Kyle Shanahan pumped for Robert Saleh getting interview with Browns

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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan remembers what it was like to prepare for a playoff game and then switch gears to prepare for a head coaching interview during a postseason bye week.

That was the position Shanahan was in with the Falcons when he landed the 49ers job in 2017 and he called it a “perfect situation” for defensive coordinator Robert Saleh this year. Shanahan confirmed the Browns asked to interview Saleh and that it is expected to happen at the end of the week in the Bay Area.

Shanahan spent one year working for the Browns, although he said he doesn’t think that will play any role in Saleh’s process.

“I don’t think that has anything to do with the people who are there now.” Shanahan said, via “I’m pumped for Saleh to get this opportunity. And Mr. [Jimmy] and Mrs. [Dee] Haslam are great people and are great people to work for, so we’ll see how the interview goes for them.”

The Browns are the only team that’s known to have requested an interview with Saleh at this point.

9 responses to “Kyle Shanahan pumped for Robert Saleh getting interview with Browns

  1. Robert Saleh is a great defensive co-ordinator. However the Browns need an offensive minded HC who is also a quarterback listener.

  2. They had a coach that was supposed to be offensive minded. They need a coach that is organized, and a leader and here he is. They don’t need a quarterback listener, they need a quarterback that shuts and keeps his pie hole closed and listens!!!!

  3. Eagles have a better record without wentz eagles play much better without wentz so everything orlovsky says is completely false wentz zero playoff wins eagles 5 playoff wins without wentz

  4. I’m all for this — Saleh with Garrett and that defense? He’ll instill the discipline the team needs.

    The Browns don’t need a head coach QB listener (whatever that is) — they need a disciplinarian leader and a real QB COACH (like Zampese was to Baker during the Gregg Williams days)…

  5. This guy better strike while the iron is hot, because that 4th quarter meltdown didn’t reflect well.

  6. If he’s smart he’ll stay put, there will be other teams calling him. Cleveland is where NFL coaching careers go to die

  7. Is he a minority candidate? Maybe rooney rule here. Briwns need to fix that defense but they feel like their offense could’ve been better. It’s not the semi attractive job it was last year. Your walking into high expectations from fans and ownership. Both think the roster is better than it really is. This roster has holes, bad line one good WR jarvis another that’s massively overpaid and makes buisness decisions on the field with low effort , scared to take a hit plays. Obj is not a elite WR. He makes one handed catches and is over rated. If they gave baker a O line and two three good WR he will be just fine. Glad wilks is on his way out the door with Freddie.

  8. with fred warner and deforest buckners abilities, i coulda coached that defense to a good season. warner is a great linebacker. great!

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