Dolphins fire Chad O’Shea

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The Dolphins won’t be making a head coaching change this offseason, but they are going to be looking for a new offensive coordinator.

According to multiple reports, the Dolphins have fired Chad O’Shea. O’Shea joined the staff last year and worked with head coach Brian Flores in New England before coming to Miami.

The Dolphins were 25th in points scored and dead last in the league in rushing during the 2019 season. Their passing numbers were stronger, but it seems Flores wanted to move in a different direction for his second season.

Whether Ryan Fitzpatrick returns or not, that second season may include the acquisition of a rookie quarterback in the first round of this year’s draft. If so, the top priority for whoever replaces O’Shea will be clear.

There are also multiple reports that the Dolphins are moving on from offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo and defensive backs coach Tony Oden.

50 responses to “Dolphins fire Chad O’Shea

  1. I think it is a little unfair to give him the boot so fast. Miami basically cleaned house before the season started, and their running backs couldn’t stay healthy. Miami tried riding the Josh Rosen wave until the offense went off the rails and Ryan Fitzpatrick had to step in. Then they traded away Kenyan Drake for a conditional 2020 pick (which equates to a bag of Doritos). The O-line was a mess too.

    I’d be hard-pressed for offensive production given the hand I was dealt in Miami. But it is what it is I guess. Brighter days are ahead in Miami.

  2. Considering the level of talent the Dolphins had I think that O’Shea did a great job. This seems to be a bad move by the Dolphins, but then again, they are the Dolphins. Every time there is a little bit of hope, the owner does something like this, and the team regresses the following season.

  3. Wait a minute. This guy was in New England last year. Doesn’t every coach that leaves New England go on to win super bowls with their new teams? Charlie Weis, Josh McDaniels, etc? I guess these owners don’t realize when the Patriots hired Bill Belichick they didn’t get him from a super bowl winner. He had just been fired in Cleveland for losing too much. People make fun of Bob Kraft, but he should teach a class in how to hire a coach. Maybe I should be giving these other owners more credit. They’re all making tons of money, and it us, the fans who demand they hire assistants from winning teams. The winning teams have good players, and the losing teams have bad players. Hiring a coach from a good team will only work if he’s allowed to bring the good players with him.

  4. Hahahaha Dolphins being the Dolphins!!! You traded your pro bowl left tackle and any talent you have but expected a good running game after that. Who in their right mind is going to want that OC job. Takes No Talent to be clueless.

  5. beachsidejames says:
    December 30, 2019 at 5:02 pm
    Didn’t see that coming.
    O’Shea was merely a diversity hire. They put Caldwell over/under him with that weird title. This firing simply removes an unnecessary level of coaching management.

  6. Maybe O’Shea was fighting to NOT have Fitz start over Rosen. It’s possible Flores overruled O’shea so many times during the season that it was obvious that he had to be let go.

  7. The Dolphins are trying to change a culture. You bring in Flores from the Patriots and he brings in O’Shea as the OC to help with that change. The somebody fires O’Shea because the Dolphins didn’t score more points. Does anybody realize that got rid of the backs, the ends weren’t healthy, and they traded the best OT. This make no sense unless Flores decided to let O’Shea go.

  8. Mike Shula is the OC/QB coach with the Giants.

    Norvell Turner is the OC for Carolina.

    Freddie Kitchens did a great job as the OC last year with the Browns.

    Maybe McCarthy takes an OC job to get back in the game if he can’t land a HC job?

    A lot of talent for Flores to choose from

  9. After the success Flores has had changing the culture of the Dolphins culminating with yesterday’s result, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest he may have had his reasons for today’s coaching moves and actually know what he’s doing.

  10. This is the problem with rebuilds, you do terribly, have a fire sale as the GM, knowing your job is safe. Then, after you do bad, all the coaches who stuck with you get fired, even though they had to deal with your firesale.

  11. I like it.. no nonsense Flores. There is more to this than what we know. This organization will be just like the Patriots with leaks to the media and personnel decisions kept in house.
    It would not surprise me that Miami trades away Howard after that BS he got himself into
    Miami has some hungry and inexpensive DBs that came to play all season and did not do too bad considering they were all green and rookies and had ZERO pass rush to help them.
    I like what Flores is doing with this team.

  12. There goal every year has been to beat the Patriots, late in the year, in New England and a guy finally does it… and they fire him?

    This seems like an interesting play.

  13. “Jim Caldwell will be Dolphins next OC, he’s healthy now.“

    Jim Caldwell may actually be a head coach next year. Looking back at what he was able to accomplish with a dysfunctional franchise in Detroit it’s downright incredible. A team that needs a stabilizing force, a leader of men, like the Cleveland Browns comes to mind. Say what you want about jim Caldwell, his players respect him and will run through a brick wall for him, and he made the playoffs half of his seasons in Detroit. Yes, in Detroit.

  14. I would imagine this is more of a personality clash than poor offensive rankings. They left NE together and were friends in the old role but maybe O’Shea didn’t respect the new boundaries of his relationship with Flores.

  15. Also I wouldnt be shocked if Belichick doesnt hire him back considering he left to go to a division rival. Might make the other assistants who may leave in the future second guess leaving.

  16. Now things are getting interesting. Miami fans like me have low expectations. The team won five games more than they probably should have and we think all the coaches did great *with the talent they had to work with.*. We make excuses.

    Evidently Flores isn’t making excuses. And he clearly has NE expectations, ie to dominate the division every year, and win the SB two years out of three. In a way this is the most impressive thing he has done all year. It would have been so easy to sit back after the win at NE and say Good job everyone! Things are changing fast around here.

  17. Don’t know what Fitzpatrick’s place in NFL history will be,but what a wild career. No chance at a gold jacket or bust, but maybe a lifetime pass for just gutting it out in every situation with wins.

  18. I can’t understand why the Dolphins would do this. Their offense was finally starting to play good despite the fact they have the worst offensive line in the NFL. The reason the offense wasn’t better was because the running backs had nowhere to run and the quarterback had no protection. So instead of getting better players on the offensive line they fired a really good offensive coordinator.

  19. Maybe McCarthy takes an OC job to get back in the game if he can’t land a HC job?


    McCarthy’s offense is archaic.

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