Josh McDaniels focused on Titans, not his many interviews

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There are four NFL head coaching jobs available at the moment, and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ name has been linked to three of them.

But even though the Panthers, Giants, and Browns want to interview him, he still works for the Patriots, which means he has to say that his entire focus is on the next thing in front of him.

In this case, that means Saturday night’s playoff game against the Titans.

“I’m 100 percent fully invested in getting ready for Tennessee and trying to put our best performance of the season out there on Saturday night,” McDaniels said, via Nick Goss of  “We have a lot of work to do. That’s where my focus will be. That’s where it’s at now, and it’ll stay there. That’s the best thing for our team. It’s the best thing for me. We’re one of 12 teams that have an opportunity to compete in the postseason. And that’s the only way I’ll ever do it.”

Perhaps the way they sagged down the stretch, losing to the Dolphins in the finale soured his mood. Or perhaps it was the fact they ranked 15th in the league in total offense (but seventh in scoring), as they never met the standards they’ve set for themselves in the past.

Or he just doesn’t want to talk about job interviews now.

“With all due respect to the question, I’m not even aware of any of that stuff at this point,” McDaniels said. “When that stuff is presented to me or discussed with me or whatever, then we’ll deal with it appropriately. But honestly, it’s pretty easy for me in terms of my formula — I’m the offensive coordinator of the Patriots. We have a lot of work to do. We can improve in a lot of areas to try to get ready for this week. It’s our biggest game of the year against certainly the best team we’ve played. This is a postseason game, so our players deserve that, our coaches deserve that, and that’s what they’re going to get from me.”

And at which point he becomes available, then those interviews will be the thing he focuses on, if the jobs aren’t filled by then.

7 responses to “Josh McDaniels focused on Titans, not his many interviews

  1. Someone should offer him a sweet deal and then when he shows up, take back the offer. Taste of his own medicine.

  2. If Josh McDaniels could bring a 30 year old Tom Brady with him to a head coaching job, he’d be successful. If not, we’ve seen this movie before. I think we’ve seen it several times. It began with Charlie Weis. Even Josh McDaniels played a role. The ending is always the same. I’m not saying McDaniels isn’t a darn good football coach, but I’m also saying Bill Belichick wasn’t getting out-coached when he was losing in Cleveland, and the Patriots continued to win when McDaniels left for a while. Am I the only one who’s seen this movie? It’s been playing for years.

  3. He is focused on getting back the Death Star plans back.
    Darth Belichick is not pleased, so Josh is worried about his neck.

  4. Why would any team be interested in this guy? His only chance at being a head coach was an utter failure. He argued with his players like a petulant child then traded his stars away and took the Broncos from a playoff contender to the basement. Is that the kind of coach these teams want? Meanwhile while he was in Denver the Patriots made Charlie Weis look like a genius coach. We all know how that worked out for him at Notre Dame and Kansas.

    McDaniels has only been successful because he’s ridden BB and Brady’s coat-tails. Of the Patriots’ assistant coaches deserving of a head-coaching gig (Patricia, Flores) McDaniels is the least deserving. That’s even if he decides to show up unlike what he did to the Colts–who are probably glad they have Reich instead of this clown. Any team who hires him will find out the hard way….just like the Broncos did….this guy is a walking disaster.

  5. Josh is a smart guy. He smelled out the stench of lies coming from Indy about Andrew Luck and smartly ran screaming into the night from that rancid franchise.

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