Cardinals, Lions, Broncos, Jaguars, Steelers can be forced to do Hard Knocks

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When no teams volunteer to appear on Hard Knocks, the NFL forces someone to do it. This year, five teams meet the criteria to be told they’re on the annual HBO documentary show whether they want to be or not.

The Cardinals, Lions, Broncos, Jaguars and Steelers all can be required to do Hard Knocks. Most years no team volunteers, so one of those teams is likely to be the subject of the show in August of 2020.

To get out of doing Hard Knocks, a team has to have a new head coach, or have been in the playoffs within the last two years, or have previously appeared on Hard Knocks within the last 10 years. A team that doesn’t fit into any of those categories can be required to be on it.

At Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s year-end press conference, it was pointed out to him that his team is one of the five. Although he didn’t have much to say about it, he did acknowledge that the Steelers might be told, not asked, to appear on the show.

37 responses to “Cardinals, Lions, Broncos, Jaguars, Steelers can be forced to do Hard Knocks

  1. Hopefully the Pack never get stuck in that mess that nobody really watches. Do they?

  2. They will probably force the Steelers, because they’re loved by people outside the Pittsburgh market. But I think it would be hilarious to force Detroit. That’s a messy situation.

  3. The Lions should be FORCED to fire Bob Quinn. When you look at his draft picks, FA signings and coach’s record versus the previous regime’s, he is absolutely atrocious.

    Hand picked by “league consultant” Ernie Accorsi. Could there be a bigger joke of a GM in the NFL?

  4. Does anyone even watch this? If they had actually aired what was really going on with AB last year in Oakland, maybe some would tune in this year. Hard Knocks needs to just fade off into the sunset.

  5. I would say Steelers or Broncos. We never usually see teams of their ilk on these shows.

  6. It’s total BS the NFL forces teams to participate against their will. It’s nothing more than a stunt to get HBO more subscribers in the city that is chosen. Is there really any other legitmate reason???

  7. No way Goodell forces the Steelers to so Hard Knocks. It would be far too much exposure of how vastly incompetent Mike Tomlin is as a head coach

  8. I like hard knocks, and I think the steelers would be great, and I also think the Cardinals would be enjoyable, and the Lions have some great players, but Patricia falling from the Belichick tree would be weird.

  9. Like the Cowboys and the Raiders, the Steelers have a global fan base so it makes sense from a viewership point of view to go with them.

    Ratings for regional fan bases like the Lions, Broncos and Jaguars would be abysmal.

  10. I vote for the Lions. 1 playoff win since 1957, that’s 62 years of hard knocks. That even proves the theory about the blind squirrel wrong.

  11. But I would like to see Patricia get to team meetings late and generally set a bad example as a leader.

  12. “Obviously,”” which is Mike Tomlin’s favorite word, it’s the Steelers.

    People talk about their national following and how well their fans “travel,” well, duh, the city has lost more than half its population as have many rustbelt cities.

    People living in other markets because of jobs or because of retirement…..Pittsburgh doesn’t market itself as a retirement community…..may have grown up there or have roots there.

    Good news for Pittsburgh that with technology, education and health care industry growths and the boom in shale gas production, Pittsburgh is expected to show population growth for the first time a half a century.

    A Pittsburgh Hard Knocks will also showcase bucolic Latrobe and St. Vincent College, one of the last of training camp sites that have that kind of locale.

    The Steelers will have no choice and it will be an easy choice for the NFL.

  13. Tomlin could use a bunch of his fifty cent phrases.
    Would be interesting to see their practice habits.
    I want to know why year after year his teams can’t
    tackle, cover, block, punt, field a kickoff, and get a red flag challenge right.

  14. Tomlin would run out of cliches and excuses in the first day!
    Steelers position coaches will be exposed as being incompetent when it comes to developing players.

  15. pretty sure the steelers global fan base has less to do with people moving out of the city and more to do with the fact that they dominated the 70’s, when everybody had 4 channels to watch on tv.

  16. It’s stupid! Who really watches that BS. If I was a owner I would tell the higher ups I will not be forced to do this and go ahead and fine me. This forcing crap is ridiculous! Players are there for training camps and jobs. You want a camera in your face daily? I don’t think so. Just a waste of time. They don’t need to be in the lime light at all.

  17. I think the only choices which might pass the “boring” are the Cardinals or Steelers. The Cardinals might be interesting if only to see what happens with their formerly great running back David Johnson and their formerly great DB Patrick Petersen. . . assuming either are still on the roster next year.

  18. HBO should film Hard Knocks at the league office and at owners meetings. And since Hard Knocks always shows players finding out they’ve been cut, how about showing Goodell tell players they’re being fined or suspended?

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