Report: Giants to interview Mike McCarthy this weekend

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Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was one of the first names linked with the Giants after they fired head coach Pat Shurmur on Monday and it appears he isn’t the only former NFL head coach on their radar.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants are expected to interview former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy this weekend. McCarthy has already met with the Panthers and the Browns are reportedly interested in speaking with him as well.

The Giants handed McCarthy a pair of memorable losses while he was the head coach in Green Bay. They went into Lambeau Field and beat the Packers 23-20 in the NFC Championship Game after the 2007 season to end Brett Favre’s time with the Packers. They went on to win the Super Bowl and got another road win over a 15-1 Packers team as part of their run to another title after the 2011 season.

The Giants have requested interviews with McDaniels, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and Cowboys defensive passing game coordinator Kris Richard. They are also said to be interested in Baylor head coach Matt Rhule, who will be coaching in the Sugar Bowl on Wednesday.

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  1. Can’t hire McCarthy – he’s too closely tied to Ben McAdoof. If gettleman even brings him in to interview gettleman should be fired.

  2. McCarthy is the perfect guy to come in and work with a young QB and get a n offense humming. His filed management – when to throw the flag, use of timeouts, etc. is where he needs someone else on the sidelines or in the booth watching the clock and making the right calls on 2 PT conversions, time outs, and challenges.

  3. The last person I would waste time on is McDaniels. He was a bust in Denver, accomplished nothing with the Ram (in St Louis during a short period) and now NE is having problems with their offense. He wants the job after Belichek retires as is only using other to bolster his standing with NE. The question for the Giants regardless of who is the coach will be who is acquiring the talent?

  4. If McCarthy get the job, we can only hope that this quarterback doesn’t turn out to be a spoiled,entitled brat like the last one he coached.

  5. I think McCarthy to Giants makes a ton of sense. Though if I were him, I’d probably prefer the Cleveland job.

  6. scoreatwill – Can’t blame McDaniels for all of Patriots offensive woes. It’s not like he has a lot of weapons to work with.

  7. LOL at the McCarthy hate. I’m not a Packers fan, but the record speaks for itself. You can say “only one SB title with Rodgers”, but the fact is he was often saddled with very mediocre rosters and one player can’t win Super Bowls by himself.

    Eight 10 win seasons in twelve full seasons coached. At least 20 teams in this league would KILL for that kind of consistency. Give it a rest. The man has earned a second chance.

  8. LOL at the McCarthy hate. I’m not a Packers fan, but the record speaks for itself.

    It does indeed speak for itself.

    Go count the number of catastrophic playoff losses. Losses almost isn’t a fair term. He redefined the word.

  9. aarons444 says:
    December 31, 2019 at 10:21 am
    LOL at the McCarthy hate. I’m not a Packers fan, but the record speaks for itself.

    It does indeed speak for itself.

    Go count the number of catastrophic playoff losses. Losses almost isn’t a fair term. He redefined the word.

    Teams with lousy rosters that probably shouldn’t be in the playoffs in the first place tend to suffer catastrophic losses when they somehow get there anyway. Doesn’t change my point.

  10. For years we have heard about how great Brady and Belichick are, they could raise the play of the rest of the team. Now we need to cut them a break becauae they don’t have enough talent? Pats fans are just too much

  11. Can’t see MM doing well in the New York spotlight.


    That’s a fair point, especially if you consider that he chose to live in Green Bay after the Packers fired him.

  12. Giants fans — warning about McCarthy: if you were getting the Mike McCarthy of his early years, I’d say good hire. But you’d be getting the Mike McCarthy of his later years when he was horrible. So I’m warning you — as a long time Packers fan — he will drive you nuts if your Giants hire him.
    Here are three things you better get used to if he’s the Giants’ man:
    1. He says “obviously” in every answer. It’s as annoying as when Eli says, “you know” in every sentence.
    2. He will say every year, “we are going to run the ball” then he will call 2/3 of the plays as passes.
    3. He will never take any responsibility for anything his team does which is his fault and he always say after every loss, “we have to execute better” and “our pad level was too high”.
    The best thing the Packers did was get Ted Thompson out of the GM job and Mike McCarthy out of the head coaching job.

  13. “If McCarthy get the job, we can only hope that this quarterback doesn’t turn out to be a spoiled,entitled brat like the last one he coached.”

    MM could not make the playoffs with Rodgers as his quarterback in ’17 and ’18 with that so called entitled brat at qb yet the Packers go 13-3 in ’19 and get a first round bye under a new ROOKIE head coach.gee maybe Rodgers being upset with MMs play calling had a hell of a lot of merit after all.good luck Giants if you hire MM as your coach,you will need it.

  14. As for Josh McDaniels, he deserves another shot as a head coach. He was in over his head at Denver. His next act will show his real coaching ability.

  15. By next weekend, MMc will be a HC In the NFL again. Book it. NYFG, CLEV most probable.

    But if I were Mrs Ford or Mrs McCaskey, Id think about how to get this guy to replace your current two bit HC.

  16. Sheesh. Give the Patriots a break. They can’t win it ALL EVERY year. They just won 3 of 5 and came close to winning 4 of 5. Ten years earlier they had won 3 of 4.

    The only other franchises of the SB era to do something like this is the 4 of 6 Steelers and the 3 of 4 Cowboys. Dynasties need a break after a certain period. But it’s not like the bottom fell out here. The Patriots won 12 games and will host a playoff game. They’re in the tourney.

  17. From a Packer fan perspective, I feel sorry for any team that might hire McCarthy. He’s an egomanic and more to the point, not a very astute football coach.

    He was blessed with a ton of talent and not one but two HOF QB’s and in 13 years, brought home a single Lombardi Trophy. Look it up, most of his wins (in fact, nearly all of them) came with a lead at half time. His inability to make in-game adjustments is maddening. He routinely throws his coaching staff under the bus is legendary. He fancies himself a QB guru but when Rodgers got hurt, his replacements didn’t perform well at all despite being with the Packers for mulitple years.

    I would hate to see what his team would do without a HOF QB, probably not much better than the previous coach of the team. He is not the answer unless the question is, How do I get the highest draft pick next year?

  18. The Giants better sign him before the Vikings do.

    The Vikings are trying to trade Zimmer to Jerry in Dallas for a pick. Classic MN timing right ahead of a playoff game. True story.

  19. McCarthy hasn’t been vacationing since his firing last year. He dedicated himself to making his coaching better. Yes, his offense became stale in his last couple years in GB and he always had an unhealthy loyalty to assistants — Capers, Slocum, etc. — that should have been gone years earlier but I believe we’ll see a different coach who has corrected previous problems when he takes the field in New York. I am confident McCarthy will be at least as good as Reid 2.0.

  20. I’d like to see how MM does in Cleveland — seems like a better fir than NY. If the guy has changed his ways schematically maybe he can succeed; however, if owners look at his last 3 years wasting Rodgers’ career in Green Bay, he may have a justifiable uphill climb. This may be the one time this Viking fan defers to the cheesers expertise on an NFL matter (well, other than the genius above with the Vikings perpetually on his mind buying the Zimmer trade rumors).

  21. McCarthy winning only one Super Bowl can be attributed to lack of talent especially on defense. When he had a top 5 defense in 2010 he won (with a 9-7 ream). Ted Thompson failed the Packers by relying mostly on the draft to stock the roster. His last 3 drafts were horrible. When he dipped into free agency (Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett, Howard Green), the Pack won a Super Bowl.

    McCarthy is partly to blame for the epic collapse in Seattle in 2014. But his fault is just one of ten failures in that game. Any one of which if it didn’t happen the Packers would have won.

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