Kyle Van Noy looking forward to playoff “revenge tour”

The Patriots missed out on a first round bye when they lost to the Dolphins in Week 17 and that means they’ll be hosting the Titans on Saturday night.

If they win that game, it will be on to Kansas City in the divisional round and linebacker Kyle Van Noy has found a bright side to that schedule. The Titans beat the Patriots last year and the Chiefs beat the Patriots this year, which has Van Noy in the mood for some payback.

“At the end of the day, we’re in a blessed situation. We’re in the playoffs. We’re one of 12 teams in the playoffs. We have a chance to go on a revenge tour,” Van Noy said, via “What better way to start off than with Tennessee, who we lost to last year. Got big motivation.”

Should the Patriots win twice and the Ravens hold serve, the revenge tour would then move on to Baltimore and another chance to beat a team that beat New England earlier this year. It doesn’t add up to the easiest path to the Super Bowl, but at least the Patriots will be familiar with the teams in their path.