No resolution on Jason Garrett’s status after Tuesday’s meeting

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Monday saw Jason Garrett meet with Jerry and Stephen Jones about the Cowboys head coaching job, but there was no word from Garrett or the team about his status for 2020.

Tuesday saw the three men gather for another meeting, but the wait for word on Garrett’s future will go on. According to multiple reports, the meeting has ended and there’s no sign that an announcement of any kind will happen on New Year’s Eve.

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that another meeting may take place before anything is resolved. It’s not clear when that meeting might happen.

If the Cowboys do wind up moving on without Garrett, slow playing the call may cost them a chance at some of the candidates currently scheduling interviews with other clubs. That’s apparently not a concern for the Joneses, though, and they’ll continue to operate at their own pace before making a call.

109 responses to “No resolution on Jason Garrett’s status after Tuesday’s meeting

  1. The dog and pony show will continue in Dallas as we wait for Jason Garrett to release his statement. Here’s how it probably went – Jerry told Jason he wanted him to stay on in some capacity, but that he wanted a new head coach, so he probably gave Garrett 2 options. Stay on in a role other than head coach, or go home and write your resignation speech and say that you were offered a reduced role, but have decided to part ways instead. This way Jerry gets to save face and not have to admit that he was wrong in letting Garrett stay so long, and Garrett gets to say he wasn’t fired….A Win Win something Dallas fans haven’t had very much of lately

  2. How is this not an open and shut meeting? You’re fired. Done.

    More chances at utter mediocrity than any other coach in recent history.

    If Jones hasn’t done it by now, I fear for Cowboys fans that it won’t happen.

    Another year of Garrett and hopeless hand clapping.

  3. By the way Jerry Jones is handling this decision, it is clear the performance of the team is directly linked to the owner’s suite. It appears that Jerry is going the way of Al Davis and has entered the zone of senility. This is sad to watch.

  4. His contract is up so all the calls to fire Garrett are wrong — it is either re-sign him or not. He’s not a terrible coach, but the Cowboys need to move on.

  5. Isn’t his contract up? Wouldn’t that mean he can just walk away if he wants, or that the Joneses can just hire someone new without “firing” Garrett? Why is it such a mystery? They don’t have to announce anything, just start interviewing other candidates (if that’s what they want, though I doubt many other candidates will want to deal with GM Jerry).

  6. “Please re-sign him for five more years. Please re-sign him for five more years. Please re-sign him for five more years.” – every other NFC team

  7. This is just that break up that has to happen but the two just won’t sever the ties. You both will find others, its a big world out there.

  8. Hm…could they merely be keeping Garrett on ice to prevent any of the teams with openings from hiring him? After all, their opinion of Garrett is very high, unlike the rest of the planet. They definitely fear him landing with the Giants and getting to play them twice each year.

  9. For all the criticism of Jones as GM he’s actually been right more than he’s been wrong and has built a good roster. But my goodness he has a blindspot for the clapper.

  10. Clearly a business decision to keep this dragging on. The longer it goes, the longer the cowboys will stay the main topic of the media. When they finally make their decision it will be big news as well and the headlines will continue

  11. If Garrett isn’t fired already then he’s not going to get fired. Wouldn’t it be something if Jones gave up his role as GM and gave it to Garrett just so it doesn’t seem like he’s meddling with the team? Then Dallas hires another ‘yes sir’ coach. Jones can then clean his hands and place the blame on his GM and HC.

  12. They’re going to announce it (either a new contract or termination) this weekend, during the playoffs.

    Think of it as Jerruh’s way of participating in the Post Season L O L !!!

  13. Negotiations ongoing for contract???? Hard to believe this is happening. Best thing regarding this draw out…….Skip Bayless is being tortured to no end.

  14. Richard Nguyen says:
    December 31, 2019 at 3:25 pm
    How is this not an open and shut meeting? You’re fired. Done.
    More chances at utter mediocrity than any other coach in recent history.
    If Jones hasn’t done it by now, I fear for Cowboys fans that it won’t happen.
    Another year of Garrett and hopeless hand clapping.
    You can’t fire someone who isn’t under contract for 2020.

  15. Man.. as a Jet fan, and I hate the fact that we are keeping Gase for another year at least. I feel kind of glad, and the Redskins should too, that they aren’t in the Browns or Giants position where they just look dysfunctional and unattractive to the point they likely won’t lure a good coach. Say what you want but the Johnson’s will likely fire Gase at the end of 2020 and let Joe Douglas hire the new coach and look clean.

  16. I told you all yesterday. Jason is not going anywhere. He will be the Cowboys coach next year. It’s a fact. They are trying to work out a extension. Jerry does not care what we fans want. He has proven that for years. Keep spending your money Jerry loves it

  17. Jerry loves the guy. He can’t bring himself to fire him. So he’ll slow play his hand until Garrett’s contract expires on 1/14, then he’ll scramble to make a splash.

  18. re-read kemp13 and bjynch67 and you have the answer. Actually, that is the only “Jones” explanation(s) that fits.

  19. Delays impact his opportunities for other jobs. He’s staying with new assistants that Jones will select. In fact, the hang up has to be sharing the head-coach role with Kris Richard.

  20. The return of Jimmy Johnson to the Dallas Cowboys is imminent. Coach Johnson would fire up this team and take them back to the Super Bowl. Second chances and writing wrongs is American!!

  21. Jones is an obvious narcissist who’s long since been addicted to attention, so I’m not at all surprised to see him dragging his feet on this. Delaying what would seem to be a fairly obvious decision, in part at least, allows other teams to make their firing announcements official and give Jones clear media space for his own dealings.

  22. Forked tongue Jerry is just stalling to draw attention to his Americas team. Not my team for sure. His is playing the media, this is all decided including his next hire. He is not leaving it to chance who his next coach is.

  23. If Jason Garrett wants to find out if he still has his job, he needs to go out and play golf.
    Then Jerruh can send someone out to tell him he’s fired, the way he did with Tom Landry.
    That is still one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen an owner do — fire the great Tom Landry the way Jones did. It was totally classless and typical of Jerruh Jones.
    —- Packers fan.

  24. Jerry loves to talk in the heat of the moment. He claims major changes coming but fact is nothing is going to change except The Best coach on the staff Kris Rich6 won’t be there. And for all of you blaming him for the defense he can only call plays from Rods outdated worn out defense. It was outdated 5 years ago just like Garrett’s offense

  25. All us Eagle and rest of NFC East fans are signing a petition to KEEP Jason Garrett on as head coach and even GM. Also pulling for Dak to get $45 million per year and the Boys to let Cooper go.. he’s horrible (eyes rolling). As a bonus, have Jason Witten call all Cowboys games…he’s the best!

  26. It is not like he will be fired. His contract is up cause this was his last year of his contract. However, they should make a decision about Garrett cause it is true that all of the top candidates will start interviewing with other teams. The problem for the Cowboys is that any top candidate would be crazy to take the Cowboys job because they would be micro managed in every aspect. Until Jerry decides to take a back seat and let the coach be in control they will continually be an 8 to 10 win team every year which is shameful given all of the talent that the Cowboys. Take the Steelers this season for example. The Steelers skill positions on offense were at most in their third year. At times the Steelers offense looked like players you would see in the fourth game of the preseason and yet they won the same number of games as a team with all of that talent.

  27. Garrett will assume a front office position. Likely VP/Director of Player Personel. McCarthy will be head coach.

  28. There are a lot of potential reasons for this. One obvious one that comes to mind is they are discussing possible different roles for Garrett in the organization.

    Someone above mentioned GM, and I’ve speculated on this before too. It would allow Jones to have someone compliant in the role who is also keenly aware of team & player dynamics. Would save face for Garrett and give him a new career path. Maybe they’re giving him some time to decide.

    As for other coaches they may be missing in the meantime – who are they, exactly? I have yet to hear one sure-fire name anywhere. Frankly the state of coaching today looks pretty terrible to me, all around.

    They need someone with the killer instinct, like Johnson had and someone like Pederson now approaches. I think the Jimmy Johnson model – an alpha type well connected in the college world – could work again.

  29. All I know is I’m beyond sick of being force fed them on TV every week no matter what. I’m two states and 800 miles from Dallas. Show me some other teams.

  30. Relax … it takes awhile to negotiate a new long term contract , the clappers ran out this year. 😀

  31. Jones either already got the HC lined up with Garrett negotiating to be part of the org OR Jones has decided to keep Garrett another year and is outlining the terms. Either way, Garrett isn’t leaving Cowboys this year. Jones would have already pulled the trigger f that was the case.

  32. What does Garrett do anyway? In the worsa of one of the Bobs from Office Space …

    “What would you say you DO here?”

    Is he a quiet but brilliant xs and os strategist like Belichick?

    Is he a speechmaking master motivator like Bill Parcells?

    Is he a QB whisperer like Sean McVay?

    Because otherwise he reminds me of another zombie who once presided over some Rams teams of the 80s that were so good, I would be left asking myself at the untimely end of every one of their seasons: “what’s wrong with the Rams?”

    And the answer hit me. It’s John Robinson.

  33. Jerry doesn’t have to fire Garrett. Garrett’s contract expires on January 14.

    Until then, Jones can look for other Head Coaches. Garret will no longer be an employee after January 14. Jones may want Garrett in the Front Office, but he is toast as the Head Coach.

    The only questions is……What good Head Coach will want to work for a man that can overrule every decision he makes?

    The Cowboys will be mediocre until Jerry gives up control of the team or allows someone else to be a GM with the freedom to make all decisions.

  34. We all know it’s because Jerry just can’t let go of people. With the team they’ve put together they should’ve won the east by six games this year.

  35. riggo08 says:
    December 31, 2019 at 3:30 pm
    His contract is up so all the calls to fire Garrett are wrong — it is either re-sign him or not. He’s not a terrible coach, but the Cowboys need to move on.

    127 20 Rate This


    His contract isn’t yet up… it expires on Jan 14th or two weeks from now.

    So, Jerry could fire him at any point before his contract expires… Now, if Jerry hasn’t yet fired him by Jan 14th, THEN his contract is up…

    But, right now, Garrett IS still under contract with the Boys…

  36. Patricia, Marrone, Gase, Nagy, this is the year of keeping the loser HC’s so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Boys kept Garrett!

  37. Jerry Jones is an unassailable clown. He won’t fire Garrett cause there isn’t anyone else out there that will allow him to continue his parade of rapacious self-aggrandizement. The cowboys will never win a super bowl while he is alive because his egoistic quest to prove he can win a super bowl on his own is more important than the interests of the team itself. It still eats him alive that it was Jimmy Johnson that won all those Super Bowls, not him, so the charade of tragic self-delusion marches on, and the fans are victims of his Homeric level hubris. What a pathetic lizard this guy is.

  38. Wake up people Jerruh doesn’t have to say anything and just let his contract expire, and Garrett can wait till that happens and look for another job.

  39. Is it that hard?
    He has an expiring contract so there is no firing. There would be a contract negotiation if they opt to keep him. They have not agreed.
    They also are not going to announce they want him, then fail to come to a deal.
    Meanwhile I’m sure they have other options considered.
    they Should want to know if that option is viable before moving on?

    Garrett of course wants a long term deal at the best possible $$$.

    They should move on. It’s better for the Cowboys and probably better for Garrett. But neither wants to end up with a situation they don’t want.

  40. But what are they gonna do about his status, isn’t he already free to do whatever he wants? Unless he’s offered a new contract he can start interviewing with other teams.

  41. I wonder how much PTO Jason has left? He might want to use that before his contract expires on the 14th and hopefully avoid more meetings with the Jones.

  42. Garrett is an average coach at best. Just look at his record. That’s screams mediocrity. The Cowboys have the talent on the field, to least win the east every year. So why don’t they? A lot of that is coaching and schemes.

    Jerry has a decision to make. Does he want a coach that allows Jerry to have the final say on about everything, or hire a coach that is capable of winning a Super Bowl.

    Since Garrett contract is up on the 14th, it would be easy to either give Garret another contract or release him outright. Only Jerry knows why he seems to be stalling doing either. There are many NFL HC positions available this year. If your not keep Garrett, a nice thing to do is release him so he can interview for another job. So I’m thinking Jerry will keep Garrett and their negotiating over money and contract length. That thought makes me ill.

    Garrett’s style is not capable of winning a Super Bowl which means the Cowboys will continue to about a .500 team despite all the talent the ‘Boys have. I’m starting to feel ill again!

  43. It’s like a Band-Aid. It is sometimes better to rip it off quickly so you can get through the pain faster. The solution to this soap opera is to find a new HC and GM/owner. A fancy stadium and being good decades ago doesn’t translate into wins today.

  44. Garrett has a .625 winning percentage in the last 4 years with a 4th round rookie qb and a meddling owner. How many teams out there would take that? A LOT!!!

  45. He’s keeping Garrett, there is no upside to waiting until the 14th for his contract to expire. Doubtful that anyone, even the Giants will want to him and by then all the better candidates will be hired or deep into the interview process. Anybody with any class will not talk to the Cowboys until Garrett is dismissed. The only reason that makes any sense at all is that he is keeping Garrett as head coach.

  46. He sure had no problem firing Tom Landry, Maybe the relationship goes a little deeper than it appears to the naked eye.

  47. A team with Super Bowl talent that will never reach the big game with Garrett at the helm. Jettison him before its too late.

  48. It’s really very simple. Jason Garrett can’t say anything. He’s under contract until January 14th.
    Jerry is making it so no team especially the Giants, now that the Redskins made a hire, can offer Garrett a contract.
    Jerry is vindictive if he doesn’t get his way.
    As soon as NYG hire a head coach Dallas and Garrett will mutually part ways.

  49. Fire the coach and the owner. Then lets stop the incessant media hot air over this team until they do something good on the field, if that is even possible.

  50. Jerry: “Coach, I don’t think you are the right man to lead this team.”
    Jason: “Of course, you are absolutely right Mr. Jones, Sir.”
    Jerry: *Hmm, this guy is clearly very intelligent, maybe he _is_ the right man to lead this team.*

  51. Had enough of this. It will happen and we’ll look forward to a new coach or it will not and will follow the Niners. Why in all heaven and hell is he still employed, 9+ years of mediocrity hasn’t been proof enough. Jones better make the right call on a new coach or he’ll go to his grave a complete failure as a GM. Which by the way he has been since jimmy took off.

  52. The fact that Garrett himself is not racing out the door to look for another job says a lot. !!!!

  53. If Jerruh thinks Garrett is an incompetent coach why would he care if the Giants hired him. Wouldn’t he want Garrett to go there? If he is indeed afraid of getting shown up by Garrett with New York, then that is pathetic. This argument makes no sense to me, any coda he with an ounce of dignity wouldn’t talk to Jones until it was crystal clear that the Cowboys were done with Garrett as a head coach and the longer this drags on, the less clarity there is for a potential coach who is not desperate.

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