Panthers corner James Bradberry ready to get paid

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Panthers cornerback James Bradberry faces a long line of top receivers in the NFC South, and has done a solid enough job with most of them.

Now, he’s hoping that turns into something tangible, like a large stack of currency.

Via the team’s official website, Bradberry acknowledged his free agency was on his mind.

I feel like I’m a top corner in this league,” Bradberry said, “and I want to be compensated as such.

“I’m open to any and all possibilities. I understand this is a business. We’ll see what happens.”

Bradberry has said this season he’d be open to staying on the franchise tag, which is available to them after they did a long-term deal with linebacker Shaq Thompson in December. They have a number of free agents, particularly on defense, but he’s the top priority among them.

The former second-round pick generally draws the other team’s top receiver, and in his division that means Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Mike Evans.

“We didn’t get the results as a team that we wanted. But I feel like individually I did well,” Bradberry said. “I wanted to increase my interceptions this year and I got three. That’s not a whole lot, but it’s a good number for any corner. I go against three of the hardest receivers to cover in the league week in and week out. So, I’m feeling good right now.”

He’ll feel even better when the financial reward rolls in.

8 responses to “Panthers corner James Bradberry ready to get paid

  1. Michael thomas stats this year vs panthers 10 catches 101 yards and 4 for 31 julio jones stats 6 91 and 5 66 mike evans stats 4 61 and 9 96. …….shut down corner….pay the man as such lol

  2. PFF had him graded below 60, which is…bad. Even if you question the precision of their grades (and you should), there is no way in heck he is anything more than a solid CB. Either he is in for a rude awakening or some team is going to be very disappointed in their return on investment they make into him.

  3. I live in SC and watch most of the Panther games. Bradberry is solid. He’d be a starting number 2 corner on any team in the NFL. He’s probably better than half of the teams #1 corners in terms of coverage and he isn’t afraid to tackle. His only “negative” would be a lack of turnovers. He only has 8 INTs in 4 seasons.

    Given the current state of the Panthers they have to franchise him or resign him. They have no on the roster to replace him and I doubt they’ll find someone better in the draft or this year’s FA class. I just hope the contract is reasonable and won’t hamstring the team.

  4. He’s a good 4-3 corner, but 4-3 corners don’t tend to get ranked as highly as 3-4 corners (usually because they don’t play much man or line up with receivers). Bradberry is one of the best tackling corners in the league, in my humble opinion, so he has that going for him, but I don’t foresee him getting big-time money.

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