookie head coach again?

    They’re idiots if they don’t hire Mike McCarthy or Ron Rivera.

  19. Roman has had success with QB’s like Lamar and Colin K. Baker is not like either. He is more of a pocket passer. McDaniels might be a better choice for Baker

  20. “tylawspick6 says:
    December 30, 2019 at 11:47 am
    lmao @ greg roman and his high school playbook”

    Laugh all you want tylaw…but Greg’s battering O beat the snot out out of your Pat’s and their ‘smoke in mirrors’ defense…and IF they get by the Titans this week their dynasty will come to a close in KC. But Baltimore would LOVE to see their sorry arses at M&T Bank come January 19th at 3:05 PM…because if they do they will be assured as a LOCK to go to the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami!!!

  21. I don’t doubt Roman is interested in a HC job but why he would be interested in the Browns where he has to go against the QB he helped become who he is twice a year is beyond me.

  22. So I’m not going to pile on the Browns. They have had so much adversity, and frankly bull, to deal with as a franchise (And I am a Ravens fan). But Roman would be a poor pick for them. He is tied to a system, with zero proof that he would be as effective with traditional QB’s as Kap and Lamar. Hiring him as the head coach would be akin to choosing something shiny without regards to fit and context. Baker could be a great QB with a good support system. Roman is not that system.

    I only see him going to a situation like the Arizona Cardinals. That team will A) Sign RG3, or B) Draft Jalen Hurts. If neither of those things go through, then choosing Greg Roman is not much different than hiring any other unproven OC to a HC position.

  23. Roman deserves significant praise for his work as an OC. And like Norv Turner, I think Roman’s success as a very good OC will not translate to success as a head coach.

    On the other hand, Martindale very well can be a good head coach. Since taking over as the DC, Baltimore has excelled because of really good coaching. Rarely any more do they tip off their intentions. Martindale also has the temperament to be a head coach IMO.

    As a Ravens fan, I hope both stay.

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