Mike Zimmer doesn’t want to talk about the Minneapolis Miracle

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The Vikings and the Saints have met four times in the playoffs. Their most recent encounter, two years ago, sparked one of the most memorable moments in league history.

The coach whose team won the Minneapolis Miracle game has no desire to talk about it as the Vikings and Saints prepare to do battle in the postseason for the fifth time.

“Come on, man,” Mike Zimmer said when asked about the shocking game-winning touchdown pass from January 2018. “We’re concentrating on the Saints this week, we don’t care about three years ago or whatever it was.”

It was only two years ago, and it’s the first thing that anyone will think of when pondering the looming reunion in New Orleans. The Vikings, obviously, don’t care about that one anymore. The Saints, in contrast, likely will relish the opportunity to exorcise the demon, to the extent it still haunts those coaches and players who were on the field in Minnesota at that fateful moment.

The Saints have done a great job this year of forgetting about two consecutive heartbreaking exits from the playoffs. But they have to be feeling a little leery about narrowly losing a bye due to the outcome of Sunday night’s 49ers-Seahawks game, thanks in part to a blunder that resulted in a delay of game penalty, a controversial defensive pass interference non-call, and the inability of Seahawks tight end Jacob Hollister to shove the ball another inch or two farther.

Really, they shouldn’t be playing this weekend. They’ll need to completely forget about what could have been (and what was in January 2018 and 2019) in order to beat an inferior team and punch a ticket to Lambeau Field.

26 responses to “Mike Zimmer doesn’t want to talk about the Minneapolis Miracle

  1. The Vikings can beat the Saints. They have. And if they get to Lambeau Field, look out, because if they do, there’s a very good chance they’ll be losing in the NFC championship game.

  2. Saints-Vikings has turned into a nice playoff rivalry. This game should be fun to watch.

  3. A ticket to Lambeau, It has been clear ALL year the League wants the team in Super Bowl 1 to re match. I think it will be Saints Ravens in a barn Burner, unless fate, ‘er the reffs step in.

  4. If the Saints didn’t want to play this weekend they should not have let Kittle drag half of their defense down the field by his own facemask.
    If they want to feel better about the refs they could realize the Seahawks probably never would have gotten the ball back at the end of the game if it was not for a tacky Personal Foul call on the 49ers turning a 3rd and short into a 3rd and a mile. Remember Seattle had not really stopped the 49ers offense during the second half up to that point.

  5. Because he took a 32nd ranked defense to 8th ranked in 1 offseasons. He also has the most wins in the division since taking over. Post-season had been a bish but name a better and available option?

  6. Saints should win. They have too many advantages and the Vikes are similar to Green Bay in that they have probably won some games they shouldn’t have…..creates the thinking they’re better than they really are. That said, anything can happen but I expect New Orleans to take care of business and beat the Vikings going away with Brees still chucking the football down the field late in the game.

  7. Remember 1987?

    Saints heavily favored over the Vikings who lost 3 of 4 games and backed into the playoffs. Vikings crushed the Saints 44-10.

    Next week….on to #1 seed SF.
    SF heavily favored. Vikings dominated that game 36-24.

    A long time ago, but possible identical scenario this year. Not likely but possible.

  8. On paper, Keenum is nowhere close to the QB that Cousins is. But in practice… that Vikings team from a couple years back had a chemistry and cohesiveness that was wild. They haven’t had it since. They’ve shown flashes of it this year, but that last Packers game felt like a big setback.

  9. “In order to beat a inferior team and punch a ticket to Lambeau Field.”

    I love when Florio is 100% honest about his Vikings. One of the few in the purple fan base that actually is 100% honest about their team.

  10. It’ll be a complete blowout by the Saints or a close game and Vikings win by 1. It’s a noon game Vikings seem to play better in noon games but in no way am I betting on this game, go Vikings!

  11. Saints are gonna kill them.

    The saints stop the run with the best.

    You don’t want Kurt passing 30 times or more it will be a slaughter.

    They have to run the ball to have a chance and the saints have not allowed a 100 yard rusher in over two seasons.

    Like I said blood bath.

  12. Well, Mike, we Saints fans don’t want to talk about that either. Hopefully, after the Saints win this weekend, the media will shut up about it.

  13. Saints didn’t just get burned by the Seahawks-Niners outcome. Should’ve had their bye wrapped up earlier in the day when the Lions led for 60 minutes and lost for the second time this year to GB on the final play. Both games the Lions never trailed for a second. The most Lions way to lose ever

  14. It’s really not the first thing to think of at all. Keenum is long gone. Two years ago is long gone. Heck, I’d think of the cheating Saints 10 years ago before I think of two years ago.

  15. 3600 yards, 26 TDs, 6 INTs of which only 3 are his fault, and a rating over 107.

    Most of you haters would love a QB with these stats on your team. People just love to hate Cousins and I dont get it.

    No one is saying he’s the best QB in the league, but does he really deserve this level of derision??

  16. cheeseisfattening says:
    January 1, 2020 at 6:09 pm

    In Zimmer I trust

    That’s exactly what the rest of the NFC North is counting on.

  17. It would be great if the Vikes beat the cheating, subsequently suspended,”affect the head”, head coach, again. It’s a curse they should have to bear for decades. Even if it looked like the ref’s were almost helping would make it even more special.

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