Cowboys will have no announcement on Jason Garrett’s future today

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Cowboys players talked about Jason Garrett as if he no longer is coach of the team. Garrett, though, will remain in his office for at least another day.

The Cowboys announced they will have no announcement Monday.

Garrett met with Jerry and Stephen Jones earlier in the afternoon.

It still appears the Cowboys will have a new coach for next season. But Jerry Jones said Sunday night that he was on his own timetable, unconcerned about other teams possibly getting a jump on interviewing coaching candidates.

“That doesn’t concern me,” Jones said. “What other teams are doing, I’m not concerned about from a timing standpoint. I’m just not concerned about it. They can hire every name you’ve heard tonight. I’m not concerned.”

Garrett has three postseason appearances in nine full seasons as head coach. For the fourth time on his watch, the Cowboys finished 8-8.

His players, though, always played hard for him.

“He’s been such an inspiration as a coach,” Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’ve learned so much from him. How he handles every situation is unbelievable. His words are powerful. Since the day he became head coach his ability to motivate and stand tall and give us correct perspective has always been unbelievable.”

56 responses to “Cowboys will have no announcement on Jason Garrett’s future today

  1. In what universe could Garrett actually come back and not anger Cowboy fans in droves?

    Just go ahead and do the inevitable. Move on. Garrett will get a coordinator job somewhere for a few years then probably get hired as a head coach again and do well.

  2. Jerry is going to drag his feet on firing Garrett. That way every candidate he would want will be gone, so he can keep the Clapper.

  3. Joke’s going to be on Cowboy fans. Jerry is going to come back tomorrow and say that he saw that job security not being there is why Garrett didn’t make the playoffs, and he’s signed him to a 5 year deal, lol. Happy New Year.

  4. Garrett is a good guy but he needs to be gone. That said, Jerry has only gotten the coaching choice right once—Jimmy. Parcells actually had to ask for the job. At least Jerry was smart enough to say yes. Sean Payton is wishful thinking. Urban Meyer is intriguing but how long will his health permit him to continue? Is Riley any good when he doesn’t have a Heisman-calibre QB fall into his lap? I’m not so sure. Haven’t paid attention to Rhule. 49er’s DC? Hmmm. Don’t know. Vikes HC? No. Regardless, I hope Prescott ends up on a franchise tag so next HC can offer additional input on a long-term commitment.

  5. My guess he’s already been interviewing candidates. If he has zero interest in the names being pumped up by the media then he’s probably picked someone off the radar….

  6. Jerry’s problem is that firing Garrett after this many years makes it clear Jerry was wrong all this time. Jerry doesn’t like to be wrong. But if he keeps him around, he might still be right one day in the future . . .

  7. His players always play hard for him? They were no shows last week against Philly. Where were Zeke and Amari with the game on the line? Standing on the sidelines watching the overmatched Eagles beat their butts.

  8. Well, Jason and Jerry have something in common, their unconcerned about other teams. When Jason made game preparations, he definitely seemed unconcerned about the other team and that’s how the Cowboys played.

  9. Jerry is just waiting for this wknd so he can try to get some media attention as the playoffs are going on. Typical jerry.

  10. Why let this guy twist in the wind? Is Jerry trying to get a few more days of publicity? Just end it. Candidates are watching how you handle this Jerry.

  11. In J.J’s mind he knows it is all Garrett’s fault. By firing Garrett it affirms his twisted view of the World Jerry has created :Cowboy World. The star of Cowboy World is Jerry Jones and it is a great show.

  12. Told you, Garrett is staying put as head football coach. Especially after today, the fact that it was not announced that he would not be back means he’s staying. This franchise is far more entertaining off the field than on it.

  13. They ought to trade Jason Garrett for Dan Quinn straight up. Both are great guys whom the players love. Both are like sons to their attention-loving, palace-building owners. And both are good for 7 or 8 wins per year. It would be an even trade that would breathe new life into both franchises without really changing anything at all. A free pass for three more years of mediocrity and empty hope.

  14. Jerry adopts Jason Garrett and fires Stephon . They then sign Johnny Manziel and cut Zach Martin. Turns out it was Stephon holding the team back.

  15. This tells me he already has a candidate in mind on a staff currently in the playoffs. He can let Garrett walk instead of firing him, save face, possibly prevent Garrett from getting another job and still get the guy he wants.

  16. Jerry is missing a great opportunity (as usual). Garrett wants to coach the Giants, and they are just dumb enough to hire him…fire him now, he gets hired by NY, and there is a division rival you don’t have to worry about for at least 4 years.

  17. No chance JJ keeps Garrett as coach.. He is likley giving Garrett a chance to take a front office position.

  18. JJ has gone from shoot from the hip to missing the bus. He can’t make a decision anymore and he wonders why his team is at home. Obviously doesn’t have a plan except to wait until all coaches are gone and he has to stay with Garrett.

  19. If Jerry fires him he will have no one to blame but himself when the Cowboys go in the tank next year. Which is the same very year.

  20. Garrett’s contract has expired. He is no longer the coach without Jerry firing him. The only action required is for Jerry to resign Garrett if he wants him as coach or other position.

    No idea what Jerry will do but Garrett is free to sign on with any team that wants him. I’d hire him to rebuild a team, he’s good at that. Just not a game day coach.

  21. The only question is which country song is playing where : “Please Release Me, Let Me Go” or : “Stand By Your Man “.

  22. If they bring him back, and I know nobody could care less, but I have to sayi it. if the find a way to keep this guy as head coach I will no longer follow this team. I would be beyond ridiculous. It feels like they are trying to find a way to justify keeping him. MOVE ON !!!

  23. jjbadd385, I agree that Romo would be a wise choice. He has a brilliant football mind. But I doubt Tony would take it. He’s living large and loving it. His family and golf are his passions now and an HC gig would being that to a halt.

  24. This is getting cruel at this point. It’s like someone getting their jollies off by pulling the wings off flies. If Garrett has any self respect, he’d tell Jerry to go “F” himself.

  25. They’re gonna sign Dak to big bucks and that’s what’s going to hurt them the most. This team is so overrated and the HC is the scapegoat.

  26. And you thought the Falcons keeping Quinn was a surprise… Garrett keeping his job will be the most inexplicable decision of this offseason. Similar to Marvin Lewis’s tenure lasting so long in Cincy.

  27. What the heck is Jones doing? This is not a hard decision. It’s this type of emotional attachment that has kept the Cowboys in purgatory ever since Johnson left.

  28. And by the way, Garrett doesn’t need to be fired. His contract is up. The options are to move on or give him a new deal. He’s currently a free agent coach.

  29. His players always play hard for him?

    Not what I see.
    But maybe always doesn’t mean what it used to.

  30. The reality is, the talent just isnt there. The Cowboys are their worst enemy, they hype overrated talent and then overpay.

  31. Sorry, but that’s ridiculous as if you don’t believe the Cowboys have more talent than what an 8-8 record warrants then you simply know very little about evaluating an NFL team’s talent and are dead wrong.

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