Most valuable player: Lamar Jackson

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After the Ravens beat the Jets on a Thursday night in December, I said that anyone on the AP awards panel who votes for anyone other than Lamar Jackson for MVP should have their voting rights rescinded permanently. And I meant it.

Lamar Jackson is the MVP without question. There’s not even a close No. 2 at this point. He shattered the single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback, finishing with more than 1,200 yards. And he added another 3,100 yards through the air, along with a league-leading 36 touchdown passes.

Beyond the stats were the moments. Plays that ripped the soul out of an opponent, with Jackson making a big run or a stellar throw just as the foe was on the ropes. He played like a man among boys at Louisville, and he re-created that vibe in his second NFL season.

He’s also great for business. Beyond the fact that they can’t make enough of his jerseys to keep up with demand, he’s the rare superstar who will hold an audience during a blowout.

“He’s doing things that have never been done before,” Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told PFT in December. And that assessment carries extra weight when it comes from the 2018 MVP, who did things that had never been done before.

And so for the second straight year, the game has been revolutionized by a second-year quarterback. Hopefully, they’re on a collision course in the postseason.

The other candidates for MVP were Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Both had special seasons. Again, however, this was Lamar Jackson’s award in a landslide, the easiest of the various awards that we have handed out today.

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  1. He’s the player most people thought RG3 would be. I remember seeing him do things in college that dropped my jaw but I didn’t think would translate to the big league. So much for that. Their OC deserves a hell of a lot of credit too.

  2. I usually only watch Bucs games, but if Lamar Jackson is on TV in my market, it’s pretty much appointment viewing. The guy is amazing.

  3. Fair enough… Lamar gets the MVP trophy and the real MVP, #dageRuss, gets the Lombardi trophy. Done and done!

  4. I guess you haven’t read the discussion on Pro Football Focus on why Russell Wilson deserves the award. I admit Jackson is AMAZING and has had an incredible and unprecedented season but let’s face it, the Seahawks are probably a bottom 5 team without Wilson. The Ravens are likely a wild card team with a back-up QB in Jackson’s spot. I guess it’s hard to hold the team’s talent against him but I tend to feel that the MVP should go to the player that single-handedly elevates his team the most.

  5. The only other guy that should get talk for this is Michael Thomas.

    With that said I sure hope Jackson is more freakish in staying healthy than he is an athlete.

    He is a couple good hits away from being not so good. The offense they designed for him he is not gonna be around long.

  6. Where are the Ravens fans complaining about Michael Thomas getting Offensive player of the year?
    Congratulations to Lamar Jackson!

  7. I remember reading quite a few forum threads in various places during the off season dismissing Lamar outright as incapable of being even passable as a thrower.

    Many people dismissing him as an abject bust after a mere 8 games last year in his rookie season.

    After the Dolphins game, the doubt didn’t fade. The goalposts merely moved. “Okay but he will be injured any game now”, as if they were wishing it to happen. Meanwhile, a pocket quarterback with below average protection is hit far more often, and much more brutally than Lamar is running it. But somehow only Lamar is in danger in their minds.

    Now he has the MVP, and will undoubtedly get the same award from AP. I wonder where the goalposts are going to be moved into the off season and next year for Lamar?

  8. It seems like all your award decisions were pretty easy considering you just gave them all to Baltimore. (Not saying they haven’t earned the accolades, it’s just a bit rich to suggest there was some kind of protracted debate for the Coach/GM/Assistant of the Year awards.)

  9. Well Baltimore would collapse without him and they had an incredible season, Super Bowl favorites. Deserved.

  10. As much as I enjoy watching him play, this feels like a “beauty” award. Lamar Jackson has weapons at his disposal, loads of weapons. So does Deshaun Watson. Russell Wilson kept on winning with virtually nothing – a line that had him running for his life, a good but one-dimensional running back (who is an outlet receiver in name only), a good tight end who was lost for the season after a few games, rookie receiver with potential who is still learning how to run routes, and a good guy and immensely hard worker in Lockett who wouldn’t be the #2 receiver on lots of teams.

    If it’s most _valuable_ player, how many games do these teams win without these quarterbacks. The Ravens probably still make the playoffs (think defense). The Texans win half a dozen games. The Seahawks? I suspect they struggle along at 1-15 unless they get a few lucky bounces.

  11. It’s Lamar’s award this year. Clearly the most valuable player to his team this year. Ravens are good, but with him they are great. Hope my team gets to play them again in the postseason as Florio said.

    With that said, I have liked Mahomes’ growth this year. Playing injured but leading his team. Getting the job done.

    Lamar Jackson, Pat Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson will be fun to watch for the next decade of football. AFC is loaded with QB talent. Joe Burrow looks to be joining them soon on the bengals.

  12. MVP without a doubt!! It is a joy to watch him play. Incredible athlete and a wonderful human being. He’s brought excitement to Baltimore and the NFL. What a season he has had!

  13. If the regular season produced the super bowl winner these awards would be fine. However, the Ravens still have 3 games to play and win. Let’s crown them winners if they accomplish that.

  14. I think the Ravens “Bluetooth Group,” not to be confused with Universal Orlando’s “Blue Man Group,” are the real MVPs of the Ravens season. By making Lamar Jackson MVP, and Harbaugh Coach of the Year, the “Bluetooth Group” has been robbed!

  15. I picked him up in the 9th round in fantasy. Two DSTs were taken just prior to him. Cruised through playoffs and won over $500 because of this guy! Congrats, well deserved and look forward to you staying healthy for years to come.

  16. MVP for the R*vens is Bluetooth Guy without a doubt. They are probably nothing without him.

    Investigate them NFL.

  17. Well deserved! Imagine what those stats would have been if he played the last game and played the 4th quarter of 5 or 6 games that were blowouts. He missed nearly 2 and a half games. Very fun to watch this kid play.

  18. Player of the year. Yes. MVP no. Lamar J. has one heck of a year in terms of numbers and wins. However:

    Jimmy G. is more valuable to his team than Lamar J. Jimmy G.’s team was 1-2 with him in 2018 and 3-11 without him. Lamar J.’s team was 4-5 when he was not starting in 2018 and 6-1 when he was starting. Both won 13 games in 2019 but Jimmy G. makes a bigger difference. Frisco is 4-22 under Kyle Shanahan when Jimmy G. is not starting, but 19-5 when Jimmy G. is the starting QB for Frisco.

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