Michael Thomas led the NFL by 33 catches, biggest margin in decades

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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas didn’t just set the single-season record for catches this season. He blew away the field like no other player in decades.

Thomas led the NFL with 149 catches this year, 33 ahead of Christian McCaffrey, who was No. 2 with 116. The gap of 33 catches between the leader and No. 2 is the biggest since 1942, when Don Hutson led the NFL with 74 catches and Pop Ivy finished second with 27 catches.

Passing numbers have risen steadily over the years, to the point where numbers that once looked incredible — like 100 catches or 5,000 passing yards in a season — now look routine. But even in that inflated passing environment, Thomas stood head and shoulders above the crowd.

Thomas averaged an amazing 9.3 catches per game this year. The Saints will be counting on Thomas to catch another nine or 10 balls a game in the playoffs.

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  1. The numbers are just incredible and he catches a very high percentage of the balls that are thrown his way. The amazing thing is his numbers would be awesome even if he played in a dink and dunk offense, but he’s making difficult catches downfield and in traffic half the time. The chemistry between Thomas and Brees is unheard of.

  2. What is so impressive about this feat is that he did this with Teddy Bridgewater holding down the fort for 5 games, AND with opposing teams trying to double team him! Teams literally know they HAVE to double team him and he STILL BEATS WHATEVER coverage that is put on him with EASE.

    He is playing with ALL heart. Some players get lazy after signing massive contracts, Michael Thomas is actually playing even better since he signed his record-breaking deal. This man is a team player and gives 110% effort on the field. Every team would die to have a Michael Thomas on their team.

    I bet he also plays with a massive chip on his shoulder since 5 WRs were taken before him in the 2016 NFL draft (Corey Coleman, Will Fuller, Josh Doctson, Laquon Treadwell, & Sterling Shepard in that order).

    Congratulations on an unbelievable season Michael Thomas. You are appreciated by football fans everywhere (Saints fans especially)!

  3. Whenever you wonder why people keep including Don Hutson on the “greatest WR” lists, think about the fact the SECOND closest guy in completions that year had only 36% of DH’s completions. He could run a 10 second flat 100 yard dash. Best WR EVER.

  4. Michael Thomas will continue, and perhaps even exceed that pace, (for sure in the wildcard round) during the Saints march to the Super Bowl!

  5. Great achievement. I enjoy seeing remarkable athletes like Thomas succeeding like this when you have bacteria like Brown, Beckham, and other selfish players taking away all the spotlight.

    Not only is Thomas an incredible receiver, he is also an amazing role model and community supporter that never makes headlines for negative reasons. This is what the NFL needs and what the young impressionable communities that follow the NFL so religiously need.

  6. It’s tempting to call this the result of Peyton and Brees running up scores and padding stats, but MT is a boss, man. Dude catches damn near everything thrown his way.

  7. Titans tried to cover him with three people on a couple plays in week 16 and he still made the catch. Juked the corner, settled in under the LB and trucked the safety after the catch. This dude is like a Terminator sent from the future to teach humans how to catch footballs.

  8. codylaws says:
    December 31, 2019 at 7:00 pm
    No comparison to the freak Randy Moss.

    Through four seasons of their respective careers:

    Randy Moss: 308 catches, 5396 yards, 53 TD, 56.6% catch rate, 220 first downs
    Michael Thomas: 470 catches, 5512 yards, 32 TD, 78.1% catch rate, 306 first downs

    Moss is better in touchdowns, but Thomas is better in every other way.

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