Giants ask for permission to interview Joe Judge

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Not many special teams coaches get a chance to run an entire team.

But that John Harbaugh guy has turned out OK lately, so others may be getting a chance.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Giants have requested permission to talk to Patriots special teams coach Joe Judge for their vacancy.

The 37-year-old Judge has also coach wide receivers for the Patriots, where he’s worked since 2012. He was previously at the University of Alabama with Nick Saban for three years, so he has been a part of five championship staffs (three with the Patriots and two in college).

It might cause some to roll their eyes, but special teams coaches work with every position group on the roster — at least if the quarterbacks serve as holders — so they have a broad-based understanding of the game that not every assistant does.

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  1. My sister could have gotten 3 wins out of this team.

    Bettcher was a HORROR show. I’ve never seen a Giant’s D so utterly clueless. When Spags came back, they looked lost. But not THIS lost.

    Yes, the Oline is incredibly bad but the D had some decent players (as many has the Jets have, fwiw). That’s the difference between Williams (great D coach…with baggage) and Bettcher…(useless).

    ANYONE (even Jason Garrett) is an upgrade over Shurmur and Company. The ‘and company’ was a fairly large issue.

  2. The Giants are building a good roster, so this guy could actually become the first ex-Patriots coach to become a winner. Winning has more to do with the players than the coaches, unless you’re going to argue that Belichick was getting out-coached when he was in Cleveland.

  3. The wilderness years of the 70s has been repeated – in part because of the cult of Manning that should have dissolved five years ago. How did the Jints get back to relevance? Developing into the best linebacking corps of the 80s (sorry, Bears fans.) The Jints have not made anyone plan for a player or a unit for a very long time – though Armistead and Arrington were close to special. And on offense, everything trended down after Victor Cruz went down.

    Find a Parcells guy.

  4. Some of these teams must just want to pick the minds of the belichick assistants because most of them fail miserably when on there own.

  5. Good special teams coach but look how the patriots receivers played. He was the receivers coach and they were not very good

  6. Three of the current six coaches with teams in the AFC tournament come from the Belichick Patriots School of Coaching. A 4th, Brian Flores, just came in and knocked the Patriots out of the number 2 seed in Foxboro. These men are working at the Pinnacle of the sport. The negative comments are coming from the clueless. Only one team wins the Super Bowl every year, and the Patriots have made it rough on everybody.

  7. But don’t the haters say the Belichick coaching tree is a vine of thorns?


    It’s not hate when based on facts.

  8. Judge has done a terrible job with the receivers with the Patriots.

    Has done a good job with the special teams however.

  9. Richard Nguyen says:
    Judge has done a terrible job with the receivers with the Patriots. Has done a good job with the special teams however.
    Did we not just see linebacker Roberts’ acrobatic catch as a fullback going deep downfield?
    Judge only got the receivers gig this year after OShea left for Miami. The problem’s mainly the heavily patched o-line this year not giving Brady time, and Brady’s playing hurt (no matter how much he denies it) – and the receiving corp’s been a carousel lately. Which wouldn’t be half so bad but for the loss of Develin & Gronk further killing off this patched o-line’s enfeebled run-blocking. However, given time, there’s no reason to believe the receiving corps won’t be up to the special team’s quality. Judge was poss to be Josh’s OC in Indy when Josh was linked to Colts. He also has linebacker coaching experience. I’m not surprised folks are looking at him for HC, but he should do a coordinator stint first, imho.

  10. @streetyson

    The team leagues the lead in drops. They are constantly missing assignments and/or fouling to put him behind in downs. That didn’t happen nearly as much last year (despite similar issues finding quality receiver help). The difference, as you pointed out, is Judge took over the role. Whatever excuses you may have for him, he’s not getting it done as a receivers coach the way he is as a special teams coach.

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