Matt Rhule tells Baylor players he’s listening to NFL

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Baylor coach Matt Rhule’s smart enough to know his players have smart phones.

So he decided to discuss his potential jump to the NFL with them personally.

Via Sam Blum of the Dallas Morning News, Rhule had a meeting with his players in New Orleans (where they’re playing in the Sugar Bowl) and was upfront with them.

“He said, if he has an opportunity to talk with an NFL team, it would be kinda dumb not to,” linebacker Terrel Bernard said. “Just for him, personally. We have a veteran team, I think all the guys understand where he’s coming from.”

“He just came in there and told us straight up, what he thought, and what he wanted to do and what was going,[on]” linebacker Jordan Williams said. “He’s just gonna tell us if he makes a decision.”

Rhule himself didn’t talk to reporters.

He’s expected to interview for the Panthers’ vacancy, one of two apparent open jobs at the moment along with Cleveland (with Ron Rivera apparently zeroed in on Washington).

He interviewed with the Colts in 2017, and with the Jets last year, but reportedly backed away over concerns about his coaching staff.