Joe Douglas: If teams call on Le’Veon Bell, I’ll listen

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When Jets head coach Adam Gase was asked at a press conference on Monday if he wants running back Le'Veon Bell back with the team next season, he said Bell was under contract for three more years.

Gase added that he’s not in charge of personnel and that reporters could ask General Manager Joe Douglas that question. Tuesday was Douglas’ turn at the podium for an end of season press conference and the Bell question was one of the first he faced.

Douglas was not the G.M. when Bell signed with the Jets last March, but said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post, that his experience with Bell “has been very positive.” He didn’t make any declarations about how things will play out with Bell this offseason, however.

“If teams do call, I’m going to listen,” Douglas said when asked about the possibility of a trade.

There was trade chatter regarding Bell ahead of the trade deadline and it was clear that Gase didn’t see him as an integral part of the offense over the course of the season. That may signal what the Jets would like to do this offseason, but it remains unclear what kind of market for his services exists around the NFL.

21 responses to “Joe Douglas: If teams call on Le’Veon Bell, I’ll listen

  1. So they’re willing to eat the $17M in dead cap that would hit their books upon a Lev Bell trade? Doubtful.

  2. IS there any position more replaceable than RB these days? Every year, 2nd and 3rd string RBs step up and make serious impact.
    no one knew about James Connor until Bell go hurt. No one knew about Austin Ekeler until he Melvin got hurt. Kamara was OK this year, but L Murray did serious damage also.
    No one knew about much about Miles Sanders until Philly wised up and Howard got hurt. Howard, who was supposed to be a Bellcow in CHI, gets unceremoniously dropped / traded (whatever it was) to Philly. Nick Chubb got to step up last year because Kareem Hunt is a woman beater. Giants draft an all-world talent in the 1st round last year and they have done bupkis with him.

    The days of Emmitt Smith, LT and Priest Holmes are LONG GONE. NO one is going to pay up for Bell, he’s lucky he got what he got, when he got it from NYJ,

  3. Of course he should listen. He should listen to proposals on anyone other than Darnold or Adams. That doesn’t mean he’s going to pull any triggers, but only a fool wouldn’t listen to an incoming call – that goes for any GM on just about anyone other than his team’s two or three most coveted players.

  4. With Bell’s salary, the vast majority of the dimwit GM’s are not even that stupid to give up even a 7th rounder, especially now that Allen is no longer part of the Skins though rumor has it he is off to the Rams to help Snead and they desperately need a RB. The Jets best option is to keep Bell this year and cut him next year or hope a team in the hunt next year gets desperate around the deadline (see previous mention of the Rams).

  5. Sometimes I’m just amazed at the people who run these NFL franchises. I’m a nobody who’s total football experience is Pop Warner and getting cut from my high school varsity team, and even I knew Bell would be a bust free agent signing wherever he went. His unique running style would be difficult to make successful anywhere that didn’t have an offense to accommodate for it, he spent a year away from the game, and he was motivated solely by chasing a contract, and once he had it his play would probably go down.

    Again, I’m not a GM and I saw this. I imagine most NFL teams saw it. But for every Bell there is always one sucker.

  6. According to OTC, a 2020 trade results in Jets 9.5M cap savings & 6M dead money. I’m thinking that a trade will happen based on those numbers. There are a few teams out there that would pay the 9.5M for his services. What will hold up any trade is what the Jets will want for him & what teams might be willing to give up?

  7. The best thing that could happen to Bell would be if the Jets eat some of the salary and trade him. Gase, the quarterback whisperer’s offence was ranked DEAD LAST in the NFL, DEAD LAST.

  8. I think there’s plenty of teams that would like to have them I doubt there’s anyone who would want gase maybe that’s the real problem if we had a coach you know how to use them the offense would’ve been A lot better

  9. Can anyone tell me why Gase even got this Jets job? Flores did a better job when the GM tried to tank than Gase did why trying to build.
    What’s his claim to fame? That he was coached by Peyton Manning?

  10. “So they’re willing to eat the $17M in dead cap that would hit their books upon a Lev Bell trade? Doubtful.”

    What are you even talking about? He has a 3.5 million dollar dead cap hit in 2020.

  11. When will GMs realize that most offensive players, at skill positions, are a combination of the player skills, the O-Line, and the offensive scheme.

    So many players, that look like beasts, do not live up to expectations when they move to new teams. There are some exceptions, but overall, it has as much to do with the team as it does with the individual players.

    Bell benefited from the Steelers great O-Line and Big Ben’s passing skills. Bell has none of that in New York.

  12. JD says:
    December 31, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    “So they’re willing to eat the $17M in dead cap that would hit their books upon a Lev Bell trade? Doubtful.”

    What are you even talking about? He has a 3.5 million dollar dead cap hit in 2020.

    Per Jeff Diamond (a NFL Executive of the Year) this is the Bell situation.
    Douglas surely found out that no other team wants to take on Bell’s contract or his diva personality. The Jets also would have $17 million of dead money if they release Bell in 2020. So this shaky marriage appears to have one more season to run before the dead money is manageable at $4 million in 2021.

    JD, it appears that, indeed, harbaughcalypse was “talking about” the reality of the dead money hit a Le’Veon Bell trade would result in. Just face it, the Jets just blew it when signing Bell. Greedy Bell has no regrets…he was just in it for the money, not team wins. Heck, he would have signed with Cincinnati if the money was right and celebrating all the way to the bank (not celebrating too many wins on the field though).

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