Ryan Pace: Mitch Trubisky our starter, no decision on 2021 option

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It was a disappointing season for the Bears across the board and one of the biggest disappointments was the lack of growth from quarterback Mitch Trubisky in his third season.

While Trubisky did not progress as hoped, General Manager Ryan Pace said that the team isn’t thinking about making a change involving their starting quarterback. Pace said at a Tuesday press conference that the team remains confident in Trubisky and believe that can improve over the player that he is right now.

Pace was also asked whether the team will exercise its option on Trubisky’s contract for the 2021 season. That option is guaranteed in the case of injury and can be rescinded before the start of the 2021 league year.

If the Bears are going to stick with Trubisky as their starter with the belief that he can get better, it would stand to reason that they’d also exercise the option because they’d want to realize the rewards of that improvement for more than one season. For now, though, Pace says the team hasn’t come to that conclusion.

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  1. Looks like another 8-8 7-9 season at best. Trubisky is nothing but a backup. Ryan Pace just cant admit he traded up for a bust and then traded way too much for disappearing act Mack.

  2. One of the biggest mistakes GMs make is trying to make their draft picks work out. Waiting too long to cut the chord. In year three, Trubisky could barely beat the Vikings B-squad last week. What more do you need to know about the guy? I get the idea of backing the guy now, but they better bring in a plan B if they are at all serious about winning next year.

  3. Hmmm so first you design your offense around a TE, and then have zero production from the TE position. But yea, blame the QB.

    Then you want to pass 70% of the time, but your O line can’t pass block, your RG is broken since training camp, your LG so bad you move him to C mid season, and C to LG. But yea again, blame the QB.

    You draft one of the top RBs in college and refuse to run the ball, and even when you try, your O line can’t move anyone, so your offense is severely limited, but again blame the QB.

    You finally decide to help your QB by running the offense to his strength and he goes on a 6 week run where its plain to see that he gets better each game and shows that he can play the game, but again blame the QB.

    Pace is a professional scout and knows football. I can almost be certain the bears draft a for sure TE game breaker, some young stud OG and probably another D lineman/Pass rusher. The rest depth at those positions that broke down this year. It will do wonders having a legit TE in this offense because the entire offense is based on that one position.

  4. As expected. The commitment to mediocrity continues. There are very few late bloomers in the NFL. By the time a guy has completed 3 seasons you pretty much know what you have and what the Bears have in Trubisky isn’t enough. But Pace, who hitched his wagon to not only the wrong QB but a bad coach, appears content to go down swinging with the guys he’s chosen. With that mindset and the Bears having very little draft capital, I expect nothing but the most cosmetic of changes this offseason and a 6 or 7 win 2020 season, with luck.

  5. Stop treating him with kid gloves. Bring in some competition and let chips fall where they fall. Look at the Titans. Just because you’re a high draft pick doesn’t mean you can play. I just don’t see Trubisky having the “it” factor. The eyes don’t lie.

  6. Yeah the guy who spent a 2nd round pick on a D3 TE who has been a total bust, is going to fix that in April by finding the next George Kittle. I wouldn’t bet on that. Pace has found some decent role players in the mid rounds and as UDFAs but his record with 1st and 2nd round draft picks leaves much to be desired. The guy simply doesn’t know what top tier talent looks like.

  7. All that 2019 did was prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bears front office needs new faces:

    1. Bears between a rock and a hard place on Trubisky: either the one year option or a new long term contract now have super risks regardless of how he progresses in year 4 and they have no option besides Traubisky for year 4. The Bears could be faced with another Culter long term deal and we know how that went. The search in the desert for a good Bear QB continues.

    2. Mack has been a good addition but no player in today’s NFL (save a QB) is worth the money and draft positions that they gave up for him

    3. Nagy seems unable to fit his system to the players he has rather than the players he would like to have.

    4. The lack of high draft choices for the Bears is going to hurt for a long time. Very tough to build a real winner from free agents. the high draft choices still with the Bears have been little to write home about.

    5. No need for a 2020 Bear kicking circus. Not much of a 2019 highlight

    As true Bears fans we can now get back to what we enjoy doing the most:

    1. Complaining about the Bears front office.
    2. Complaining about the Bears coaching.
    3. Complaining about Trubisky.

    PS: The press conference just confirms the above

  8. pvwashington….you nailed it on this one. Couldn’t agree more. What are your thoughts on a new OL coach? That run blocking was the worst I’ve seen from any team in the league (minus the dolphins).

    Also, I do think a legit late QB draft pick in camp wouldn’t hurt

  9. Why do people even make the comment on mack disappears in games…..you obviously dont watch bears games, maybe football all together…..he gets straight up double and triple teamed on every play….offenses gameplan for him for a reason….its leonard floyd who disappears in games, he should be capitalizing from playing opposite of mack

  10. Pace just showed that Trubisky is the sword he’s willing to die on. Fine. Both should get one more year. Playoffs or fired. And they should be told that. Zero excuses at this point. They’re both already on borrowed time.

  11. I told you he was no good. Bears fans don’t want to admit what the results of the eye test show. Their team is just going to get worse, not better.

  12. Mack does det double and triple teamed at times but not ALL the time. “Disappear” is appropriate.

    Look at what CHI is paying and gave up for him. Now measure his production against what Green Bay is paying the Smiths. AND they used zero draft picks to do so.

    Mack is a great player that doesn’t impact every game he plays in. ROI hasn’t been worth it, compared to alternatives.

    That’s on Pace.

  13. Trubisky isn’t that bad. He 100% completely owns the Lions and also swept the Vikings twice. The problem is the TE position, OL and Nagy’s play calling.

    Akiem Hicks is their best player, but one thing for sure, Trubisky owns the Lions!

  14. I sat at last Sunday’s game fully expecting the Bears to crush the Vikings scrubs, and was surprised to see a competitive, albeit boring game. I am not saying my favorite team is all that great, cause it isn’t, but I could not have been less impressed with the Bears. I didn’t think their play calling was creative, Trubisky remains a one read and inaccurate QB, and the Bears front 7 was porous (at least that was expected without Hicks and 2 starting LBs). This team has talent, but one thing is crystal clear — Trubisky is not a starting caliber NFL QB, and after 3 years, he is what he is. It’s not his fault he was drafted that high and picks were given up for him, and he seems like a good guy, but that shouldn’t be the reason to start him in 2020.

  15. Could be worse, at least Mitch hasn’t been there for 11 years and has no playoff wins.

    Look at Matthew Stafford and the Lions and how awful and disappointing that 63 years 10s3r streak is……

  16. Good move. I am not the biggest fan of Pace, but this shows that he’s owning up to the fact that Trubisky was not surrounded with the best talent on offense. The O-line was crap and the running game suffered as a result. No tight ends to speak of. Why are we quick to forget that?

    I think it’s just the trendy thing to bash Chicago quarterbacks the moment chinks in the armor show up. I mean, come on bruh. He had 1 year in college, unlike Patrick and Deshaun. I hear these former Bear players saying there’s no way he’s the guy because he’s not able to elevate this offense but how would you know that? Doesn’t he need more seasoning? Better coaching? More talent surrounding him? Isn’t that what Patrick and Deshaun have?

    Oh you know what else the have? The benefit of playing in weaker divisions.

  17. TrubiskyIsGarbageAndTheBearsShouldHaveDraftedMahommes says:
    December 31, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    I told you he was no good. Bears fans don’t want to admit what the results of the eye test show. Their team is just going to get worse, not better.


    You also say a lot things about the Lions that never come true. The salt from the second sweep still stings. Get ready for the third consecutive sweep next season from the QB that you have an unhealthy obsession with, that OWNS YOUR LIONS!

  18. Trubisky has the leadership and personality qualities you want in a QB. That and the fact Pace drafted him are the reason the Bears will give him another year. Problem is MT lacks the ability to read defenses or throw an accurate ball over 10 yards. The only way Chicago will be able to win with MT behind center will be to hide him by running the ball a lot more.

  19. With all due respect to Blake Bortles, Mitch is Blake’s clone. Both can run a little bit, and are able to get into a little rhythm in up-tempo situations. But both have trouble with a vertical passing game, are inaccurate, and are too locked into the primary receiver. Result? Back-up QB’s at best. Mitch is a good guy and wants to do well – no doubt. But one year a starter at a basketball university equals second-day draft pick. Sure hindsight is 20-20, but Pace’s willingness to overpay for guys he really likes will do him in as well.

  20. crossfade1 says:

    December 31, 2019 at 11:49 am

    pvwashington….you nailed it on this one. Couldn’t agree more. What are your thoughts on a new OL coach? That run blocking was the worst I’ve seen from any team in the league (minus the dolphins).

    Also, I do think a legit late QB draft pick in camp wouldn’t hurt

    Nah Heinstand is one of the best OL coaches in the game. The problem is what are the bears? A power running team, Or a Finesse passing team. Each requires to different set of O linemen. So the OL coach can only do so much unless a commitment to either is made. If they want to be like KC then they have the wrong RT, RG, and C. They need OL who have quick feet, athletic with short area quickness. Whitehair at LG could work but he has to get better at moving his feet. He reaches too much and gets beat because of it. Daniels can be a good C but he needs to get in the weight room starting tomorrow.

    Biggest thing as far as run blocking is going to be Nagy. He needs to go watch some of the raiders formations when they went to the superbowl and how they ran the ball. It was the same offense KC runs but the formations were the reason they were successful. And Nagy also needs to stop running cohen like hes a powerback, and start using him as a decoy. The league is on to him.

  21. pvw and cagosis are right on the money. We don’t really know about Trubisky because the play calling of Nagy and the O-line was poor, even last year. 50/50 at best on Trubisky but nobody knows yet. Next year is the key, if he doesn’t show more then it will be time to move on. I agree with drafting a quarterback or bringing in a veteran for competition.

  22. Sorry to see guys fired but it was the right move.

    Trubisky played comparable to Rodgers (he sucks this year) and Trubisky is a lot cheaper. You’re 13-3 and only beat 3 teams with winning records. Chiefs (without Mahomes) and Vikings (we swept them, too).

    Vikings? Cousins finally putting up stats (better than Rodgers) and hasn’t done anything. Laugh at Trubisky as a rookie with or without the option but we swept you guys. And he’s 4-0 the past two years.

    Lions. You get a pass.

    Stay consistent. Get a TE and some lineman.

  23. What is the fascination with Cohen? He’s not a workhorse back; You traded him (Jordan Howard) to the Eagles for a 5th. Watching Watson & Mahomes makes me almost physically sick recalling that we should have had one or the other of the new Brady/Manning combo.

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