Eric Schaffer will be leaving Washington in May

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Dysfunctional teams, as the saying goes, do dysfunctional things. And the D.C. football franchise continues to put the fun in dysfunction.

Even at a time when things are looking up, given the firing of president Bruce Allen and the hiring of coach Ron Rivera, the team owned by Daniel Snyder continues to do things that induce the dropping of the face into the nearest palm.

On Tuesday morning, word emerged that Eric Schaffer, a long-time employee who holds the titles of V.P. of football operations and general counsel, has been fired. Then, multiple reports emerged that Schaffer hasn’t been fired.

Some have suggested that the report that Schaffer is out has been planted in order to identify leakers. Others have suggested that the report that Schaffer is safe has been planted to identify leakers.

Meanwhile, what’s the truth? It’s this, we’re told: Schaffer will be leaving the organization in May, after the draft.

The reports emerged not as a test of loyalty or whatever but because Schaffer started telling people on Monday that he is out. But the organization plans to keep him around (and to keep him working) through free agency and the draft.

It remains to be seen whether Washington hires a G.M. (or someone with similar authority) before the draft or after it. Either way, the current plan is for Schaffer to stay until May.

Unless, of course, the plans change between now and then.

15 responses to “Eric Schaffer will be leaving Washington in May

  1. Bad move. While most in the front office need to be gone, Schaffer is respected CAP Guru and works well with Agent in executive role. He won’t go long without employment

  2. Yeah, just who you want running your draft. Someone who knows they will be working for another team a month later.

  3. My guess is that he learned he wouldn’t be promoted to GM, even with Allen gone, and so he decided that he’s had enough. Makes me wonder who they do plan to put at GM. I think most fans would have been thrilled with Schaeffer as GM considering his excellent reputation. There aren’t many in the Washington organization with great reputations.

  4. Meanwhile Ron Rivera is thinking “what the hell did I just get myself into?”…..

  5. The irony here is that when Bruce Allen was brought in it was assumed that HE’D be the contract/salary cap guy. Instead, he ditched that part of the job and destroyed the whole franchise in his huge power grab. Shaffer apparently actually did a good job with what Allen should have been doing but still gets fired for it because while you can clean out the whole front office and locker room, you can’t fire a horrible owner.

  6. The reason he got fired is because he and Ron Rivera did not hit it off in their meeting. Snyder is choosing to let him go to please Ron Rivera. All these “Dysfunction” and “I feel bad for Ron” comments are dumb. Same fans thought Dak was having an MVP season at the midway point lmaoo

  7. Actually you and your group tried to break the news on Twitter, got it wrong, and are now back tracking. Own up to your mistake instead of playing scapegoat.

  8. Gotta love the Redskins experts in the comments. Schaffer is a numbers and cap guy. He is not a scout. He is not a pure football guy. Could they have made him team president? Maybe. But it makes no sense for him to be a football GM making decisions, which is what they’ve desperately needed since firing Marty many moons ago.

    Also, while Schaffer seems highly regarded…I’m not sure how you stay in this dumpster organization for that long if you are God’s gift to football. Someone could have hired this dude away with a promotion. While he may not have been the problem for all these years, is he really necessary to the solution? Clean the house. Dan won’t go, so move everybody else out.

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