Report: 49ers bringing back Earl Mitchell

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The 49ers are reportedly bringing back a familiar face to flesh out their defensive line for the postseason.

Matt Barrows of reports that the team is signing defensive tackle Earl Mitchell to their 53-man roster. Mitchell played for the 49ers in 2017 and 2018.

Mitchell signed with the Seahawks in July, but failed to make the cut to 53 players in August. He announced his retirement in November, but it seems having a team interested in his services has led him to reconsider.

Mitchell appeared in 30 games for the Niners the last two years. He recorded 61 tackles and a sack.

The 49ers have lost D.J. Jones, Jullian Taylor, Ronald Blair and Damontre Moore to season-ending injuries on the defensive line this season.

7 responses to “Report: 49ers bringing back Earl Mitchell

  1. Now if somehow we can get Dee “hamstrung” Ford back on the field the Defensive front will be much better off. And if Kwon Alexander comes back for a possible NFC championship game…. look out!

  2. I know that the NFL like to brag about how they reduced injuries, but it sure as heck doesn’t look like it to me.

    It seems as if more teams are decimated by injuries than ever before.

    Virtually every team has had many players lost for a lot of games…or the season in many cases. The Eagles lost all of their starting WRs and RBs.

    I wonder if the NFL is playing fast and loose with their injury “statistics”

  3. I’m not reading anymore articles from you commies. Trying to soften up the refs for next matchup when really there was nothing controversial about the game other than Wilson’s illegal forward pass that was called a td, the obviously cheap 15 yard call on Garland, the extra yard 1st down spot given to seattle wr near the goalline late in the 4th, the huge block in the back during Seattles kick return, the giant shove in the back to fred warner right at the point of contact in the blocking gap that sprung lynch for his only big gain, any and every play where OL either hand two handfuls of Bosa jersey or a chokehold of buckner from behind. The whole game went Seattles favor and the no OPI call at the end was a very smart call because Warner also held to no get pushed off and allow separation in the EZ.

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