Top 20 spots in 2020 NFL Draft order now set

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Only 12 teams are still in business this morning, which means 20 of them are in full offseason mode.

At least one of them’s on the clock, but perhaps two as the Bengals’ expected selection of Heisman-winning quarterback Joe Burrow from LSU will clear the way for Washington to pick second from a strong field.

The Lions aren’t changing coaches after Matt Patricia won nine games in two years (after they fired Jim Caldwell for going 9-7 all the time), and he’ll have a chance to pick third, followed by the Giants and Dolphins.

The Chargers will pick sixth, followed by the Panthers (who closed by losing eight in a row), Cardinals, Jaguars, and Browns.

The final three picks that we know for now have all been traded, as the Steelers’ 18th pick belongs to the Dolphins (from the Minkah Fitzpatrick deal), the Bears’ 19th pick goes to the Raiders (Khalil Mack), and the Rams’ 20th selection lives with the Jaguars (Jalen Ramsey).

Here’s a look at the order of the top 20 teams. The next four slots will go to the losers of next week’s wild card games:

1. Bengals (2-14)

2. Washington (3-13)

3. Lions (3-12-1)

4. Giants (4-12)

5 Dolphins (5-11)

6. Chargers (5-11)

7. Panthers (5-11)

8. Cardinals (5-10-1)

9. Jaguars (6-10)

10. Browns (6-10)

11. Jets (7-9)

12. Raiders (7-9)

13. Colts (7-9)

14. Buccaneers (7-9)

15. Broncos (7-9)

16. Falcons (7-9)

17. Cowboys (8-8)

18. Dolphins (via Pittsburgh 8-8)

19. Raiders (via Bears 8-8)

20. Jaguars  (via Rams 9-7)

22 responses to “Top 20 spots in 2020 NFL Draft order now set

  1. The Dolphins could have tanked and got the #1 or #2, but in the end; I was more proud of this 5-11 team than the previous much better record teams over the decade. They showed heart with an incredibly horrible roster, they went from 31st in Lowest Penalties to 2nd, they have one of the youngest rosters. They have a ton of FA cash, 14 picks with 5 in the first 2 rounds. Yes, their is plenty of seats on the Dolphins bandwagon if you want to get on.

  2. I have a gut feeling someone is going to make Cincy an offer they can’t refuse to get Burrow. There’s just so much need out there at the QB position, he might be a generational talent and its Cincy. Dolphins have 2 firsts they could offer, and Fitz would be a good bridge to Burrow. Cincy could get Young and the next best QB.

  3. Cincy’s the only team in the top 4 picks needing a QB. Might they let the Lions or Giants trade up for Chase Young, thinking they can still get Burrow at #3 or #4?

  4. Raiders need a WR. With 12th pick I would get one (unless AC Green wants to wear silver and black)

    My current board on WR: 1) Cee Dee Lamb, 2) Jerry Jeudy 3) Tee Higgins 4) Leviska Shenault Jr. 5) Henry Ruggs

    with the 19th pick -Defense- and most intriguing player to metoday (pre -combine) is Kenneth Murray LB- Oklahoma.

  5. I hear the word tank being used a lot when people talk about needing a QB. Look at the NFL’s top teams and where they drafted their QB’s. Baltimore got Jackson at #32. 49ers got Garoppolo in a trade, but he was a 2nd rounder. KC got Mahomes at #10. Drew Brees was a 2nd rounder. Tom Brady was a 6th rounder. Aaron Rodgers went #23. Seattle got Russell Wilson in the 3rd round. Cousins was a 4th round pick. There have been a lot of great QB’s go #1 overall, but a lot of good QB’s were drafted much, much later.

  6. Anyone explain why the Raiders pick ahead of the Colts (12, 13)? The Jets were also 7-9 so I assume strength of schedule is the reason but the Raiders beat the Colts head to head. Just curious….

  7. joetoronto says:
    December 30, 2019 at 7:32 am

    Khalil Mack, the gift that keeps on giving.

    One nation, Raider Nation.


    Khalil Mack changes offensive line schemes. Good luck playing lotto in the draft with a couple draft picks when the Bears got the most feared defender in the league.

  8. Head to head means nothing in determining draft order…ties are broken by strength of schedule. Lowest strength of schedule picks first

  9. All that 2019 did was prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bears front office needs new faces:

    1. Bears in between a rock and a hard place on Trubisky: either the one year option or a new long term contract now have super risks regardless of how he progresses in year 4 and they have no option besides Traubisky for year 4. The Bears could be faced with another Culter long term deal and we know how that went. The search in the desert for a good Bear QB continues.

    2. Mack has been a good addition but no player in today’s NFL (save a QB) is worth the money and draft positions that they gave up for him

    3. Nagy seems unable to fit his system to the players he has rather than the players he would like to have.

    4. The lack of high draft choices for the Bears is going to hurt for a long time. Very tough to build a real winner from free agents and most high draft choices still with the Bears have been a true bust.

    5. No need for a 2020 Bear kicking circus.

    As true Bears fans we can now get back to what we enjoy doing the most:

    1. Complaining about the Bears front office.
    2. Complaining about the Bears coaching.
    3. Complaining about Trubisky.

  10. The Steeler’s got a pro bowl safety for the 18th pick. The cost was 1.1 million this year. 2.0 mil. in 2020 and 2.7 in 2021. I think even Mr.Tebow would find that to be
    pretty darn smart.

  11. Khalil Mack: “most feared defender in the league” says Minnesota Meltdown. Um, he was pretty a non-factor without Hicks and Trevathan. Also, they dumped Jordan Howard for a 7th rounder killing the one-two punch at RB. Bad management.

  12. Don’t screw this up Bengals. You take Joe Burrow and do not trade down. You are not smart enough to maneuver through the draft.

  13. Minnesota Meltdown in Full Swing says:
    December 30, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    Khalil Mack changes offensive line schemes. Good luck playing lotto in the draft with a couple draft picks when the Bears got the most feared defender in the league.


    In the last game of the season, the Vikings played their reserves. Including the OL. Mack’s stats for that game, 1/2 assisted tackle. Most feared defender in the league? lol.

  14. Only way bengals can trade down and get burrow is if they trade down to #3 letting Detroit leap frog Washington for Chase young. I don’t think Detroit would bite on that. Why would Washington trade up to 1 when they know bengals need a QB like the rest of us need oxygen? The very idea of bengals trading down would be classic bengals. If bengals trade lower than #3, they lose out on burrow because Detroit would auction that pick to the highest bidder. The ONLY smart move for the bengals is to sit pat, not overthink it, and draft joe burrow #1. I don’t think they will screw it up.

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