Jason Garrett again will meet with Jerry Jones on Tuesday

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Jason Garrett met with Jerry and Stephen Jones on Monday, but at the end of the day remained the Cowboys head coach. The sides have another meeting scheduled for Tuesday, David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports.

It is widely expected that the Cowboys will not renew Garrett’s contract, which expires Jan. 14.

Jerry Jones said Sunday night the Cowboys have no timetable and will not have other teams’ coaching searches force their hand.

Despite the Cowboys not making the NFC Championship Game, let alone the Super Bowl, since the 1995 season, and Jerry Jones’ involvement as General Manager, the Cowboys’ head coaching job remains one of the most coveted in sports.

The Cowboys have not had a full-fledged coaching search since 2007 after Bill Parcells retired. Dallas promoted Garrett to the full-time job in 2011 after he went 5-3 as interim coach to close out the 2010 season in Wade Phillips’ stead.

Garrett went 85-67 in his 9 1/2 seasons, making the postseason three times and winning two playoff games.

“I don’t know what is going to happen there,’’ center Travis Frederick said, via Moore. “But today is a big day for reflection. In reflection, I’m very fortunate to have spent the time that I did with coach Garrett. Whether he’s here next year or somewhere else next year, the group of men that he’s going to be in front of will be better men and better players because of it.’’

15 responses to “Jason Garrett again will meet with Jerry Jones on Tuesday

  1. Crazy. Jerruh really can’t do it…my guess is Garrett walks out of tomorrow’s meeting with a one year contract…

    Maybe the Cowboys should hire Skip Bayless to come in and drop the axe.

  2. Seriously? It takes three days to fire the guy? Leave it to Jerruh to drag this out for media attention when the decent thing would be to cut the cord quickly and let Garrett get on with finding a new gig.

  3. For the sake of completeness, the second-to-last paragraph presenting Garrett’s career profile might want to mention that the coach has 1 losing season in 9.5, including that half year when he took over a 1-7 team that would play the rest of the year without starting QB Tony Romo. By the by, Ron Rivera has 6 losing seasons in 9.

  4. Garrett seems really desperate. I would announce that I’m leaving if I were him. Take another opening or a college job. People will respect that he has the balls not to grovel.

  5. Wish it would have worked out. Honestly. But I have full confidence he’ll coach again soon, and when he does, he’ll quickly turn that team into a perennial 8-8 underachiever.

  6. Jerruh is going to hold onto Jason until the 14th or at least until the redskins and esp giants hire their new head coaches. Jerruh is mortified to let him go and have him be more successful against the cowboys in the same division.

  7. A ship without a Captain is a ship adrift with no direction which is what the Cowboys have been for the last 9 years

  8. So does he (Garrett) have to meet with the Owner, Vice President and GM on different days? Oh wait it’s the owner and his kid…Dallas has to turn everything into drama. If your going to move on do so don’t make it out to be a big deal..Other coaches have been let go in 10 minutes.

  9. Garrett is staying as team building coach, Monday through Saturday. Jerruh will be the game day coach/GM.

  10. All kidding aside, Jerruh needs to go away for the good of this franchise and I am not a Cowboy fan at all. While extremely entertaining for those of us who are fans of other teams, the handling of this coaching change decision really highlights the dysfunction of the organization. I don’t know if Garrett is a good coach with a meddling owner or just a bad coach but 9 years in the NFL is an eternity. I would have let him go after the loss to the Bears and I’m a Bears fan. No way they should have beaten the Cowboys as they did and it really wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. The division was so winnable for them and they couldn’t seem to get motivated enough to fight for it. After dragging this out like this, Cowboys management looks even more incompetent whatever they decide to do with Garrett. They sure do love attention and drama – good luck and have patience Cowboy fans, Jerruh can’t live forever, can he?

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